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from whence it takes a direction N. by E. to Ha-
velberg, where it receives the Havel; from Ha-
velberg it intersects in a N. W. direction the Old
Mark of Brandenburgh ; and then divides Meck-
enburgh Schwerin, and the duchy of Saxe Lau-
enburg On the N., from Luneburg Zell, to Ham-
burgh : from whence it becomes navigable for
ships of the largest burthen, dividing for about
70 m. the duchy of Holstein on the N., from Bre-
men on the S.; and after a course of 380 m. in a
meridional line, and upwards of 500 m. by the
course of the stream, falls into the North sea at
Cuxhaven, in the lat. of 53. 52. N., and 8.46. of
E. long. The Elbe is rendered subservient to
the purposes of navigation ; and by itself and col-
lateral branches, receives and distributes produce
along lines of country, several hundred m. in ex-
tent. See

Elberfeldt, or Elevfeldt, a town of the grand
duchy of Berg, seated on the banks of the Wip-
per, which falls into the Rhine between Cologne
and Dusseldorf. It has extensive manufactures
of linen, silk, and wool, and a pop. of near 20,000.
It is 18 m. due E. of Duseldorf.

Elberston, p.t. Effingham Co. Geo.

Elbeuf, a town of France, in the department of
Lower Seine. It has extensive manufactures of
cloth, and is seated on the Seine, 10 m. S. of
Rouen, and 65 N. W. of Paris.

Elbert, a county of the state of Georgia, lying
between the Savannah and Broad rivers. Pop.
12,354. Elberton the chief town; it is 190 m. N.
W. of the city of Savannah.

Elbing, a strong town of W. Prussia, in the
palatinate of' Marienburgh, with a considerable
trade r butter, cheese, and corn. It is seated on
a river of the same name, near its entrance into
the Frische Haff, 30 m. E. S. E. of Dantzic.
Long. 19. 30. E. lat. 54.18. N. Pop. about 18,000.

Elbonen, a town of Bohemia, in the circle of
Saatz, with a citadel; seated on a mountain, by
the river Eger, 10 m. N. E. of Egra.

Ethridge, p.t. Onondaga Co. N. Y. Pop. 3,357.

Elburn, a town of Holland, in Gelderland. on
the E. coast of Zuyder Zee, 10 m. N. E. of Har-
der wick.

Elehe Albufera de, a town of Spain, in Valen-
cia, 10 m. W. S. W. of Alicant.

Elehingen, a village of Suabia, on the N. bank
of the Danube, about 5 m. N. E. of Ulm, where
a battle was fought between the French and
Austrians in 1805, which obtained for Ney, one
of Bonaparte’s generals, the title of duke of El-

Elda, a town of Spain, in Valencia, 20 m. W.
N. W. of Alicant.

Elderton, p.t. "Armstrong Co. Pa.

Eldridge, p.v. Buckingham Co. Va. Also a
township in Huron Co. Ohio.

Elepkanta, called by the natives Gharipoor, an
island on the W. coast of Hindoostan, 5 m. from
Bombay. It contains one of the most celebrated
temples of the Hindoos. The figure of an ele-
phant of the natural size, cut coarsely in stone,
appears on the landing place, near the foot of a
mountain. An easy slope then leads to a subter-
ranean temple, hewn out of the solid rock, 80
feet long, and 40 broad, the roof supported by
rows of pillars 10 feet high. At the further end
are gigantic figures of the three Hindoo deities,
Brahma, Vishna, and Seva, which were mutilated
by the zeal of the Portuguese, when this island
was in their possession. Ulephanta was ceded to
the English by the Mahrattas

Eleuths, a kingdom of Tartary, lying to the N.
AV. of Chinese Tartary. It was.conquered in 175!*
by the emperor of China. See

Elgin, a borough of Scotland, capital of Mur-
rayshire, and formerly the see of a bishop. Here
are many large ol^ buildings over piazzas. Its
cathedral was one of the most magnificent struc
tures in Scotland ; of which its ruins are a suffi-
cient proof. Two miles to the N. E. on the banks
of a lake, is the palace of Spynie, formerly the
residence of the bishop, of which some rooms are
still pretty entire. Elgin stands on the Lossie, 5
m. from its port at Lossiemouth, where there is
a tolerable harbour, whence much corn ^s expor-
ted. It is 38 m. E. N. E. of Inverness, and 163
N. of Edinburgh.

Elginshire. See Murrayshire.

Elinge, a village of Hampshire, Eng. at the
head of Southampton bay, 5 m. AV. of Southamp-
ton. Here are docks for building and repairing
ships, and store-houses for merchandize and corn,
in which last it carries on a considerable trade.

Elie. See Ely.

Elizabeth City, a small county of Virginia, for-
ming the promontory between the mouths of York
and James rivers upon Chesapeak bay. Pop.
5,068. The chief town is called Hampton, and
gives name to the celebrated anchorage ground
called Hampton Roads, at the entrance of James
river.xe2x80x94A town of the same name is seated on the
Pasquotank river, in North Carolina, which is uni-
ted with Chesapeak Bay, by the canal cut through
the Great Dismal Swamp.

Elizabeth Islands, small islands near the coast
of Massachusetts, bearing N. W. of Martha’s Vine-
yard, and belonging to Dukes county. They are
about 16 in number ; the chief of which are Nas-
hawn, Pasqui, Nashawenna, Pinequese, and Cha-
tahunk. Nashawn, the largest, supports a con-
siderable number of cattle and sheep, and is fa-
mous for excellent cheese and wool. It is two
miles from the continent, and the N. point 6. m.
AV. S. W. of Falmouth. Long. 70.38. W.,lat.

41. 34. N

Elizabeth, p.t. Essex Co. N. Y. Pop. 1,729.

Elizabethtoxcn, a town of New Jersey, in Essex
county, with a handsome presbyterian church, an
episcopal church, and an academy. It is situate
on a creek of Newark bay, 14 m. W. S. W. of the
city of New York. Pop. 3,451.

Elizabethtown, a town of North Carolina, chief
of Baldwin county, seated on the W. bank of Cape
Fear river, 36 m. S. by W. of Fayetteville, and 48
N. W. of Wilmington.

Elizabethtown, or Hagerstown, a town of Mary-
land, chief of Washington county. It has a con-
siderable trade with the western country, and the
neighbourhood produces the finest Orinoko to-
bacco. It is situate in a valley, 70 m. AV. N. W
of Baltimore, and 80 N. N. AV. of Washington
Also townships and villages in Lancaster Co. Pa.
Alleghany Co. Pa. Bladen Co. N. C. Hardin Co.
Ken. Carter Co. Ten. Gallaway Co. Missouri;
and Hamilton Co. Ohio.

Elk, a river of Maryland, which falls into the
head of Chesapeak bay. It has been lately
united with the Delaware, by a Canal.

Elk, a township in Athens Co. Ohio.

Elk River, a township in Columbiana Co. Ohio

Elk Creek, a township of Erin Co. Pa.

Elkholn, p.v. Montgomery Co. Missouri.

Elkland, a town of Lycoming Co. Pa.

Elk Liclc, a township of Somerset Co. Pa.

Elk Marsh, p.v. Fauquier Co. Va.

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