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lation in 1820, 3,887. It is situate on the high
road from Limerick to Cork, about 20 miles dis-
tant from each, and 108 AV. S. AV. of Dublin.

Charleville, a town of France, in the depart-
ment of Ardennes. Here is a magnificent square,
and in the centre a handsome fountain. It has
extensive manufactures of fire-arms, and is seated
on the Meuse, opposite Mezieres, 25 m. W. N. W.
of Sedan. Pop. about 8,000.

Charlotte, a county of the E. District of Vir-
ginia, extending for about 25 miles along the
north side of the Roanoke River, being about 12
miles in breadth, intersected by several streams
falling into the Roanoke. Pop. 15,254. Marys-
ville, ahout 70 m. S. J3". W. of Richmond, is the
chief town. There are also seven towns of this
name in the U. States.    <

Cflarlottenburg, a town of Brandenburg, in the
middle mark, with a royal palace, and magnifi-
cent gardens. It was built by Sophia Charlotte,
the first queen of Prussia, on the river Spree, four
miles west of Berlin.

Charlotte-town, the Capital of the isle of St.
John, (now Prince Edward Island.) in the Gulf
of St. Lawrence. It stands on a point of land,
on the S. W. side of the island, which forms two
bays. Long. 62. 50. AV. lat. 46. 14. N.

Cfiarlotte-town, the capital of Dominica, for-
merly called Roseau. In 1806, it was nearly de-
stroyed by a hurricane. It is 21 m. S. E. of
Prince Rupert Bay. Long. 61. 28. AV. lat. 15.

18. N.

Charlotte Hall, p.v. St. Mary’s Co. Maryland,
56 m. S. E. Washington. It has a large acade-
my, patronised by the State.

Charlottesville, p.v. Albemarle Co. Va. 86 m. N.
AV. Richmond, The University of Virginia is
established at this place. It was founded in 1819.
It has 9 instructers, 130 students, and a library
of 8,Q00 volumes. It has a vacation in July and
August of about 6 weeks.

Charlton, there are upwards of 20 villages of this
name in England. See

Charlton, p.t. Worcester Co. Mass. 52 m. S. W.
Boston. Pop. 2.173. Also a p.t. Saragota Co.
N. Y. 31 m. N. AV. Albany. Pop. 2,023.

Charlton Row, a township in the parish of Man-
chester, Eng. containing in 1820, 8,209 inhabi-
tants. See

Charmes, a town of France, in the department
of Vosges seated on the Moselle, 8 m. E. of Mire-

Charolles, a town of France, in the department
of Saone and Loire, with a ruinous castle ; seated
on the Reconce, 24 m. W. N. W. of Macon.

Charost, a town of France, in the department of
[ndre, seated on the Arnon, 6 m. N. E. of Is-

Charrouz, a towin of France, in the department
of Vienne, 25 m. S. of Poitiers.

Chartrins, t. AVashington Co. Pa.

Chartres, a city of France, capital of the depart-
ment of Eure and Loire. The cathedral is one
of the finest in France, and its steeple much ad-
mired. The principal trade consists in corn. It
is seated on the Eure, over which is abridge, the
work of the celebrated A’auban, 45 m. S. AV. of
Paris. Pop. about 13,000.

Charybdis, a famous whirlpool, in the strait of
Messina, on the coast of Sicily, opposite the cele-
brated Scylla, in Italy. According to the theme
of ancient poets, it was very formidable to mari-
ners ; but it is said to have been entirely removed
ny the great earthquake in 1783.

Chatahooehee, a rapid river of the state of Geor-
gia, which rises in the Apalachian mountains, on
the frontier of Tennessee, and runs south for 300
miles to East Florida, where it is joined by the
Flint, and then their united stream takes the name
of Apalachicola. It separates the state of Alaba-
ma from that of Georgia for about 100 miles be-
fore it enters Florida.

Chateaubriand, a town of Franee, in the north
part of the department of Lower Loire, 35 m. N.
by E. of Nantes. Pop. about 3,000.

Chateau Cambresis, a town of France, in the
department of Nord, .with a palace belonging to
the bishop of Cambray. A treaty was concluded
here in 1559, between Henry II. of Franc'e, and
Philip II. of Spain. It is seated on the Scille, 14
*m. S. E. of Cambray. Pop. about 4,000.

Chateau Chinon, a town of France, in the de
partment of Nievre, with a considerable manufac
ture of cloth ; seated near the source of the Yonne,
36 miles E. by N. of Nevers.

Chateau Dauphin, a strong castle of Piedmont,
near the source of the Po, 16 m. AV. by N. of Sa-

Clmteaudun, a town of France, in the depart-
ment of Eure and Loire, with a castle, built by
the famous count of Dunois ; seated on an emi-
nence near the Loire, 30 m. N. of Blois. it was
entirely burnt down in 1723, but was speedily re-
built. Pop. about 6,000.

Chateau du Loir, a town of France, in the de-
partment of Sarte, famous for a siege of seven
years against the count of Mans. It is seated on
the Loire, 22 m. S. S. E. of Mans.

Chaleaugay, a town of Franklin county, state of
New York, situate mid-way between Lake Cham-
plain and the St. Lawrence, 219 m. N. by AV. of
Albany. Pop. 2,016. There is a small river of
the same name falling into the St. Lawrence.

Chateau Gontier, a town of France, in the de-
partment of Mayenne, with a castle, a mineral
spring, and a trade in linens. It is seated on the
Mayenne, 22 m. N. AV. of Angers. Pop. about

Chateau Landon, a town of France, in the de-
partment of Seine and Marne, with an Augustine
abbey, seated on a hill, 30 m. south of Melun.

Chateavlin, a town of France, in the depart-
ment of Finisterre, with a considerable trade in
slates; seated on the Auzon, 12 m. North of

Chateauroux, a town of France, capital of, the
department oflndre, with a castle. It has a man-
ufacture of cloth, and iron mines in its vicinity,
and is seated in a pleasant plain, on the Indre,
35 m. S. W. of Bourges, and 148 S. by W. of
Paris. Pop. about 8,500.

Chateau Salins, a town of France, in the de-
partment of Meurthe, with extensive saltworks,
16 m. N. E. of Nancy.

Chateau Thierry, a town of France, in the de-
partment of Aisne, with a castle on an eminence.
It is the birth-place of the celebrated Fontaine,
and famous for a battle fought near it, in February,
1814, when a part of marshal Blucher’s army was
defeated tvith great loss, and driven through the
town, by the French, under Bonaparte. It is
seated on the river Marne, 57 m. E. S. E. of Paris.
Pop. about 4,000.

*#* The names of several other towns in
France are preceded by
Chateau, a word meaning
Castle ; but there are none that merit any partic-
ular notice.

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