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ANN    42    ANT

Annagh, an island on the W. coast of Ireland
5 miles in circumference, between the isle of
Achil and the coast of the county of Mayo. Long.

9. 39. W. lat. 53. 58. N. Also the name of three
parishes in different parts of Ireland ; 1st, in the
co. of Kerry, pop. 2,089 ; 2d, in Cavan, pop. 10,488;
3rd, in Mayo, pop. 5,749.

Annagh, is also a prefix to several other parish-
es in Ireland, such as Annagh-cZoree,
down, duff, fyc.

Annamaboe, one of the principal commercial
places on the Gold coast of North Africa, in N.
lat. 5. 9. W. long. 1. 41.    xe2x80xa2

, Annamooka, one of the Friendly Islands, dis-
covered by Tasman, in 1643, and visited by cap-
tain Cook in 1774 and 1777. It is well cultivated
in many places, consisting of plantations of yams
and plantains, inclosed with neat fences of reed.
The bread-fruit and cocoa-nut trees are interpers-
ed with little order, but chiefly near the habita-
tions of the natives; and the other parts of the
island, especially towards the sea, are covered
with trees and bushes. It is situate about 187. E.
long. 20. S. lat.

Annan, a borough of Scotland, in Dumfries-
shire, seated on the river Annan, 3 m. from its
mouth, which forms a good harbour for vessels
of 250 tons burden. Here was a fine castle, built
by one of the Bruces, the ruins of which still re-
main. Much corn is exported hence ; and there
is a manufacture for carding and spinning. It is
16 m. E. S. E. of Dumfries, and 80 S. of Edin-
burgh. Long. 3. 8. W. lat. 55. 2. N.

Annapolis, the capital of Anne Arundel county,
and seat of the legislative government of the
state of Maryland. The state-house, a noble
building, stands in the centre of the city, from
which point the streets diverge in every direc-
tion. Here also is St. John’s college, which with
Washington college at Chester, constitute one
university, named the University of Maryland.
Annapolis is situate on the west side of Chesa-
peak bay, at the mouth of the Severn, 40 m. E.
by N. of Washington, and 35 S. of Baltimore.
Long. 76. 48. W. lat. 39. 0. N. Pop. 2,623.

Annapolis, a sea-port of Nova Scotia, on the
E. side of the Bay of Fundy. It has one of the
finest harbours in the world; but the entrance is
through a difficult strait, called the Gut of Anna-
polis. The town stands on the S. side of the
harbour, at the mouth of a river of its name, 86 m.
W. by N. of-Halifax. Long. 64. 55. W. lat. 44.

50. N.

Annapolis, p.v. Salem township, Jefferson Co.
Ohio, 135 m. N. E. Columbus.

Annecy, a town of Savoy, seated on a lake of
its name, whence issues the canal of Thioux,
which runs through the town and then enters the
Sriver Sier. It was lately the see of a bishop, who
also* assumed the title of bishop and prince of Ge-
neva. Annecy is the largest town in Savoy next
to Chamberrv, and is 16 m. S. of Geneva. Long.

6. 5. E. lat. 45. 53. N.

Annobon, an island near the coast of Guinea, so
called because it was discovered by the Portu-
guese on New Year’s day. It is well stocked
with cattle, and abounds with palm trees and
fruit. Long. 5. 10. E. lat. 1. 50. S.

Annonay, a town of France, in the department
of Ardeche, with manufactures of very fine pa-
per : seated at the confluence of the Cances and
Deumes, 12 m. S. W. of Vienne.

Amisville, p.v. Dinwiddie Co. Va. 54 m. S.

Anson, a County of North Carolina, bordering
on South Carolina, and bounded on the N. E. by
the Yadkin River. Pop. 14,081. Wadesborough,
142 m. S. W. by W. of Raleigh, is the chief town.v

Anson, p.t. Somerset Co. Me. on the Kenne-
bec. Pop. 1,532.

Anspaeh or Onolzbach a principality of Germany,
in the south part of the circle of Franconia. It
has iron mines and several medicinal springs ;
and the spil produces considerable quantities of
corn, and feeds great numbers of cattle.

Anspaeh, a city, and capital of the above prin-
cipality, with a castle, a palace and an excellent
academy. It has many handsome buildings; and
the principal manufacture is lace. It is seated on
the Retzat, 24 m. W. S. W. of Nurenberg. Long.
10. 28. E. lat. 49. 18. N.

Anstruther, East and West, two boroughs of
Scotland, on the S. E. coast of Fifeshire. They
adjoin each other; and East Anstruther, which
is much the largest, is little more than a fishing
village, 9 m. S. S. E. of St. Andrew. Pop. of
both, 1,519.

Antab, or Aintab, a town at the N. E. ex-
tremity of Syria, situate on two hills, and the
valley that lies between them is watered by the
Sejour. It is three miles in circumference, with
a strong old castle on a rock, and had formerly a
considerable manufacture of printed calicoes. Ma-
ny medals of the Syrian kings have been found
here, and some also of the kings of Cappadocia.
It is 50 m. E. of Alexandretta, and 60 N. by E. of
Aleppo. Long. 37. 35. E. lat. 36. 35. N.

Antequera, a town of Spain, in Granada, divi-
ded into the Upper and the Lower. The Upper
is seated on a hill, and has a castle : the Lower
stands in a fertile plain, and is watered by many
brooks. Here are large quantities of natural salt,
quarries of excellent stone, and a spring famous
for the cure of the gravel. It is 26 m, N. N. W
of Malaga. Long. 4. 30. W. lat. 37.1. N.

Antequera, a town of Mexico. See Gimxaca.

Anthony's Nose, a point on the E. bank of the
Hudson, just above Peekskill.

Anthony’s Kill, a little stream running into the
Hudson from the W. 7 m. above the Mohawk.

Anthony, St., Falls of, on the Mississippi River,
m N. lat. 45. W. long. 93. being more than 2,000
m. above the entrance of the river into the Gulf
of Mexico. There is a fort in the Missouri terri-
tory, on the point of land formed by the St. Pe-
ter’s River, which river falls into the Mississippi
just below the Falls of St. Anthony.

Antibes, a town of France, in the department of
Var, with a strong castle, and harbour for small
vessels. Its terutory produces excellent fruit;
and it is seated on the Mediterranean, l .l m. S. S.
W. of Nice. Long. 7. 7. E. lat. 4b. 35. N.

Anticysti, an island at the mouth of the river
St. Lawrence, 90 m. long and 20 broad. It is
full of rocks, covered with wood, and has no har-
bour; but excellent cod is found on the shores.

Antietam, a small tributary of the Potomac,xc2xbb(in-
ning into it near Shepardstown.

Antigua, one of the English Leeward Islands,
in the West Indies, about 20 m. in length and
breadth, and 60 east by south of St. Christopher.
It is destitute of water, and the inhabitants are
obliged to save the rain Water in cisterns. The
chief produce is sugar, of which it annually pro-
duces about 10,000 hogsheads. It was taken by
the French in 1782, but restored in 1783. The
capital is St. John. See

Antilles, the name which the French give tr
the Caribbee, or West India islands, which sec.


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