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Bulac, a town of Egypt, on the Nile, two miles
west of Cairo, and the port of that city. On the
north side of it is the Calisch, whose banks are
cut every year, to convey the waters of the Nile,
by -a canal, to Cairo.

Bularn, or Boo!am, an island on the west coast
of Africa, at the mouth of the Rio Grande. The
soil is good; and a settlement of free blacks was
formed here in 1792, but abandoned the following
year. Long. 14. 30. W. lat. 11. 0. N.

men and were unahle to make the least use of
their advantage. To perpetuate the memory of
this obstinate struggle between the undisciplined

Bulgaria,, a province of European Turkey,
bounded on the north by the Danube, which di-
vides it from Wallachia and Bessarabia, east by the
Black sea, south by Romania and Macedonia, and
west by Servia. It is mountainous, but fertile
in the intervening valleys. Sofia, or Sophia, on
the frontier of Romania, 280 m. N. N. E. of Con-
stantinople, is the capital.

Bullitt, a county of Kentucky, the west end of
which borders upon the Ohio River. Pop. 5,660.
Shepherdsville, 69 in. W. S W. of Frankfort, is
the chief town.

Bullock, an interior county of Georgia, lying be-
tween the Cannouche and Great Ogechee Rivers.
Pop. 2,586. Statesborough, in the centre of the
county, 35 m. N. W. of Savannah, is the chief

Bullskin, a township in Fayette Co. Pa.

Bulltown, p.v. Lewis Co. Va.

Bunaice, a village of Scotland, in Argyleshire,
on the east side of Loch Etive, at the influx of
the river Awe. Here is an iron foundery, a valu-
able salmon fishery, and a bay that affords safe
anchorage in any wind. It is 15 miles E. N. E.
of Oban.

Buncomb, a large county at the western extrem-
ity of North Carolina, bounded on the north by
Tennessee, and south by South Carolina. Pop.
16,259. Ashville, in the centre of the county, 273
m. W. hy S. of Raleigh, is the chief town.

Bundelcund or Bundela, a cicar of Hindoostan,
lying south of the Ganges, in the province of Al-
lahabad, inhabited by a tribe of Rajpoots. It is
a mountainous tract, and contains the celebrated
diamond mines of Paunah, with some strong fort-
resses. Chatterpour is the capital. It was annex-
ed to Benares in 1804.

Bungay, a town in Suffolk, Eng. seated on the
VV avenay, which is navigable hence to Yarmouth.
It has two churches, and the ruins of a nunnery
an d a castle. It is 36 m. N. by E. of Ipswich, and
10 6 N. E. of London. Pop. 3,290.

Bungo, a kingdom of Japan, in the island of
Ximo. The king of this country was converted
to Christianity, and sent a solemn embassy to the
oope in 1583. The capital is Fumay. Long. 132.
). E. lat. 32. 40. N.

Buniva, a mountain of Greece, between Janna
and Livadia, extending to the gulf of Zeiton. The
anc'.ent name was QEta ; and it is famous for the
oass of Thermopylxc2xae, (so called from the hot baths
in he neighbourhood) where Leonidas, and his
300 Spartans, resisted for three days the whole
Pe sian armv.

unkcr Hill, a steep height occupying the cen-
tre of the peninsula upon which stands the town
of Charlestown. Massachusetts. The southern
ex remity otters a less abrupt eminence detached
from the main height, and properly called Breed’s
H 11. Here was fought on the 17th of June 1775
til celebrated battle known as the Battle of Bunk-
r Hill. General Warren fell in the action, and
the Americans finally retreated from the spot, but
the British suffered the loss of nearly half their
militia of New England and the veterans of Brit
ain, a noble monument has been commenced on
the spot, and is now about one third finished. It
is a plain obelisk of granite, and will be 220 feet


BmUingford, a town in Hertfordshire, Eng. 31
m. N. by E. of London. Pop. 907.

Buntwala, a town of Hindoostan, in Canara,
which has a great inland trade; situate near the
Netrawari, 10 m. E. of Mangalore.

Buntzlau, a town of Silesia, in the principality
of Jauer. It has a manufacture of brown pottery
with gold and silver flowers; and is seated on
the Bober, 23 m. W. by N. of Lignitz. Pop


Buntzlau, a circle in the north part of Bohemia,
between Leutmeritz and Konigingratz, bounded
on the north by Lusatia, and south by the Elbe,
which divides it from Kaurzem. It contains
about 1,850 square miles, and 280,000 inhabitants.
The lser intersects it from N. to S. falhng into
the Elbe.

Buntzlau, Alt, a town of Bohemia, seated on the
Elbe, 16 m. S. S. W. of Jung Buntzlau.

Buntzlau, Jung, a town of Bohemia, capital of
the circle of Buntzlau. It was a royal town un
der Rodolphus II. and is seated on the lser, 28 m.
N. N. E. of Prague.

Buragrag, a rivsr of the kingdom of Fez, which
enters the Atlantic Ocean, at Sallee.

Burdwan, a town of Hindoostan, capital of a
district in Bengal, seated cn the north bank of the
Dummooda, 57 m. N. W. of Calcutta.

Burello, or Civita, BureUa, a town of Naples, in
Ahruzzo Citeriore, 20 m. S. of Lanciano.

Buren, a town of Holland, in Guelderland, with
a fortified castle, 22 m. W. of Nimeguen. Pop.


Buren, or Buercn, a town of Westphalia, in
the principality of Paderborn, seated on the Alme.
10 m. S. by W. of Paderborn.

Buren, a town of Switzerland, in the canton
of Bern, seated on the Aar, 6 miles S. by W. of

Burford, a town in Oxfordshire, Eng. Here
are manufactures of saddles, dussels, and rugs.
It is seated on the Windrush, 17 m. W. by N. of
Oxford, and 72 m. W. of London. Pop. 1,686.

Burg, a town of Holland, in the county of Zut-
phen, seated on the Old Yssel, 18 m. E. by N. of

Burg, a town of Lower Saxony, in the duchv
of Magdeburg, on the River Ihle, 12 m. N. N.
of Magdeburg. Pop. about 7,000.

Burg, or Borg, a town of Westphalia, in the

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