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BAN    72    BAN

Slaney, 29 m. S. W. of Dublin. Population of
the town in 1820, 1,500, and of the parish, 2,303

Bamba, a town of the kingdom of Congo, in a
rich province of the same name. It cxc2xbbrries op a
traffic in slaves, and is seated on the Loze, 160 m.
S. VV. of St. Salvador. Long. 13. 45. E. lat. 7.
2. S.

Bombarra, a kingdom of Negroland, which lies
to the S. AV. of that of Tombuctoo. The cultiva-
tion of corn is here carried on to a great extent;
and the inhabitants are hospitable to strangers.
Sego is the capital. It is intersected from west
to east by a river, the supposed Niger, navigable
for cances the whole extent of the country.

Bamberg, the territory of, formerly an imperial
bishopric but made over to Bavaria in the Bona-
partean territorial arrangements in 1803, and is
now called the Circle of the Mayne. It is inter-
sected by the lines of 50. N. lat. and the 11th of
E. long, containing a surface of about 1,430 sq.
miles, several towns and villages, and a popula-
tion of 210,000. The chief town of the same name
is situate in the centre of the territory, on the east
bank of the Rednitz River, a little above its conflux
with the Mayne. It is the seat of an university,
and the cathedral and episcopal palace are stately

Bamberg, a town of Bohemia, at the foot of a
mountain, 30 m. S. of Glatz.

Bamborough, a village in Northumberland, Eng.
on the sea-coast, 14 m. N. of Alnwick. It was
once a borough, and gave name to a tract called
Bamborouglisiiire. It has a castle, on a rock, in-
accessible on all sides, except the south, said to
have been built by king Ida, about 560.

Bambmik, a kingdom of Africa, between the
rivers Faleme and Senegal. It is said to be very
opulous, and on the borders of the rivers fertile,
ut in other parts sandy and barren. The most
remarkable animals are a species of white apes,
vhich the inhabitants will not allow to be sent
out of the country ; white foxes, and the giraffe,
an. animal like a carpel, and of extraordinary
swiftness. There are mines of gold, silver, tin,
lead, and iron. The capital is of the same name.
Long. 9. 30. AV. lat. 13. 30. N.

Bamian, a city of Usbec Tartary, in the pro-
vince of Gaur, south of the Gaur mountains.
Here are a great number of apartments and re-
cesses cut out of a mountain, some of which, from
their ornamental work and extraordinary dimen-
sions, are supposed to have been temples. It is
seated near a river of the same name, 170 m. S.
S. E. of Balk, and 100 W. of Cabul. Long. 66.

10. E. lat. 34. 30. N.

Bamoa, a town on the north border of the
kingdom of Birmah, with a fcrt, seated on the
Irrawaddy, 170 m. N. N. E. of Ummerapocra.

Bampton, a town in Oxfordshire, Eng. The
remains of its ancient castle yet exist; and it has
a trade in leather gloves, jackets, and breeches.
It is seated near the Thames, 12 in. AV. of Oxford,
and 71 AV. by X. of London. Pop. 1,460.

Bamptim, a town in Devonshire, Eng. with a
chalybeate spring ar i a manufacture of serges. It
is seated in a bottom, surrounded by hills, 20 m.
N. N. E. of Exeter, and 163 W. by S. of London.
Pop. 1,630.

Banagher, a borough of Ireland, in King’s
County, seated on the Shannon, 15 m. S. of Ath-
loiie. Pop. 2,813.

Banawara, a town of Hindoostan, in Mysore,
with a fine mud fort, and the ruins of an extensive
palace. Much tobacco is cultivated in the vicini
ty. It is 68 m. N. AV. of Seringapatam.

Banbury, a borough in Oxfordshire, Eng. I
is noted for ils cakes and ale, and is seated on the
Chei*veil, 71 m. N. N. W. of London, and on the
line of the Oxford Canal. It has a manufacture
of silk plush, and returns one member to parlia-

Banca, an island on the S. E. coast of Sumatra,
celebrated for its productive tin mines. It has a
town and strait of the same name. It wins possess-
ed by the English during the winr of 1812-13
but ceded back to the Dutch in 1814.

Bancali, a seaport on an island off the east coast
of Sumatra, in the straits of Malncca, where the
Dutch have a settlement. It is 130 m. S. of Malac-
ca. Long. 101. 7. E. lat. 1. 15. N.

Bancallary, the chief town of the island of Ma-
dura. It is the residence of the Sultan, and po-

Bancapour, a frontier town of Mysore, in lat

14. 58. belonging to the Mahrattas.

Banrock, a town of the kingdom of Siam, with a
fort; seated near the mouth of the Menan, 48 m.
south of Siam. Long. 101. 48. E. lat. 13. 44. N.

Baneout, or Fort Victoria, a town and fortress of
Hindoostan, on the coast of the Concan, with a
good harbour, and a trade in salt. It was taken
by the British in 1755 ; and is 66 m. S. of Bombay.
Long. 72. 48. E. lat. 18. 5. N.

Banda, the chief of the Banda, or Nutmeg Isl-
ands in the Indian Ocean. The group comprises
the isle called Lantor, and six or seven others.
The nutmeg, covered with mace, grows principal
ly on these islands. It flourishes best in a black
mould, and grows also among the lavas of Go-
nong, the highest of all the islands, its summit
being 1,940 ft. above the sea. In its general ap
pearanee the nutmeg resembles the clove tree
only it is less pointed at the top, and its branches
are more spreading. Its leaves are similar to
those of the pear tree, but larger, and like those
of the nut tribe are dark green on the uppei

surface and gray beneath. After small white
flowers it produces a fruit very similar in form
and colour to a nectarine. When ripe it resembles
a ripe peach, and bursting at the furrow, discovers
the nutmeg with its reticulated coat, the mace, of
a fine crimson colour. The external pulpy Cov-
ering has an astringent taste. AVithin the mace is
the nutmeg, inclosed in a thin shell of a glossy
black, and easily broken. It has 8 varieties which
appear to be permanent. Its cultivation is nice and
difficult. The best trees are produced from the
seeds voided by a blue pigeon called the
These islands have been subject to the
Dutch ever since 1609, when they expelled both
the English and natives. They are all very small,
th^largest being only 20 m. in circumference, and
are subject to earthquakes. Banda was taken by


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