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Cassano, a town of Italy, in the Milanese, with a
castle. Here prince Eugene, in 1705, was check-
ed, attempting to force the passage of the Adda;
in 1799 the French were defeated by the Aus-
trians. It is seated on the Adda, 15 m. N. E. of

Cassano, a town of Naples, in Calabria Cite-
riore, 24 m. N. W. of Rossano, and 50 E. S. E. of


Cassay, or Meekley, a country of Asia, bound-
ed on the west by Bengal, north by Assam, east
and S. E. by Birmah, and S. W. by Aracan. The
inhabitants are called Mugguloos, a tribe of
rude mountaineers little known. It is now
subject to the Birmans. Munnypour is the

Cassel, a city of Germany, capital of Lower
Hesse, and seat of the court and government of
the electorate of Hesse. It is divided into the Old
Town, Lower New Town, and Upper New Town;
the former towns are chiefly built in the ancient
style, but the last is very regular and handsome.
The inhabitants are estimated at 25,000, and they
have manufactures of linen, cloth, hats, proeelain,
&c. Here is a college, founded by the landgrave
in 1709. The castle, or palace, the gardens, the arse-
nal, the foundery-, and the cabinet of curiosities, de-
serve the attention of travellers. It was taken by
the French in 1760 and restored at the peace in
1763. It is seated on the Fulda, 40 m. S. E. of
Paderborn. Long. 9. 25. E. lat. 51. 19. N.

Cassel, a strong town in Germany, situate on
the Rhine, opposite Mentz. with which it has a
communication hy a bridge of boats. It was ta-
ken by the French in 1792,
and retaken by the
Prussians in 1793.

Cassel, a town of France, in the department of
Nord, with a fortified castle. Its stands on a moun-
tain, rising like a sugar loaf, from the centre of a
vast plain, whence may be seen 32 towns, and
the German Ocean, though 50 miles distant. It
is 10 m. N. E. of St. Omer, on the road from Lisle
to Dunkirk. Pop. about 3,000.

Casselle, a populous town of Piedmont, about
six miles north of Turin, having a variety of man-
ufactures ; number of inhabitants, about 9,000.

Cassina, or Kashna, an extensive empire, in the
interior of North Africa, to the west of Bornou. It
resembles Bornou in climate, soil, and natural
productions, and in the colour, genius, religion,
and government of the people. It is bounded on
the south, by a large river flowing to the eastward,
the celebrated Niger.

Cassina, or Kashna, the capital of the empire
of the same name. The chief trade is in senna,
gold dust, slaves, cotton cloths, goat skins, ox
and bttffifa hides^ and civet. It is^ 750 m. W.
S. W. of Bornou, and about the same distance
east of Tombuctoo and N. by E. of Old Calabar,
xc2xabn the e-oast of Guinea. Long. 11. 35. E. lat. 15.
40. X.

Ctissis. a town of France in the department of
Mouths of the Rhone, with a small port on the
Mediterranean. 9 m. S. S. E. of Marseilles. Pop.


Cassacia, or Kaschau, a strong town of Upper
Hungary, with a fine arsenal, seated near the riv-
ert Herat. 85 m. E. by N. of Schemnitz. Long.
20. 55. E. lat. 48. 40. X. Pop. about 8,000.

Castagnol, a town of Piedmont, on the river
Po, 8 m. south of Turin.

CastameTUi or Costomoui, a town of Asiatic Tur-
key, in Natolia, formerly
a large city, but now
Siuch reduced in size and magnificence. I' is
240 miles cast of Constantinople Long. 34. 22
E. lat. 41. 32. N.


Castunowitz. See Costainitzo.

Castel a Mare, a town of Naples in Principato Ci-
teriore, where the ships of the royal navy are built.
It stand on the site of the ancient Stabia, at the
foot of a woody mountain, on the Bay of Naples
15 m. S. E. of Naples.

Castel a Mare, a town of Sicily, in Val di Maz-
ara, on a bay on the north coast, 30 m. W. by S
of Palermo.

Castel Arragonese, a fortified seaport of Sardin-
ia, and a bishop’s see. It was the first place ta-
ken in this island, at the end of the thirteenth
century, by the Arragonese, whence its name;
but in 1767, the king ordered it to be called Castel
Sardo. It stands on the north coast, 20 m. N. E
of Sassari. Long. 9. 1. E. lat. 40. 56. N.

Castel Baldo, a town of Italy, in the Paduan, on
the river Adige, 30 m. S. W. of Padua.

Castel Bra-qca, a strong town of Portugal, in
the S. E. part of Beira, with a castle and two
churches. In 1762, it was taken by the Span-
iards. It is situate between the rivers Vereza and
Poncul, about 15 m. above their entrance into the
Tagus, 62 m. S. E. of Coimbra. Long. 7. 22.
W. lat. 39. 52. N.

Castel de Vide, a town of Portugal, in Alemtejo
8 m. N. E. of Portalegre. Pop. about 6,000.

Castel Follit, a town of Spain, in Catalonia, on
an eminence near the river Fulvia, 15 m. west, of

Castel Franco, a town of Italy, in Trevisano,
12 miles west of Treviso.

Castel Gcmdolfo, a town of Italy, in Campagna
di Roma, near the lake Albano. Near this place
is the villa Barbarini, where are the ruins of an
immense palace, built by the emperor Domitian.
It is 10 m. S. by E. of Rome.

Castel Jaloux, a town of France, in the depart
ment of Lot and Garonne, with a considerable
trade in wine, honey, and cattle ; seated on the
Avance, 20 m. E. by south of Bazas, and 32 W.
by N. of Agen.

Castel Leone, a town of Italy, in the Cremonese,
18 m. north of Piacenza. Pop. about 8,000.

Castel Jfuovo, a town of Dalmatia, on the gulf of
Cattaro,!2 W.of Cattaro. Pop.about2.000.

Castel, or Castro Nuova, a town of Sicily, in
Val di Mazara, seated on a hill, 18 m. S. S. W. of

Castel Niwvo di Carfagnana, a town of Italy in
the Modense, with a strong fort; seated in the
valley of Carfagnana, on the river Serchio, 18 m.
N. of Lucca, and 37 S. S. W. of Modena.

Castel Rodrigo, a town of Portugal, in Beira,
11 m. N. of Pinhel.

Castel Rosso, an island in the Mediterranean,
near the coast of Caramania, 90 m. E. of Rhodes.
It is two miles long, and has a secure road and
harbour. Long. 29. 21. E. lat. 36. 7. N.

Castel Sarasin, a town of France, in the depart-
ment of Upper Garonne, 30 m. W. N. W. of
Toulouse. Pop. about 5,000.

Castel Vetere, a town of Naples, in Calabria
Ulteriore, 33 m. S. of Squillace.

Castel Vetrano, a town of Sicily, in Val di
Mazara. Here is a palace, in which is a consid-
erable collection of old armour. It is eight miles
E. by N. of Mazara.

%* Castel is prefixed to the names of set xc2xbbral
other towns in the several Italian states

Castelaun, a town of Germany, in the cam
Spanheim, 23 m. S. S. AV. of Coblentz.








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