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mine and the datura arborea exhale at night their
delicious perfume, and ornament the head dress
of the ladies with their beautiful flowers. On
the arid shores of the ocean as well as in the
depth of the interior forests, grows spontaneously
the cocoa tree, whose fruit is applied to so many
useful purposes. The trunk is composed of hard,
strong fibres crossing each other like net work,
and there are properly no branches. The husk
xc2xaef the cocoa nut is twisted into cordage, and of

Hie pulp a species of butter is made. Above the
region of the palm commences that of the arbores-
cent fern and the cinchona which bears the febri-
fuge hark. Above this, a broad zone of 6,000 to

12,000 ft. contains the region of alpine plants. The
sugar cane, the orange, coffee and cotton have
been introduced by the Europeans, and flourish
in great luxuriance. The climate, though nox-
ious in certain confined and local situations, is on
the whole delightful; in short, nothing is wanting
but judicious and well-directed means, on the part
of man, to render the whole southern division of
the western hemisphere the abode of enjoyment
and prosperity.

America, p.t. capital <*f Alexander Co. Illinois,
on the Ohio, 7 m. above the Mississippi.

Amerpore, a town of Nepaul, 10 m. W of

Amerhate, a fort of Hindoostan, in the exten-
sive sandy desert between the Indus and the Pud-
dar. This place is celebrated as the retreat of
the emperor Humaioon,during his troubles; and
here was born his son, the illustrious Acbar. It
is 160 m. E. N. E. of Tatta.

Amersfort, a town of Holland, in the state of
Utrecht. A considerable quantity of tobacco is
raised in the neighbourhood. It has a trade in
beer, and goods from Germany are shipped here
for Amsterdam. It is seated in a fertile country,
on the river Ems, 10 m. E. N. E. of Utrecht.

Amersham or Agmondesltam, a borough in Buck-
inghamshire, returning,2 members to parliament,
with a market on Tuesday. It has a considerable
manufacture of black lace. The town-hall is the
handsomest in the country. It is seated in a vale
between woody hills, 26 m. N. W. of London.
Pop. 2,612.

Ames, p.t. Athens Co. Ohio, 77 m. S. E. Co-

Amesbury, p.t. Essex Co. Mass. 40 m. N. E.
Boston : on the Merrimack 4 m. above Newbury -
port, is a thriving manufacturing town. Pop.
2,445. In the iron factories 1,000 tons of iron
were formerly wrought in a i/ear. The nail ma-
. chine invented by Jacob Perkins, was first put in
motion here. The flannel factory has 5,000 spin-
dles, and turns out 200 pieces in a week. There
are several other factories, bleacheries, &c.

Amesbury, or Ambreslmmy, a town in Wiltshire,
with a market on Friday. It is seated on the
lower Avon, at the place where a number of Brit-
ons were treacherously murdered, and near that
famous monument of antiquity, Stonehenge. Here
are the ruins of a venerable abbey. This place
gave birth to Addison. It is 6 m. N. of Salisbury,
and 77 W. of London. Pop. 810.

Amhara, a district of Abyssinia, between the
Deuder and Tacazze branches of the Nile.

Amherst, a town, recently established by the
English, at the bottom of the gulf of Martaban, in
the Birman empire. Here is a Baptist Mission

Amherst, p.t. Hampshire Co. Mass. 91 m. W
Boston and 7 E. of Conn. river. Pop. 2,63x:
has a college incorporated in 1825. This Semina
ry has 7 Professors and 4 tutors. The number
of Students is 188. The libraries contains about

7,000 volumes. Here are also an academy, and
an institution called the Mount Pleasant Institu-
tion, containing 9 instruct jrs.

Amherst, p.t. one of the seats of justice in Hills-
borough, N. H., on Souhegan river, a branch of
the Merrimack, 47 m. fr. Boston; it is a pleasant
town, and contains a mineral spring. Pop. 1,657,

Amherst, t. Erie Co. N. Y. 12 m. N. Buffalo,
Pop. 2,489.

Amherst, an inland county of Virginia, on the
north bank of James River. The court house of
the county is 130 m. W. of Richmond. Pop.

Amherst Springs, p.v. Amherst Co. Va. 211 m
W. Wash.

Amherst, p.t. Lorain Co. Ohio. 130 m. N. E.

Amherstburg. a town and fort of LTpper Canada,
on the east side of the river Detroit, at its en-
trance into Lake Erie. Long. 82. 56. VV. lat. 42.

36. N.

Amiens, a large and populous town of France,
in the department of Somme. It is a place of
great antiquity; being mentioned by Caesar (by
whom it was called Samaro-Briva) as a town that
had made a vigorous resistance against the Ro-
mans, and where he convened a general assem-
bly of the GaulsT The town is encompassed with a
wall and other fortifications ; and the ramparts are
planted with trees, which form a delightful walk.
The city has five gates. At the gate of Noyon
there is a suburb, remarkable for the abbey of St.
Achen. The cathedral is one of the largest and
most magnificent churches in France. Three
branches of the river Somme pass through this
city, and afterwards unite. Amiens was taken
by* the Spaniards in 1597, but retaken by Henry
IV.who built a citadel in it. A treaty of peace was
concluded here, March 27,1802, between Spain,
Holland, France, and England. It has manufac-
tures of linen and woolen cloth, which employ
in the city and adjacent country, 30,000 people
It is 20 m. S. E. of Abbeville, and 75 N. of Paris.

Amite, a county of Mississippi. Pop. 7,943
Liberty is the-chief town.

Amity, p.v. Washington Co. Pa.

Amity, p.v. Allegany Co. N. Y. Pop. 872.

Amity, t. Berks Co. Pa.

Amissville, p.v. Culpepper Co. Va. 86. m. Wash.

Amlwich, a town of Wales, on the N. coast of
Anglesey with a harbour for small vessels. In
1768, when the Parys copper mines were opened,
it did not contain above 6 houses; but in 1621

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