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about sixteen meeting houses for dissenters, with
various schools and charitable institutions. A
town hall, for the transaction of public business,
has been recently erected. Pop. in 1821, 89,197,
of which Little Bolton contained 9,258. The eari
of Derby was executed here, in 1651, for pro-
claiming Charles II.

*** There are 12 other towns and villages
named Bolton, besides Bolton on the Sands, in
different parts of England ; viz. three in Cumber-
land, one each in Northumberland and Westmore-
land, and seven in Yorkshire.

, Bolton, ph. Worcester Co. Mass. 33 m. W. Bos-
ton. Pop.    1,258. The town abounds in lime-stone.

1    Bolton,    ph. Chittenden Co. Vt. 24 m. N. WT.

Montpelier. Pop. 452.
Bolton,    ph. Tolland Co. Conn. Pop. 744.

Bolton,    ph. Warren Co. N. Y. 69 in. N. Albany.

Pop. 1,466.

Bomal, a town of the Netherlands, in Luxem-
burg, on the river Ourt, 20 m. S. of Liege.

Bombay, an island on the west coast of the Dec-
can of Hindoostan, 7 miles in length, and 20 in
circumference. It came to the English by the
marriage of Charles II. with Catherine of Portu-
gal, and was made over to the East India Compa-
ny in 1688, when it was made the seat of govern-
ment of all their possesions on that side of Hin-
doostan, which was previously at Surat. It is
now7 one of the three presidencies by which their
oriental territories are governed. It contains a
strong and capacious fortress, a city, dockyard,
and marine arsenal. Here the finest merchant ships
are built all of teak, supplied from the neighbour-
ing countries, which is more durable than the
best English oak ; and in 1810, the Minden, 74
gun ship, was launched, having been built entirely
under the superintendence of a Persee. The
ground is in general barren, and good water scarce;
but it has abundauce of cocoa-nuts, and its mar-
kets are well supplied w7ith every delicacy. The
population of the territory of Bombay is estimated
at 225,000, three-fourths of whom are Hindoos,
the remainaer Mahometans, Armenians, and Jews
and about 8,000 Persees or fire worshippers. (See
Bachu.) The city of Bombay, next to Calcutta,
may be considered the most commercial place in
Hindoostan; its intercourse with China is very
great, the export of cotton sometimes amounting
to 350,000 bales per annum. It is much Sesorted
to, by traders from Persia, Arabia, Abyssinia, Ar-
menia, and all parts of western Asia, as well as
from most of the islands of the Indian Ocean, and
all the eastern parts of Asia, and the commercial
transactions are conducted with more integrity
than is usual in Asiatic cities. It is about 180 m.
S. of Surat, and 1,300 W. by S. of Calcutta. The
lighthouse, which is a very prominent object, and
f visible for 20 miles out at sea, is in lat. 18. 53.
i N. and 72. 53. E. long.    xc2xab

j Bomene, a seaport of Holland, in Zealand, on
7 the north shore of the Island of Schowen, 3 m. E.
of Browershaveii.

Bommcl, a town of South Holland, in the isle
of Overfrakke, 7 m. AV. of AVilliamstadt.

Bommel, a strong town of Holland, in Guelder-
land, in the island of Bommelwert, on the river
Waal, 21 m. S. by E. of Utrecht, and 7 N. of Bois-
le-Duc. Pop. about 3,000.

Bommelwert, an island of Holland, formed by
the junctions of the AA'aal and Alaese. It lies in
the province of Guelderland, except a small dis-
trict at the west end, which belongs to South Hol-
land. It is 15 miles in length, from Lowestein to

Fort St. Andrew, and is not more than 4 in the
broadest part, It was taken by the French in
1672, and again in 1794.

Bona, a seaport of Algiers, in the province of
Constantina. Near it are the ruins ofthe ancient
Hippo Regius. It has a trade in corn, oil, wax
and wool, and is 270 m. E. of Algiers. Long. 7

45. E. lat. 36. 52. N.

Bonair, or Buen Ayre, a fertile island in the
Caribean Sea, to the E. of Curacoa. It is 60 tn.
in circuit, and lias a good harbour and road on
the S. W. side. Long. 68. 18. AV. lat. 12. 10. N.

Bonavista, one of the Cape Verd islands, so call
ed from its beautiful appearance to the first dis-
coverers, in 1450; but is now become barren,
through the extreme idleness of the inhabitants.
Long. 22. 47. W. lat. 16. 6. N.

Bona,vista, a cape on the east side of the island
of Newfoundland. Long. 52. 32. AV. lat. 48.

15. N.

Bond, a County of Illinois or the Kaskaskias.
Pop. 3,124. Greenville is the chief tow

Bondorf, a-town of Suabia, in the B1:ick Forest,
capital of a county which joins the Brisgau. It
is 7 m. S.hy W. of Furstenburg, now included in
the territory of the Duchy of Baden.

Bondou, an interior country of North Africa,
lying between the rivers Senegal and Gambia, in-
habited by the Foulah race of negroes, who are
industrious and social in their habits, and Mahom-
etans in religion.

Boness, or Borrowslonnes, a tow7n of Scotland,
in Linlithgowshire, with a safe and commodious
harbour on the frith of Forth. It has a consider-
ble trade in ship-building and coal, and extensive
manufactures of salt and stoneware. It is 5 m.
N. of Linlithgow. Pop in 1821, 3,018.

Bonhomme, t. St. Louis Co. Missouri.

Bonnefemme, t. Howard Co. Missouri.

Boni, or Bony, a spacious bay between the two
southern promontories of the Isle of Celebes. It
has numerous shoals and rocks, and is commonly
called Bugges Bay by Europeans. Near the up-
per end of the bay, on the shore of the wrestern
promontory is the town of Boni, which is the cap-
ital of a kingdom of the same name, but little
knowin. The inhabitants are partly Mahometans.
It is in the lat. of 3. S. and 120. 30. of E. long.

Bonifacio, a fortified seaport of Corsica, with a
good harbour and a coral fishery. It stands on a
small peninsula, at the south extremity of the
island, 37 m. S. of Ajaccio. Long. 9. 20. E. kit.

41. 25. N. Pop. about 3,000.

Bonn, a city of Germany, in the territory of
Cologne. It has a flourishing university, four par-
ish churches, and several religious foundations
It was taken by the Duke of Marlborough, in
1703, and by the French in 1794. It is seated oa
the Rhine, 14 m. S. by E. of Cologne.

Bonmit, a town of France, in the department of
La Creuse. Pop. about 2,000.

Bonnetable, a town of France, in the depart-
ment of Sarte, 15 m. N. E. of Mons. Pop. 4,500

Bonneval, a towin of France, in the department
of Eure and Loire, seated on the Loire, 8 m. N. of

Bonneville, a town of Savoy, capital of Fau
cingay, seated on the river Arve, at the foot of a
mountain called the Mole, 20 m. S. E. of Geneva.

Bonny, a kingdom of Guinea, N. Africa, lying
betwreen Waree and Callabar. The inhabitants
are less social than their neighbours, and live in
constant collision with those of Callabar.

Bonthain, a seaport at the S. extremity of the

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