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BEL    86    BEL

cloth manufacture ; seated on the Spree, 40 m. S.
E. of Berlin.

Befort, or Belfort, a fortified town of France, in
the department of Upper Rhine, with manufac-
tures of excellent iron. It stands at the foot of a
mountain, 34 m. S. W. of Colna. Pop. about


Beghermt, an interior country, in the centre
of North Africa, south of Bornou. The capital, of
the same name, is situate in the lat. of 17. N.
and 22. 50. E. long. A salt lake in the centre of the
territory supplies a great extent of country with
that indispensable article.

Behabur, a town of Hindoostan, in Lahore, 75
m. W. by N. of Lahore, on the road to Cashmere.

Bekker, or Bhakor, a town of Hindoostan, capi-
tal of a country of the same name. It stands on
an island formed by the Indus, near the junction
of the Dummoody, 160 m. S. by W. of Moultan.
Long. 70. 2. E. lat. 27. 30. N.

Beilstein, the name of several towns in different
parts of Germany: 1st in the Duchy of Wurtem-
burg at which is a mineral hath, about 20 m. N.
by E. of Stuttgard ; 2nd in the Prussian states of
the Grand Duchy of the Lower Rhine, on the east
bank of the Moselle, about 5 m. N. of Zell, and
22 S. W. of Coblentz; 3rd a little to the west of
Leon, on the Mayne.

Beinlieim, a town of France, in the department
of Lower Rhine, seated on the Sur, near its con-
fluence with the Rhine, 22 m. N. N. E. of Stras-

Beira, a province of Portugal, bordering on the
Atlantic Ocean, extending from the mouth of the
Mondego River, S. in lat. 40. to the Douro, which
forms its northern boundary, in lat. 41.11. N. It
is bounded on the east by the Spanish province of
Salamanca, and south by the Portuguese province
of Estremadura, and contains an area of 823 sq.
leagues, and in 1810 a population of 1,121,695.
The province is interspersed with mountains,
from which rise severed streams, some falling into
the Tagus, and others into the Douro, in addition
to the Mondego, which intersects nearly the
whole province from east to west, and is, on the
whole, a fine and fruitful district. The capital is
Coimbra, and the other chief towns are Lamego,
Viseu, Pinhel, Almeida, Guarda, and Caste!

Beit el Faki, a town of Arabia, in Yemen, fa-
mous as being a great mart for coffee. It is 24 m.
E. S. E. of Hodeida, and about 70 N. by E. of Moka.

Beith, a parish and town of Scotland; the parish
is partly in Ayr and partly in Renfrewshire, and
in 1821 contained 4,472 inhabitants. The town,
in which the greater portion of the population is
concentrated, and employed in the cotton manu-
facture, is in Ayrshire, about 10 m. S. by W. of

Beja, a town of Portugal, in Alemtejo, supposed
to have been the Pax Julia of the Romans, seated
on an eminence in an extensive plain, near a lake
of its name, 72 m. S. E. of Lisbon. Long. 7. 40.
W. lat. 37. 58. N. Pop. about 6,000.

Bejopour. See Visiapour.

Bekesh, a town in a county of the same name,
in Upper Hungary, situate in a fork of the Korash
River, a few miles east of Tur.

Bela, a large town of Upper Hungary, situate a-
mong the Carpathian Mountains on the frontiers
of Poland.

Bd-Alcasar, or Balcazar, a town of Cordova,
Spain, situate on the east bank of the Goga river,
35 m. N. N. W. of Cordova.

Belobre, or Balabre, a town of France, in the de
partment of Indre, 25 m. S. W. of Chateauroux

Belair, p.t. Hartford Co. Maryland, 53 m. N

Belbeis, a considerable town of Egypt, 35 m. N
E. of Cairo, and 45 N. W. of Suez.

Belcastro, a town of Naples, in Calabria Ulteri-
ore, seated on a mountain, eight miles from the
Gulf of Squilace arid 12 S. W. of St. Severino-.

Bdchertmcn, p.t. Hampshire Co. Mass. 80 m.
N. W. Boston. Pop. 2,491.

Belehite, a town of Spain, in Arragon, tin the ri-
ver Almonazir, 20 m. S. of Saragossa.

Belez, or Belz, a town of Gallicia, about 25 m
N. by E. of Lemberg.

Belem, a village ot Portugal, in Estremadura, on
the north side of the Tagus, four miles below Lis-
bon. Here is a royal monastery, where the kings
and queens of Portugal are interred; a strong fort,
which defends the entrance to the city; and to
the north a noble modern aqueduct.

Bdestat, a town of France, in the department
of Aude, 27 m. S. W. of Carcassone.

Belfast, a town in the county of Antrim, Ireland,
situate at the head of a spacious bay, about 15
miles in length, which forms a safe and commo-
dious harbour. Vessels drawing more than eight
or nine feet of water load and unload by lighters,
about seven miles below the town. Belfast is a
regular well-built town; the principal street
runs in a straight line from the head of the bay,
and is very handsome. It is the entrepot for a
great portion of the linens manufactured in the
north of Ireland, for the storing of which there is
a spacious edifice called the Linen Hall, on the
plan of the cloth halls in Leeds. It has a thea-
tre and an exchange, over which is an assembly-
room; two handsome churches, and several meet-
ing-houses, and in 1808 a public school on an ex-
tensive scale was founded; there are also very ex-
tensive barracks on the north side of the town ;
the river Lagan, over which there is a bridge of
21 arches, falls into the bay, on the S E. side, and
communicates witlj Lough Neagh by a canal.
The markets are exceedingly well supplied with
all kinds of provisions, and large quantities of
linens, in small parcels, are brought in for sale
by the country people, for whose accommodation
there is a separate market. In addition to large
quantities of linens, butter, salt provisions, and
grain, shipped to Great Britian, partly in ex-
change for manufactures and partly in payment o"
rent, to a non-resident proprietor, Belfast carries
on a direct trade to the West Indies, Spain, Amer-
ica, and the Baltic; builds and owns a considera-
ble extent of shipping, and has several manufac-
tures of leather, chemicals, glass, &c.; and the
cotton manufacture, is endeavouring to establish
itself in Belfast and its vicinity. It is 88 m. N. of
Dublin. Pop. in 1821, 37,277, and returns one
member to the parliament of the United Kingdom.

Belfast, p.t. Waldo Co. Me. at the mouth of the
Penobscot, 12 m. W. Castine, has a good harbour
and considerable trade in lumber. Pop. 3,077.

Belfast, t. Bedford Co. Pa.

Bdford, p.v. Nash Co. N. C. 64 m. E. Raleigh

Belford, a town of Northumberland, Eng. on the
line of the high road from London to Edinburgh,
49 m. N. by W. of Newcastle, and 15 S. by E. of
Berwick. Pop. 1,208.

Belgard, a town of Prussian Pomerania, immedi
ately contiguous to Corbin, and about 15 m. S. by
E. of Colberg.

Belgern, a town of Saxony Proper, with a good






















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