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AUB    61    AUG

the shore of the Adriatic, and 10 S. E. of Teramo.
Long. 14.
2. E. lat. 42. 40. N.

Atsion, a village in Burlington Co. N. J. 30 m.
E. by S. Philad. Here are several iron founderies.

Attica, a province of Greece, of which Athens
is the capital; bounded N. by Thessaly; E. by
the Archipelago ; S. by Peloponnesus and W. by
Locris. It includes the most celebrated portion
of ancient Greece. The soil is very productive
in wine, olives and fruits. Under the Turks it
was called Livadia.

Attica, ph. Gennesee Co. N.J. 288 m. W.
Albany. Pop. 2,485.

Ait!thorough, ph. Bristol Co. Mass. 28 m. S.
Boston, 9 m. N. Providence, pop. 3,215: has 3 post
offices. Here are 3 cotton and woolen factories,
with a capital of above 200,000 dollars.

Attleborough, an inland town in Norfolk, Eng.,
14 m. N. E. of Thetford on the road to Norwich.
Pop. in 1821, 1,659. It was formerly a city and
chief town of the county.

Attack, or Attack Benares, a city and fortress of
Hindoostan, in the province of Lahore. It stands
on the east bank of the Indus, near the confluence
of the Cabul, and on the site of the Taxila of
Alexander, where he crossed that river, and ad-
vanced onwards to the Ganges, in the year 328
antecedent to the Christian era. Attock is about
700 m. above the entrance of the Indus into the
Arabian Sea, and about midway between Cabul
and Lahrre. or ISO to 200 m. from each, in lat. 33.

6. N. ond 71. 15. E. long. The present fortress
wins built by the Emperor Akbar, in 15S1.

Attoor, a strong town of Hindoostan, in the
Carnatfc, 60 m. N. of Tritchinopoly, and 80 AV.
S. AV. of Pondicherry.

Alioater, ph. Portage Co. Ohio; 140 m. N. E.

Aub, a town of Germany, in the principality of
Wurtzburg, on the river Gollach, 12 m. S. E. of

Aube, an interior department in the N. E. of
France, containing part of the late province of
Champagne. It takes its name from a river,
which, passing by Bar-sur-Aube and Arcis, joins
the Seine, above Nogent. Troyes is the capital.
Pop. about 240,000.

Aubenas, a town of France, in the department
* of Ardeche, with manufactures of woolen cloths,
red cotton, and silk; seated on the Ardeche, at the
foot of the Cevennes, 15 m. S. of Viviers.

Aubenton, a town of France, in the department
of Somme, situated on the Aine, 10 m. S. of

Aubeterre, a town of France, on the frontiers of
Charente and Dordogne, seated on the Drome, 22
m. S. of Angouleme. Long. 0.12. E. lat. 45.17. N.

Aubieres, a town of France, in the department
of Puy de Dome, 3 m. S. E. of Clermont.

Aubigne, or Aubigny, a small town of France,
in the department of Cher, seated in a fine plain,
24 m. north of Bourges, surrounded with strong
walls, wide ditches, and high counterscarps. The
castle is within the town, and is very handsome.

Aiibin. St. a town of the island of Jersey, with a
fort, standing on a bay of the same name, opening
to the south. See
St. Helier.

Aubonne, a town of Switzerland, in the Pays
de A7aud, on a river of its name, which falls into
the lake of Geneva, 10 m. W. of Lausanne.

Auburn, ph. Susquehanna Co. Pa.

Auburn, 2 towns, in Geauga and Richland
Counties, Ohio.

Auburn, ph. the chief town in Cayuga Co. N.Y.

169 m. W. Albany. Pop. 4,486. It is situated near
the W. end of Owasco lake and is very hand-
somely built. It contains a Theological Seminary,
and the New-York State Prison.

Auburn, or Aldborn, a town in Wiltshire, Eng.,
seated on a branch of the Kennet, 8 m. N. E. of
Marlborough, and 81 W. of London.

Aubusson, a town of France, in the department
of Creuse, with a manufacture of tapestry; seated
on the river Creuse, 37 m. N. E. of Limoges.

xe2x80xa2 Aucagural, the capital of the kingdom of Adel,
seated on an eminence near the river Hawash.
Long. 44. 25. 856. N-

Auch, a city of France, capital o^the department
of Gers ; lately an archiepiscopal see, and the cap-
ital of Gascony. The cathedral is one of the finest
in France. Here are manufactures of velvet, ser-
ges, crapes, hats, and leather. It is seated by the
summit and side of a hill, on the river Gers, 37 m.
W. of Toulouse. Long. 0. 35. E. lat. 43. 39. N.

Auckland Bishops, a town in the bishoprick of
Durham, Eng., at which the bishop has a palace.
It has a beautiful castle, and a chapel, whose archi-
tecture is very curious. Here are manufactures
of cotton and muslin. It is seated by the side of
a hill, on the river Wear, 8 m. S. by AV. of Dur-
ham, and 249 N. N. W. of London. Pop. 2,180.

Aude, a maritime department of France, at the
S. E. extremity, containing part of the late pro-
vince of Languedoc. It receives its name from
a river, which rises in the Pyrenees, and flow-
ing hy Quillan, Limeux, and Carcassone, enters
the Mediterranean near Narbonne, and which, by
the Royal canal and Garonne, is united with the
Atlantic Ocean. Carcassone is the capital.

Audiernc, a town of France, in the department
of Finisterre, seated in the bay of Biscay, 18 m
W. of Quimper.

Auerbach, a town on the east side of the Affigt-
land, in the S. AV. corner of the circle of Upper

Auerstadt, a village of Thuringia, circle of Upper
Saxony, W. of the Saal River, celebrated for a bat-
tle between Napoleon and the Prussians, on the
14th October, 1806. This battle is called the battle
Jena ; because the portion of the French army
under the immediate command of Napoleon was
engaged with the army at that town. See

Augila, a territory of North Africa, lying to the
south of Barca, between Fezzan and Egypt. It
abounds in dates; and many of the inhabitants
engage in the caravan trade. The capital is of the
same name, 220 m. W. of Siwah, and 540 E. by
N. of Mourzouk. Long. 23. 40. lat. 29. 33. N.

Auglaize, r. a branch of the Maumee, Ohio.

Augsburg, a city of Suahia, lately imperial, and a
bishop’s see, but now the capital of a principality
subject to Bavaria. It is a large fortified place, has
a variety of manufactures, and is one of the prin-
cipal trading towns, and for the negociation of bills
of exchange, in the interior of Germany. The ca-
thecfaal, town-house, and other public buildings,
are magnificent. In the bishop’s palace, the Luth
erans presented their confession of faith to the em
peror Charles V. in 1550, hence called the Confes
sion of Augsburg. It was taken by the French in
1703, and again in 1796. It is seated between the
AVerdach and Lech, 30 m. N. W. of Munich
Long. 10. 55. E. lat. 48. 17. N.

Augusta, ph. the capital of the State of Maine,
situated upon the W. branch of the Kennebec
river, in the co. of Kennebec,
2 m. above Hallo
well. Pop. 3,980. It contains a State House of
stone, a court-house, academy jail and bank.

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