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CLA    204    CLA

Claiborne, is also the name of another county,
on the north frontier of East Tennessee, intersect-
ed in a N. E. direction by Clinch, a ridge of the
Alleghany Mountains; it is bounded on the south
by Clinch River, and intersected on the N. W. hy
Powell’s River, whose united streams, with the
Holston, form the Tennessee River. Pop. 8,470.
Tazewell, north of the Mountain Ridge, and 222
m. E. N. E. of Murfreesborough, is the chief

Clamicy, a town of France, in the department
of Nievre. Before the late revolution, the chapel
of an hospital in the suburb was the provision for
the bishop of Bethlehem, who was fixed here in
1180, after the Christians had been driven from
the Holy Land. Clamecy is seated at the conflu-
ence of the Beuvron with the Yonne, 35 m. N.
N. E. of Nevers. Pop. about 5,300.

Clapham, a village in Surrey, an appendage to
the British metropolis, 4 m. S. "of London Bridge.
It is composed of a number of very neat houses,
built round an extensive common, presenting a
very rural, picturesque, and interesting scene.
The houses are occupied chiefly as the private
residences of the upper class of shopkeepers, in-
cumbents of public offices, and merchants of the
metropolis. In proof of the agreeableness of its
situation, the population, which in 1801 was 3,864,
in 1821 was 7,151.

Clapton, Upper and Lower. See Hackney.

Clara, St. a small island of Peru, in the Bay of
Guayaquil, 70 m. S. W. of Guayaquil. Long. 82.
20. W. lat. 2. 20. S.

Clare, a town in Suffolk, Eng. It is, famous
for the great men who have borne the title of earl
and duke of it. Lionel, third son of Edward III.
becoming possessed of the honour of Clare, by
marriage, was created duke of Clarence ; and that
title has ever since belonged to a branch of the
royal family. Here are the ruins of a castle ; also
of a priory, the house of which is now occupied
by a farmer, and the chapel is a barn. Clare has
a manufacture of baize, and is seated near the
Stour, 15 m. S. of Bury St. Edmund, and 56 N.
E. of London. Pop. in 1821, 1,487.

Clare, a maritime county in the province of
Munster, on the west coast of Ireland, bounded
on the north by Galway Bay, and south by the
Shannon. It contains a good deal of mountainous
surface; the Valleys however are very fertile; and
it breeds more horses than any other county in
Ireland, beside a great number of cattle and sheep.
Ennis, 113 m. W. by S. of Dublin, is the capital.
Although it has 70 m. of sea-coast, it has no fre-
quented harbour, its principal outport being Lim-
erick. For subdivision, population, &c. see

Clare, a parish and town on the north bank of
the Shannon, in the preceding county. The par-
ish in 1821 contained 3,019 inhabitants. The town,
at the head of a bay, in the Shannon, 3 m. S. of
Ennis, contained 505 of the above inhabitants.
There is also another parish of the same name in
the county of Galway, intersected by the river
Clare, which falls into Lake Corrib, about 5 miles
north of the town of Galway. Population of this
parish 3,146.

Clurenumt., p.t. Sullivan Co. N. H. 97 m. from
Portsmouth; 100 from Boston. The principal
village is situated on Sugar River, a branch of the
Connecticut. It is a flourishing town, with man-
ufactures of woolen and paper. Pop. 2.526.

Claredon, a village in Wiltshire, Eng. near
Salisbury. Here was once
a royal palace, in
which the parliament was several times conven
ed; the first time by Henry II. in 1164, who en
acted the laws called the constitutions of Claren-
don, by which the power of the clergy was re

Claritza, a town of European Turkey, in Janna,
at the mouth of the Fenco, in the Guif of Saloni
ea, 26 m. E. of Larissa.

Clark, or Clarke, the name of seven counties
in different parts of the United States, as follows,
viz. with the number of inhabitants in each, and
the chief town :xe2x80x94

In Georgia    10,176    Watkinsville

Alabama    7,584    Clarkesville

Kentucky    13,052    Winchester

Ohio    13,074    Springfield

Indiana    10,719    Charlestown

Illinois    3,940    Clark

Arkansas    1,369    Clarke

Clarkesville, or Clarksville, the name of 9 towns
in N. Y., Pa., Va., Geo., Alab., Missouri, Ten.,
Ohio and Indiana.

Clarkesborough, p.t. Jackson Co. Geo.

Clarksburg, p.t. Berkshire Co. Mass. Pop. 315.
Also towns in Maryland, Va., Geo., Ken., and

Clarkson, p.t. Monroe Co. N. Y. Pop. 3,251.

Clarkstown, p.t. Rockland Co. N. Y. Pop. 2,298.

Clatsops Fort, at the mouth of the Oregon
River, in the Pacific Ocean, named after a tribe
of Indians inhabiting the banks of that river.

Claude, St. a town of France, in the department
of Jura. It owes its origin to a celebrated abbey,
which was secularized in 1742. The cathedral
is extremely elegant; and here are many public
fountains with large hasins. It is seated between
three high mountains, on the river Lison, 35 m.
N. W. of Geneva. Pop. about 3,700. There is
another town of the same name in the depart-
ment of Charente ; it is inconsiderable.

Claverock, a town of New York, in Columbia
county, seated in a large plain, near a creek of
its name, 2 m. E. of Hudson. Pop. 3,038.

Clavo, a town of the island of Corsica, 8 m. E.
S. E. of Ajaccio.

Clausen, a town of Germany, in Tyrol, with a
castle. The adjacent country produces a fine red
wine. It stands on the river Eisack, 8 m. S. W.
of Brixen.

Cluasen, a town of Germany, in the electorate
of Treves, 5 m. S. of Wittlick.

Clausenburg, or Coloswar, a town of Tran
sylvania, where the states of the province genei
ally assemble. On one of the gates is an inscrip-
tion in honour of Trajan. It suffered greatly by
fire in 1798, at which period it contained about

13,000 inhabitants. It is seated on the Samos, 60
m. N N. W. of Hermanstadt, and 225 E. S. E
of Vienna. Long. 23. 20. E. lat. 46.55. N.

Clausthal, a town of Lower Saxony, in the
principality of Grubenhagen, and immediately
contiguous to Zellerfeld. Here is a mint foi
coining money ; and near it are some rich silver
mines. It stands in the Hartz Mountains, 14 m.
S. S. W. of Goslar, and 48 S. E. of Hanover.
Pop. about 8,000.

Clausz, a town of Germany, in the Traun
quarter of Upper Austria, 17 m. S. W.. of

Clay, or Cley, a village in Norfolk, Eng. seated
on an arm of the sea, four miles N. N. W. of
Holt. It has some large salt-works, and is fre-
quented for sea-bathing. Pop. in 1821, 742.

Clay, an interior county in the S. E. part of


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