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Here is a bridge across the river. The river is
navigable below for vessels of 100 tons.

Augusta, p.t. Oneida Co. N. Y. 110 m. N. W.
Albany. Pop. 3,058.

Augusta, p.t. Northumberland Co. Pa.

Augusta, a County of the W. District of Virgin-
ia, near the centre of the State, subdivided into
N. and S. Augusta. Pop. of N. A. 9,142, of S. A.
10,783. Staunton is the seat of justice for both.

Augusta, p.t. the capital of the State of Georgia,
stands on the S. W. hank of the river Savannah,
about 140 m. from the sea. It is regularly built of
brick upon a level spot and surrounded by a fer-
tile country, ft has a great trade in cotton and
other productions of the interior. Pop. 6,096.

Augusta, p.v. Perry Co. Mississippi. 72 m. S. E.

Augusta, p.v. Montgomery Co. Alab. 67 m. E.

Augusta, t. Columbiana Co. Ohio.

Agustin, St. a cape on the’ coast of Brazil, 300
m . N. E. of the bay of All Saints. Long. 35. 40.
W. lat. 8. 30. S. Also the name of a river, bay,
and port, on the coast of Labrador, in the straits
of Belleisle ; and of a river and bay, at the S. W.
end of the island of Madagascar.

Augustine, St. p.t. St John’s Co. E. Florida, on
the eastern coast. It was formerly the capital
of the whole territory of Florida. The town
stands in a prairie near the sea, with a good har-
bour, which however has a shallow entrance.
It is regularly built of a stone formed by the con-
cretion of sea-shells. One of the churches is an
old edifice in the gothic style. The situation of
the town is low, but pleasant. In the neighbour-
hood are numerous groves of orange trees. Before
it came into the possession of the United States, its
population was about 5,000. Since this period
the yellow fever has made its appearance, and the
population has diminished. St. Augustine is 310
in. S. S. W. of Charleston, in lat. 29. 45. N.
Long. 81. 40. W.

Augustow, a town of Poland, in Polachia, seat-
ed on the Narieu, 44 m. N. of Bielisk.

Augustus, Fort, a fortress of Scotland in Inver-
ness-shire, at the influx of the Oich into the south
extremity of Loch Ness, 34 m. S. S. W. of Inver-

Augustlmrg. See Schellenberg.

Auiendorf, a town of Suabia, situate on the river
Schus, 8 m. N. of Ravensburg.

Aulnay, two towns of France adjoining each
other, in the department of Calvados, 14 m. S. W.
of Caen. Pop. about 3,500. Also the name of
another town in the department of the Lower

Aumale. See Albemarle.

F Aumont, a town of France, in the department
of Lozere, 15 m. N. W. of Mende.

Aumore, a town of Hindoostan, in Bengal, 30 m.
S. of Rajemal, and 46 N. N. W. of Moorshedabad.

Aunis. lately a small territory of France, in the
S. W. part of Poitou, and now forming part oxc2xa3the
department of Lower Charente.

Aurach. a fortified town of Suabia, seated at the
foot of a mountain, on the rivulet Eras, 15 mr E.
of Tubingen.

Auras,~a town of Silesia, on the river Oder, 12
m. N. W. of Breslau.

Auray, a town of France, in the department of
Morbihan, on a river of its name, near its entrance
into the gulf of Morbihan, iu the Bay of Biscay,
8 m. W. of Vannes.

Aurich, the capital of East Friesland, in the
kingdom of Hanover, seated in a plain surrounded
by forests, 12 m. N. E. of Emden.

Aurelius, p.t. Cayuga Co. N.Y. 173 m. W. Alba-
ny, on Owasco lake. Pop. 2,767.

Aurelius, p.t. Washington Co. Ohio; 96 m. S.
E. Columbus.

Auriesville, p.v. Montgomery Co. N. C. 123 m.
S. W. Raleigh.

AuriUac, a town of France, in the department
of Cantal. Quantities of lace and velvet are man-
ufactured here. It is seated on the Jordanne, 30
in. S. W. of St. Flour. Pop. 10,500.

Auriol, a town of France, in the department of
Mouths of the Rhone, 12 m. S. E. of Axis, and
12 N. N. E. of Marseilles.

Aurora, p.t. Erie Co. N. Y. 175 m. W. Albany.
Pop. 2,421.

Aurora, p.t. Portage Co. Ohio; 140 m. N. E.

Aurora, p.v. Dearborn Co. Ind. 25 m. W. Cin-

Aurora, an island, one of the New Hebrides,
in the Pacific Ocean. It is 36 m. long and six
broad, affords plenty of wood and water, and ha9
a small bay on the N. W. coast. Long. 168. 18. E.
lat. 15. 8. S.

Aurimgabad. a considerable city of Hindoostan,
capital of Dowlatabad. It owes the greatest part
of its magnificence to the great Aurungzebe, who
made it his place of residence and gave it the
present name. It stands in a fertile plain, almost
surrounded by mountains, 110 m. S. W. of Burh-
anpour, and 250 E. S. E. of Surat. Long. 76. 2.
E. lat. 19. 45. N.

Aurungabvndsr, a town of Hindoostan in the
province of Tatta, on the branch of the Indus, to
which it gives name, 40 m. S. by W. of Tatta.

Ausa, formerly Alsa, a river of Candela, which
running southward by Aquileia, after a short
course, falls into the Adriatic. On the banks of this
river, Constantine, the son of Constantine the
Great, fighting against Constans was slain.

Auspitz, a town of Moravia, 20 ir.. S. S. E. ot

Aussig, a town of Bohemia, sewed on the Elbe,
11 m. N. N. W. of Leutmeritz.

Aust, a village in Gloucestershire, Eng. 10 m
north of Bristol, noted for its ancient ferry over the,

Austell, St. a town of Cornwall, in the centre o'
an extensive mining district. In the environs is
abundance of fine clay, which is sent to Livei.
pool, Bristol and Staffordshire, for the potteries.
It is seated near the English Channel, 13 m. E.
N. E. of Truro, and 245 W. by S. of London.
Pop. in 1821, 6,175.

Austerlitz, or Slawkow, a town of Moravia.
Near this place a great and decisive victory was
obtained by the French, commanded by Bona
parte, over the Austrians and Russians, on the
2nd of Dec. 1805, which led to the treaty of Pres-
burg. Iljs 12 in. E.of Brunn and 30 S. S. W. of

Austerlitz, p.t. Columbia Co. N. J. 34 m. S. E.
Albany. Pop. 2.245.

Austinbury, p.t. Ashtabula, Co. Ohio ; 192 m. N.
E. Columbbs; has a number of mills and woolen,

Austintmcn, p.t. Trumbull Co. Ohio ; 160 m. N
E. Columbus. Pop. 1,259.

Austincille, p.v. Wythe Co. Va. on the Ka-

Australasia, a name conventionally applied to
the extensive territory of New Holland, and tin

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