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DEN    248    DER

quota of troops being 3,600, occupying the 10th    p.t. Lewis Co. N. Y. Pop. 2,270.    Also    a township

place in the diet, and having three votes.    in Ashtabula Co. Ohio.

Since the general peace, in 1815, Denmark has Dcnnewitz, a village of Brandenburg, where the
excited little or no interest in the considerations French experienced a severe defeat in 1813, two
of the relations of Europe. Like most of the other miles from Juterbock.

states she has been occupied in attempting to re-    Dennis, p.t Barnstable Co. Mass. on Cape Cod.

pair her finances, so extensively deranged by the    Pop. 2,317.

events of so protracted a state of warfare, and the    Dennis Creek, p.v. Cape May Co. N. J.

speculative experiments to which it gave rise. In    Dcnnysmlle, p.t. Washington Co. Me. Pop. 856.

1826 the national marine of Denmark consisted of    Dentila, a country of Western Africa, situated

three ships of the line, four frigates, and three to the W. of Kciikodoo. It is famous for its iron,
brigs.- her commercial navy has increased since in preparing which the natives employ as a flux
the termination of the war, but not equal to its the ashes of the bark of the kino tree,
extent in 1300, when she possessed above 2,000    
Den ton, a town of Maryland, capital of Carolina

merchantmen, 20,000 seamen, and 250,000 tons of    county ; seated on the E. side    of Choptank River,

shipping. The nature and extent of her commerce    37 m. S. S. E. of Chester.

and capabilities will be found more particularly Dentrecasteaux's Channel, a strait on the S. E.
elucidated under the heads of Holstein, Jutland, coast of Van Diemen’s Land, about 30 or 40 m
and Zealand. The manufactures of Denmark are    long.

very limited. The ancient literature of Denmark    Dentrecasteaux's Port, or Port North.,a harbour

'such in the elucidation of Scandinavian an tiqui- near the S. extremity of Van Diemen’s Land,
ties; and their traditions, whilst they vie with the
Deogur, the Mansion of the Gods, a town in the
Heathen Mythology in preposterousness, are ex- the province of Bahar, Hindoostan, 170 m. N. N
ceedingly amusing for their quaintness. For the W. of Calcutta; the name is applied to several
higher order of mental cultivation, at the present hill forts in different parts of India,
time, there is a university at Copenhagen on an    
Deounella, a town of the Mysore, supposed to

extensive scale and under liberal regulations ; have been the birth, place of Hyder Ali, it surren-
another at Kiel in Holstein, and a college at Oven- dered to the English under Lord Cornwallis in
see in the island of Funen. The manners and 1791. It is 20 m. N. by E. of Bangalore,
customs of the superior classes differ but little,
Dejttford, an appendage to London, situate in
whilst the manners of the people are more social the county of Kent, on the S. bank of the
and orderly than in most other parts of Europe. Thames, the market place is 4 1-2 miles E. of
For some time after the adoption of the tenets of London bridge. The town is intersected by a
Luther, the penal statutes against dissenters were stream called the Ravensbourne, on the banks of
very severe, but the most complete toleration in which are some extensive flour mills ; a hand-
reference to religious pretensions now prevails. some bridge over the river near its entrance into
The Danes have regular and well-formed fea- the Thames, connects Deptford with Greenwich
tures ; frequently fair or brownish hair, blue eyes, on the E. Tt contains the principal storehouse
and a body capable of sustaining fatigue. The for victualling the national marine, and also sev-
women are of a more delicate frame. Their com- eral slips for building and repairing the largest
plexion is dazzlingly white ; but upon the whole ships of war. It has also two floating docks, a

basin, and two ponds for masts', and extensive
workshops for the manufacture of cables, anchors,
and blocks. In the reign of Hen. VIII., a socie-
ty was incorporated here under the title of the
Master, Warden, and Assistants of the guild of
the most glorious and undivided Trinity, which
society was invented with the power of examining
the masters of the king’s ships, the appointment
of all pilots, ballasting of all ships in the Port ot
London, and the erecting and maintaining light-
houses, buoys, beacons, &c. in the river Thames
and within certain limits on the E. coast of Eng-
land. The business of this society was trans-
ferred to an elegant edifice in the vicinity of the
Tower in London, in 1788 ; but in 1685 a hos-
pital with 56 apartments, and another in 1788,
with 25 apartments, was endowed here for decay-
ed Masters of Vessels and Pilots, and their wid-
ows, with very comfortable allowance. Dept-
ford is divided into two parishes, St. Nicholas and
St. Paul; the church of the latter, erected in
tneir countenances are destitute of animation ; and 1730, is an elegant and spacious structure. With
soon after twenty-five thev begin to lose all their the exception of the importance which Deptford
charms. The Dane is gallant'’and brave ; a spir- derives from its extensive government establish-
ed sailor or soldier, but averse to enterprise. The ments, it is an uninviting part of the metropolis
dress of the Danes is generally copied from the and as such its population has not materially in-
French, and the French’laneuage is very general creased since 1801, when it amounted to 17,548,
in Denmark. The population of the Danish do- and to 19.862 in 1821.

minions    is    about    21000,000.    This    includes Ice-    Derbent, a district or khanship in the province

land, the Ferro Islands, Greenland, and    the settle-    of Daghestan, Persia, extending for about 20 m

ments in Africa and the West Indies, which along the W. shore of the Caspian sea, and 15 m
amount to 167,000.    inland : the chief town of the same name, which

Denmark, p.t. Oxford Co. Me. Pop. 954. Also a implies a door locked, or an impassible place, is


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