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three hills. The two-hundredth year of the city
was solemnized on the 17th September 1830 by a
splendid jubilee, when all the public officers, as-
sociations, &c., formed in an immense procession,
marched to the Old South Church, the usual scene
for such festivities, and were addressed by the
President of Harvard College.

The census of 1830 gave a return of 61,392 in
habitants for the 12 wards within the jurisdiction
of the city, but taking in those adjoining parts of
Charlestown, Cambridge and Roxbury, which are
to all practical purposes, so many portions of the
capital, its whole population will amount to about

80.000. The city proper has 40 churches; 19
tant< 2 theatres. 80 public schools. 50 bookstores,
and is 210 is. N. E. from New York : 300 N. E.
from Philadelphia;
300 S. S. E. from Montreal,
and 4:16 N. E.
from Washington. It is in N. lat.

42. 22. and in W. long. 71. 3.

Boston, ph. Erie Co. N. Y. 320 m. W. Alhanv.
Pop. 1,520.

Boston, t. Portage Co. Ohio.

Boswdlsville, p.v. Louisa Co. Va. 20 m. N. W.

Bosworth, Market, a town in Leicestershire,
Eng. In its vicinity, in 1468, was fought the fa-
mous battle between Richard III. and the Earl
of Richmond, afterward Henry VII. in which
the former lost his crown and life. It is seated
on a hill, 13 m. W. of Leicester, and 106 N. N.
W. of London. Pop. 1,117.

Bosicorth, Husband, another town in Leicester-
shire, 14 m 8. of Leicester. Pop. 820.

Botany Buy, a bay of New South Wales, dis-
covered bv Cook in 1770, and so called from the
great quantity of herbs, found on the shore. The
promontories which form its entrance are named
Cape Banks and Point Solander. It was origi-
oafiv fixed on for a colony of convicts from Great
Britain, which in the sequel, was established at
Port Jickson. 13 m. farther to the N. See
land Mian.
Long. 151. 21. E. lat. 34. 0. S.

Botauf Id and. a small island in the Pacific
Oceaw, to the S. E. of New Caledonia. Lonnr.
167. 17. E. fat- 22. 27. S.

BoUsdiit. a town in Suffolk, Eng. seated in a
vallev, 15 m. N. E. of Bury, and 86 of London.
Pop. 584.

Botetourt, an interior county of the W. District
of Vinrin’a. lving between the two most easterly
ridges of the Apalachian mountains. The Roan-
oke and James rivers have both their sources
within this county; and it is Bounded on the north
by the valley over which is the natural bridge,
90 feet in length and 200 feet above thxc2xa7 surface
ofthe water. (See
Cedar Creek.) Pop. 16,354. Fin-
castle, 194 m. W of Richmond, is the chief town.

Bothnia, Gulf of, a large gulf of the Baltic.





















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forming its northern continuation, extending in a
north by east direction, from the Isle of Aland, in
the lat. of 60. to Tornea, in the lat. of 66. N. and
having an average breadth of about 3 degrees of
long, between 17. and 25. E. It is bounded on
the west by Sweden and east by Finland.

Bothnia, East, the northern province of Fin-
land, extending from Finland Proper, in the lat.
of 62. N. to the line of the arctic circle, which
divides it from Lapland; lying on the east shore
of the Gulf of Bothnia, between 21. and 30. of
east longitude, bounded on the east by the Rus-
sian Province of Olonetz; containing an area of
about 28,000 square miles, but having only about

70,000 inhabitants. It is generally low and marshy,
intersected by lakes and small rivers, abounding
with fish, some salmon. The climate is general-
ly unfavourable to vegetation. It has, however,
some herds of small horned cattle, and bears, and
other furred animals are common ; and it exports
some fir timber, deals, tar, and pitch. It it di-
vided into tweniy-eight parishes under the eccles
iastical jurisdiction of the see of Abo, which fa
vours the tenets of Luther. The inhabitants,
with some little exception of Swedish, speak the
Finnish language. The chief towns are Kajana
on the east side, and Uleaborg, Brahestad, Car-
leby, Jacobstadt, Wasa, and Christianstadt all on
the shores of the gulf of Bothnia. This prov-
ince, with Finland, was ceded by Sweden to Rus-
sia in 1809.

Bothnia, West, a province of Sweden, lying
between the west shore of the gulf of Bothnia
and Lapland, extending south from Angerman-
land, in the lat. of 63. 50. to that of 67. N. and 19.
to 25. E. long. Its area is about half that of East
Bothnia, and the population does not exceed 50,
000. It differs hut little in character from the
eastern province; it abounds somewhat more in
farred animals, which serve alike for subsistence
and traffic. It is intersected by numerous streams,
all running from west to east into the gulf. The
four principal rising from the mountains which
divide Lapland from Norland, give name to as
many districts and towns; viz. Tornea, at the head
of the gulf, Lulea, Pitea, and Umea, at the south
extremity of the province, all upon the coast of
the gulf. It contains some veins of copper and
iron; but its chief exports are timber, deals, and
tar. It is under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of
the see of Hernosand.

Bothwdl, a town of Scotland, in the county ot
Lanark, situate on the east bank of the Clyde, be-
tween Hamilton and Glasgow. It is distinguish-
ed for the battle fought in its vicinity in 1679, be-
tween the covenanters and the royal forces com-
manded by the duke of Monmouth, when the for-
mer were completely defeated.

Botley, a village in Hampshire, Eng. 6 m. E. of
Southampton, on the river Hamble, noted for a
considerable trade in flour. Pop. in 1821, 670.

Bottesford, a village in Leicestershire, Eng. on
the confines ofNottinghamshire and Lincolnshire,
7 m. W. by N. of Grantham. Near it, on a lofty
eminence, is Belvoir castle, the ancient seat of the
dukes of Rutland. In the church are several
handsome monuments of that noble family ; and
many Roman antiquities have been found in the
neighbourhood. Pop. 1,070.

BottlehiU, ph. Morris Co. N. J. 15 m. N. W. of

Botwar, a town in the north part of the duchy
of Wirtemburg, on a river of its name, 15 in. S.
S. E. of Ileilbron. Pop. about 2,000.


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