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BEA    84    BEA

E. side of Core Sound, 55 m. S. S. E. of Newbern.
Long. 76. 50. W. lat. 34. 38. N.

Beaufort, p.t. Beaufort District, S. C. on the isl-
and of Port Royal, 75 m. S Charleston. It has a
fine harbour, but the town is not in a very flour-
ishing state.

Beaufort, a town of France, in the department
of Mayenne and Loire, with a castle, 15 m. E. of
Angers. Pop. 6,000.

Beaufort, a town cf Savoy, on the river Oron,
a.branch of the Ysere, 12 m. N. E. of Moutier.
Pop. about 3,000.

Beaugency, a town of France, in the department
of Loire, famous for its wines, seated on the river
Loire, 6 m. W. of Orleans.

Beavjeu, a town of France, in the department
of Rhone, with an ancient castle, seated on the
Ardiere, at the foot of a mountain, 13 m. N. N.
W. of Villefranche. Pop. 1,600.

Beaujolois, a late province of France, 30 m.
long and 24 broad. It lies north of the Lyonois,
and both of them now form the department of

Beauley, a river of Scotland in Inverness-shire,
formed by the union of the rivulets Farrar, Can-
nich, and Glass, on the borders of Ross-shire. It
takes a N. E. course, and after forming the falls
of Kilmorack and other cascades, flows to the
town of Beauley, where it enters the head of Mur-
ray frith. It produces a considerable supply of
salmon for the London market.

Beauley, a town of Scotland, in the parish of
Kilmorack, in Inverness-shire, at the mouth of the
river Beauley, 12 m. W. of Inverness.

Beaulieu, a village in Hampshire, Eng. on a riv-
er of its name, six miles S. S. W. of Southampton.
It has a manufacture of coarse sacking; and on
the opposite side of the river are the remains of
its famous abbey, founded by king John.

Beaumarchez, a town of France, in the depart-
ment of Gers, 13 m. W. of Mirande.

Beaumaris, a borough of Wales, capital of An-
glesey ; governed by a mayor, a recorder, 24 burg-
esses, and other officers, who return one member to
parliament. It stands on the strait of Menai, was
fortified with a castle by Edward I. and has a good
harbour. It is 59 m. AV. by N. of Chester, and
251 N. AV. of London. Long. 4. 15. W. lat. 53.
15. N. Pop. 2,205.

Beaumont, a town of the Netherlands, on the
frontiers of the department of Nord, France, about
eight miles east of Maubeuge. There are eight
other towns in different parts of France called
Beaumont, but none that merit any particular no-
tice, unless one in the department of Vaucluse,
the residence of Mirabeau.

Beaune, a town of France, in the department of
Cote d’Or, remarkable for its excellent wine. It
is 25 m. S. S. W. of Dijon.

Beauvais, a town of France, capital of the depart-
ment of Oise, and lately an episcopal see. The
cathedral is admired for its fine architecture ; and
the church of St. Stephen is remarkable for its
curious windows. It was besieged in 1463, by the
duke of Burgundy, at the head of 80,000 men,
when the women, under the conduct of Jean de
Hachette, oblige cf the duke to raise the siege. The
inhabitants carry on a good trade in beautiful ta-
pestry. It is seated on the Thesin, 42 m. N. of
Paris. Pop. about 30.900.

Beauvoir, a town of France, in the department
of Vendee, on the Bay of Biscay, 32 m. N. N. W.
of Sables d’Olonne.

Beau, which implies fine, is prefixed to the
names of a number of other towns in different parts
of France, and to a few in England.




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Beaurivage, a river of Lower Canada, south of
the St. Lawrence; it falls into the Chaudiere,
about four miles above the entrance of that river
into the St. Lawrence.

Beaver, r. N.H. falls into the Merrimack at Dra-
cut, Mass.

Beaver, Great and Little, two head streams of the
Ohio, the former in Pa. and the latter in Ohio.

Beaver, a County at the west extremity of thxc2xbb
state of Pennsylvania, bordering on Ohio ; it is in
tersected by the Ohio River. Pop. 24,206.

Beaver, or Beverton, the chief town of this coun-
ty, is situate at the junction of the Beaver Rivw
with the Ohio, near the centre of the county, 2n0
W. by N. of Harrisburgh.

There are also 9 other towns in Pa. called Bea-
ver N. S. Little, Big &c. Also 3 towns in Ohio.

Beaver Islands, a cluster of Islands at the north
extremity of Lake Michigan.

Beaver Dam, in Southampton township, Long
Island, and in Roxbury township, Delaware coun-
ty, and in Berne township, Albany county, and
Beaver-kiU, in Hurly township, Ulster county, all
in the state of New York.

, Beblingen, a town of the kingdom of Wurtem-
burgh, with a castle on a hill, 10 m. N. W. of Stut

Bee, a town of France, in the department of Low-
er Seine, with a noble Benedictine abbey, 18 m. S.
W. of Rouen.

Beeancour, a river of Lower Canada, which falls
into the St. Lawrence, from the south, opposite
the town of Three Rivers.

Beecaria, .t. Clearfield Co. Pa.

Beceles, a corporate town in Suffolk, Eng. It
has a noble church, with a lofty steeple, and a

frammar school, endowed with 10 sholarships for
Imanuel college, Cambridge. It is seated on the
Waveney, 12 m. S. AV. of Yarmouth, and 109 N.
E. of London. Pop. in 1821, 3,493.

Beekin, a town in Bohemia, capital of a circle
of the same name, in which are several medicinal
springs and mines of salt. It has an ancient for-
tified castle, and stands on the river Lausnitz, 57
m. S. by W. of Prague. Long. 14. 28. E. lat. 49.
18. N.

Bechet, p.t. Berkshire Co. Mass. 110 m. W.
Boston. Pop. 1,065.

BechhamsviUe, p.t. Chester Dis. S. C. on the
Wateree, 32 m. N.W. Canjden.

Beckum, a town of Westphalia, in the principali
ty of Munster, at the source of the Verse, 20 m.
S. E. of Munster.

Bedale, a town in North Yorkshire, Eng. the sur-
rounding district is distinguished for its breed
horses, and of horse-jockies, 10 m. S. E. of Rich
mond, and 222 N. N. W. of London. Pop. 1,137

Bedarieux, a town of France, in the department
of Herault, with a manufacture of druggets, and
other woolen stuffs, seated on the Orbre, 16 m. N.
of Bezieres. Pop. 3,350.

Beddington, a village in Surrey, Eng. 2 m
AV. of Croydon. . Here is Beddington-park, one of
the many said to have been the residence of queer
Elizabeth. The church is a Gothic pile, witb
stalls in the aisles, like a cathedral. Pop. 480.

Beder, a town of France in the department of
Ille A'ijaine, 10 m. W. N. W. of Rennes.

Beden, a fortified town of Hindooston, in Dow
latabad, situate on the south bank of the Manzoraii
river, once the capital of a considerable kingdom,
and still celebrated for the number and magnifi


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