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Woonton, vil., Herefordshire, in NW. of co., 4 miles

SE. of Kington ; P.O.

Woopcrton, township, Eglingham par., Northumber
land, 7 miles SE. of AVooler, 930 ac., pop. 88.

Wooplaw, seat, Melrose par., Roxburghshire, on
Allan AVater, 3 miles NE. of Galashiels.

Woore, township and vil., Mucklestone par., Shrop-
shire—township, 4457 ac., pop. 850; vil., 2% m. SW. of
Madeley sta. and 7 NE. of Market Drayton;
P.O., T.o.

Wooston Castle, ancient camp, Dartmoor, Devon, 3
miles N. of Moreton Hampstead.

Wootton.—par. and vil., Bedfordshire—par., 3711
ac., pop. 1302; vil., 4% miles SW. of Bedford;
in vicinity is Wootton House, seat.—2. Wootton,
par., Berks, 3 miles NW. of Abingdon, 1564 ac., pop.
369.-3. Wootton, vil., Milton par., Hants, 2 miles S.
of Holmesley sta. and 6 NW. of Lymington ;
Wootton, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Isle of Wight, on
Wootton Creek—par., 1076 ac. and 281 tidal water and
foreshore, pop. 108; vil., 1 mile N. of sta. and 4 miles
AV. of Ryde;
P.O., T.O., at Wootton Bridge, % mile
SE. of vil. The road from Ryde to Newport crosses
the creek at AVootton Bridge. The rectory contains
several interesting relics of Izaak Walton.—5. Wootton,
par. and vil., Kent—par., 1028 ac., pop. 153; vil., 7
miles NAV. of Dover;
P.O.; in vicinity is Wootton
Court, seat.—6. Wootton, par. and vil., Lincolnshire
—par., 2980 ac., pop. 580; vil., 2% miles NAV. of
P.O. ; has an endowed school.—7. Wootton,
par. and vil., Northamptonshire—par., 1420 ac., pop.
817; vil., 2% miles S. of Northampton;
Wootton, hundred, Oxfordshire, 72,313 ac., pop.
22,230; contains 35 pars.—9. Wootton, par. and vil.,
Oxfordshire—par., 4274 ac., pop. 1081; vil., on river
2 miles N. of AYoodstock; P.O.; has endowed
schools for boys and girls.—
10. Wootton, township,
Ellastone par., Staffordshire, 4 miles W. of Ashborne,
1871 ac., pop. 183; contains Wootton Grange, seat,
where Rousseau resided in 1766.—SI. Wootton. See

Wootton, Leek. See Leek AVootton.

Wootton, North.—par., in N. of Dorset, 1% mile
SE. of Sherborne, 619 ac., pop. 69.—2. Wootton,
North, par. and vil. with ry. sta., Norfolk—par., 1183
ac. land and 3125 water, pop. 324; vil., 3 miles N. of
Kings Lynn; has an endowed national school.—3.
Wootton, North, par. and vil., Somerset—par., 1536
ac., pop. 279 ; vil., 3 miles SE. of Wells;
P.O.; has an
endowed school.

Wootton, South, par., Norfolk—par., 1369 ac. land
and 505 water, pop. 179; vil., 2% miles NE. of Kings

Wootton Bassett, market town and par. with ry.
sta., AYilts, in N. of eo., 6 miles W. of Swindon and 11%
SW. of Malmesbury by rail, 4478 ac., pop. 2237;
T.O., 2
Banks. Market-day, Tuesday. Wootton Bas-
sett is an ancient town, and figured at Domesday as
Wodeton. It ranked as a chartered incorporation, and
sent 2 members to Parliament from the time of Henry

VI. until 1832. In modern times the town has under-
gone great improvement, and has a town hall, a market
honse, and an endowed school. On the second Tues-
day in each month the market is for cattle; there are 2
annual fairs.

Woolton Bridge, at W. side of Wootton Creek,
Isle of Wight, % mile NE. of Wootton sta.;
P.O., T.O.;
Wootton Creek is a narrow inlet of the sea, penetrat-
ing about 2 miles. See Wootton.

Wootton Courtney, par. and vil., Somerset—par.,
3145 ac., pop. 329 ; vil., 10 miles W. of Williton ;

Wootton Fitzpaine, par., in W. of Dorset, 5% miles
E. of Axminster; 1679 ac., pop. 224; contains Woot-
ton House, seat.

Wootton Glanville, par. and vil., Dorset—par.,
1665 ac., pop. 237; vil., 6 miles SE. of Sherborne;
P.O., called Glanville-Wootton.

Wootton Hall.—seat of the Duke of Buckingham
and Chandos, Bucks, in W. of co., 4 miles SW. of
Quainton. See
Wotton Underwood.—2. Wootton
Hall, seat, Derbyshire; post-town, Ashborne.

Wootton Hill.—hamlet, Leek Wootton par., in co.
and 3 miles NE. of Warwick.—2. Wootton Hill,
Hants. See
AVoolton Hill.

Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical and Topographical, by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.S.

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