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Acqui, a town of Italy, in the Duchy of Mont-
ferrat, on the river Bormia; it has considerable
manufactures of silk. Pop. about 7,000.




Aera, a territory of Guinea, on the Gold coast,
where some European states have forts, and each
fort its village. ' Lat. 5. 25. N. 0.10. W. long.

Acre, or St. John d’Acre, a seaport of Syria, in
Palestine, and a bishop’s see. It is called Ptole-
mais by the Greeks, and stands on a plain at the
N. point of a bay, which extends in a semicircle
of nine m. to the point of Mount Carmel, near
the mouth of the Kardanah, or ancient Belus.
In the time of the crusades, it underwent several
sieges; and nothing is now to be seen of this an-
cient city, but the remains of monuments erected
by the Christians, and some ruins of a church
dedicated to St. Andrew. The new city is dis-
tant one m. from the ancient walls, and the forti-
fications are of little importance. The palace of
the grand master of the order of St. John of Je-
rusalem is the residence of the chief of Acre.
Here are three mosques, four churches, and a
synagogue. The chief articles of commerce are
corn and cotton. In 1759 great damage was done
by an earthquake; and the year following 5,000
persons, near one third of the inhab. died by the
plague. In 1799, aided by the British, under Sir
Sidney Smith, it withstood a severe seige by the
French under Buonaparte, who retreated after
failing in the twelfth assault. It is 27 m. S. of
Tyre, and 23 m. N. N. W. of Jerusalem. N. lat.

So. 0. E. long. 35. 10. Pop. about 20,000.

Aeron, a district of the Fantee territory, on the
Gold coast of Africa, about 50 m. E. N. E. of
Cape Coast Castle.

Aeton, the name of 6 villages, and a prefix to
10 others in different parts of England signifying
places originally situate among oaks;
ac being
the Saxon word for oak. Also the name of a
village in the parish of Ballymore, co. of Armagh,

Acton, t. Windham Co. Vt. 18 m. N. W. Brat-
tleboro. Pop. 176.

Acton, p.t. Middlesex Co. Mass. Pop. 1,128.

Acton-Burnel, a village in Shropshire, 8 m. S.
of Shrewsbury. Here are considerable remains
of a castle, in which a parliament was held in
the reign of Edward I.

Aetopan, the capital of a district of the same
name in the Intendencia de Mexico, about 70 m.
N N. E. of the city of Mexico.

Acworth, p.t. Sullivan Co. N. Hampshire, 87
m. from Portsmouth, and 93 from Boston. Pop.

Adamstown, t. Lancaster Co. Pa. 20 m. N. E.

Adams, t. Coos Co. N. Hampshire, 90 m. from
Portsmouth. Pop. 515.

Adams, p.t. Berkshire Co. Mass. Pop. 2,648.
Saddle Mountain lies partly in this town. Here
are extensive manufactures of cotton, woollen
and linen.

Adams, p.t. Jefferson Co. N. Y. 160 m. N. W.
Albany. Pop. 2,995.

Adams, p.t. Dauphin Co. Pa. 133 m. Washing-

Adams, a County of Pennsylvania. Pop. 21,
378. Gettysburg is the capital.

Adams, a County of Ohio, on the Ohio river,
20 m. in extent and containing 550 sq. m. West
Union in Tiffin township is the seat of justice.
Pop. 12,278.

Adams, a County of Mississippi. Pop. 12,129,
Natchez is the capital.


Adams, p.v. Hyde Co. N. C. 339 m. Wash

Adamslmrg, p.v. Westmoreland Co. Pa. 145 in
W. Harrisburgh.

Adamsville, p.v. Washington Co. N. Y. 57 m.

Adair, a County of Kentucky. Pop. 8,220
Columbia is the capital.

Af^ana, a town of Asiatic Turkey, in Car-
mama, and a bishop’s see, with a strong castle. It
has a trade in corn, wine, and fruits; and is seat
ed on a river of the same name, 12 m. from the
Mediterranean, in N. lat. 36. 48. E. long. 35. 6.

Adda, a river of Switzerland, which rises in
the Grisons,-passes through the lake Como, the
Vatteline, and the N. part of the Milanese, falls
into the Po, 5m. above Cremona.

Addison, a County of Vermont, on the W
side of the Green Mountains near the centre o*
the State. It contains about 700 sq. m. Micjdle-
bury is the shire town. Pop. 24,940.

Addison, p.t. Addison Co. Vt. on L. Champlain
Pop. 1,306. Magnetic oxide of iron is found

Addison, t. Washington Co. Me. Pop. 741.

Addison, t. Steuben Co. N. Y. Pop. 944.

Addison, t. Somerset Co. Pa.

Adel, a kingdom of Africa, called also Zeila,
from a rich trading town of that name, situated
near its coast by the Red Sea. It seldom rains
here; but the country is well watered by rivers,
and abounds with wheat, millet, frankincense, and
pepper. The inhab. are Mahometans. It was
formerly a part of Abyssinia. The capital is Au-

Adelfors, a town of Sweden, in Smaland, no-
ted for its gold mines, about 70 m. N. W. of Cal-

Adelphi, p.t. Colerain township, Ross Co. Ohio,
40 m. S. E. Columbus.

Adige, a river of Lombardy, which rises S. of
the Lake of Glace, and passing by Tyrol, Brixen,
Trent, and Verona, falls into the gulf of Venice,
a little N. of the mouth of the Po.

Adirbeitzan, a province of Persia (part of the
ancient Media,) bounded on the N. by Armenia,
E. by Ghilan, S.
j Irac Agemi, and W. by Cur-
distan. Tauris is the capital.

Admiralty-Islands, a cluster of islands in the S.
Pacific ocean, to the N. W. of New Ireland.
They were discov ered in 1767, and are between
20 and 30 in number; some of them appear of
considerable extent; and the W. end of the
principal island is in 2. 6. S. lat. and 146. 57. E.

Adour, a river of France, which rises in the
department of Upper Pyrenees, flows by Tarbes
and Dax, and enters the Bay of Biscay, below
Bayonne. The Duke of Wellington effected
passage across this river, with the allied Englisn
and Spanish army, in the middle of February
1814, after considerable difficulty, in the presence
of the French army, commanded by Marshal

Adowa, the capital and residence of the sove-
reign of Abyssinia, and the place through which
the commerce of the inland parts of Abyssinia is
maintained with Massowah in the Redxc2xab3ea.

Adra, a seaport of Spain, in Granada, 47 m. S
E. of Granada. Long. 3. 7. W. lat. 36. 45. N.

Adramiti, a town of Asiatic Turkey, in Nat-
olia, on the E. coast of a gulf of its name, 70 in.
N. by W. of Smyrna. Long. 26. 50. E. lat. 39

26. N.

Aibai, a town of Italy, in Polesino di Rovigo

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