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county, on the W shore of Massachusetts bay,
with a harbour for small vessels, and a light-house
at the S. extremity of the beach. It is situate S.
by E. of Plymouth, 3 m. across Plymouth bay.
Pop. 2,705.

Duysburg, a fortified town of Westphalia, in
the duchy of Cleves, with a Calvinist university.
It has a considerable trade with Holland, and is
seated on the Roer, near the Rhine, 12 m. S. by
E. ofWesel.

Duytz, a town of Westphalia, in the duchy of
Berg, with a Benedictine abbey. It is inhabited
chiefly by Jews, and seated on the Rhine, oppo-
site Cologne.

Duyveland, one of the islands of Zealand, in
Holland, E. of Schowen, from which it is separa-
ted by a narrow channel.

Dwina, a river of Russia, which runs from S. to
N. into the White Sea, at Archangel.

Dwina, another river of Russia, which issues
from two lakes, one in the government of Twer,
and the other in the government of Pskov,
runs S. by W. to Vitepsk, then W. N. W par
Polotsk and Dunabourg, dividing the ancient
province of Livonia on the N.,froin Samigalia on
the S., and after a course of 450 m. in a men
dional line, and upwards of 600 by the course ol
the stream, falls into the gulf of Riga at Duna
maunde, a few miles below the city of Riga.

Dyberry, a township of Wayne Co. Pa.

Dyer, a county of West Tennessee. Pop. 1,904
Dyersburgh is the capital.

Dynapoor, a town and fort of Hindoostan, in
Bahar, near which is a diamond mine. It is seat-
ed on the Ganges, 10 in. W. of Patna.

Dysart, a borough of Scotland, in Fifeshire,
with a good harbour. It has a considerable trade
in coal, a salt work, a manufacture of checks, and
some employ in building ships. The number of
inhabitants in tne borough in 1821, was 1,658, and
of the parish 4871 more. It is seated on the N.
shore of the frith of Forth, 16 m. N. by E. of Ed-
inburgh, and 20 S. AV. of St. Andrews.


EAGLE, a township of Hocking Co. Ohio.

EagUsham. a village of Sootland. in Renfrew-
shire^ m. S. AV. of Glasgow. It has bleaching-
grounds. and a considerable cotton manufacture.
Pop. in 1821,1,927.

Eaglesville, v. in Onondaga Co. N. Y. and
Marengo Co. Alabama.

Eating, with Old Brentford, a village in Mid-
dlesex, having a great number of private schools
for the education of the youths of the metropolis.
Pop. of the parish in 1821, 6,608. See

Eaoowe, one of the Friendly islands, in the
Pacific Ocean, discovered by Tasman in 1643,
and by him named Middleburgh. The land gent-
ly rises to a considerable height, presenting a beau-
tiful prospect of extensive meadows, adorned with
tufts of trees, and intermixed with plantations.
Long. 174. 30. AV., lat. 21. 24. S.

Earl, townships in Bucks Co. and Lancaster
Co. Pa.

Earlston, a town of Scotland, in Berwickshire.
Near it. on a rocky bank, stands Cowdenknows,
an old building, now somewhat modernized ; and
on the adjacent knolls may be seen, the remains
of its
Broom, so renowned Scottish ditty. Earls-
ton is seated on the river Leader; 35 m. S. E. of

Earn. See Erne.

Easdale. a small island of Scotland, near the
coast of Argylesbire, to the S. E. of Mull, cele-
brated for- its slate quarries, which abound
throu-rhaol tbe whole island : it is also traversed
in manT places with basaltic veins and thin layers
of quartrose and calcareous stones.

Easenkail. x Tillage in the parish of Monks
Kirbv, Warwickshire, seated near the river Avon,
4 m. N. bv W. of Rugby; the line of canal from
London to Manchester and Liverpool passes
through the hamlet.

Easingwold.a town in the North Riding of York-
shire, Eng. with
a great trade in bacon and but-
ter. It is 13 m. X. N. W. of York, and 208 N.
by W. of London. Pop. 1821.1,912.

Eastboum, a town in Sussex, Eng. noted for
plenty of the birds called wbeatears. and as a
place of resort for bathing. Near it is a chaly-
beate spring. In 1707 a tessellated pavement
and a Roman bath were discovered here. It is
seated near Beachy Head, in the English channel
15 m. E. S. E. of Lewes, and 61 S. S. E. of
London. Pop. in 1821,2,607.

East Cape, the most eastern extremity of Asia/
on the JV- s*de of Behring’s strait, nearly opposite
Prince of Wales Cape on the continent of America.
Long. 92. 20. E. lat. 59.17. N.

East Chester, p.t. Westchester Co. N. Y. Pop


East Greenwich, p.t. Kent Co. R. I. Pop

East Haddam, p.t. Middlesex Co. Conn. Pop.

East Hampton, p.t. Hampshire Co. Mass. Pop.

East Hartford, p.t. Hartford Co. Conn. Pop.

East Haven, township, Essex Co. Vt. Pop. 33.

East Kingston, p.t. Rockingham Co. N. H.
Pop. 442.

East Manor, a township of Lancaster Co. Pa.

East JVantsviUe, a township in Chester Co. Pa

East Sudbury, p.t. Middlesex Co. Moss.Pop. 944.

East Windsor, p.t. Hartford Co. Conn. Pop.

Easton, p.t. Bristol Co. Mass. Pop: 1,756.

Easton, p.t. AVashington Co. N. Y. Pop. 3,753.

Easton, p.t. Talbot Co. Maryland.

Easton, p.t. Northampton Co. Pa. It is seated
on the Delaware immediately above the Lehigh,
and is a handsome town regularly laid out, with a
large square in the centre. There are two bridges
across the Delaware and Lehigh. The Delaware,
Morris and Lehigh canals unite at this point, and
afford it remarkable facilities for trade.

Eastown, a township of Chester Co. Pa.

Eastville, p.v. Northampton Co. Va.

Eastwoodford, p.v. Union District, S. C.

Eaton, p.t. Strafford Co. N. H. Pod. 1,432

Eaton, p.t. Madison Co. N. Y. Pop. 3,558
Also townships in Luzerne Co. Pa. and Preble
Co. Ohio.

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