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G9 guns ; on the 10th of September 1813, after an
action of three hours, the whole of the British
squadron surendered to the American Commodore
Perry. The English have a fort called fort Erie, at
the N. E. extremity of the lake where it narrows
into the river Niagara, in the lat. of 42. 57. N.,
and 78. 20. of W. long.

Erie, a county of West Pensylvania. The
N. W. side is washed by the shore of the lake,
the W. end borders on the State of Ohio, and the
E. end on that of New York. Its area is about
750'square m. Pop. 16,906. A town of the same
name seated near the shore of the lake, is 315 in.
in a meridional line, N. N. W. of Philadelphia. xe2x96xa0

Erie, a county of New York, bordering on the
E. end of the lake and Niagara river, bounded
N. by the Tonnewanta, and S. by the Cattarau-
gus river. Buffalo, opposite the British fort Erie,
is the chief town. Pop. 35,710.

Erie, p.v. Erie Co. N. Y.

Erie, ph. Erie Co. Pa. on Lake Erie at the har-
bour of Presqu’ Isle which is safe and commodious
but has only 8 feet water at the entrance. The
town has considerable trade, principally by the
lake commerce. A turnpike road extends from
hence to Pittsburg.

Erieville, p.v. Madison Go. N. Y.

Erie Canal, the largest in the United States
unites Lake Erie with the river Hudson. It is
362 m. long, 40 feet wide and 4 deep. It has 679
feet of lockage ; the locks are 90 feet in length
and 15 in width. This immense work leaves
the lake at Buffalo and passes northwardly along
Niagara river towards lake Ontario. It then
turns to the east and proceeds northward of the
small lakes of New York to the valley of the Mo-
hawk down which it passes to the mouth of that
stream. It then follows the western bank of the
Hudson to Albany where it joins the river. It
has several large aqueducts; one of which across
the Genesee at Rochester is 804 feet in length, and
two other across the Mohawk are 1188 and 748 feet
in length. The sides of the canal are paved with
stone or covered with thick grass. There are a
number of branches or side cuts to this canal;
one of them which extending from Syracuse to
Oswego is 38 m. long, and another to Geneva 20
m. The navigation upon this canal is very great,
and the canal duties amply compensate the cost
of the work, which was above 7,000,000 dollars.
It was begun in 1817 and finished in 1825.

Travelling upon the canal is very easy and
cheap. The boats for passengers are 80 feet
long with cabins nearly the whole length of the
deck. They are drawn by horses and proceed 4
m. an hour, day and night. The fare is 4 cents
per mile.

Eriskay, a small island of the Hebrides of Scot-
land, at the S. end of South Uist; noted for being
the first place upon which Charles Stuart landed,
in his wild attempt to gain the British crown.

Erith, a village in Kent, Eng. on the Thames,
5 m E. by S. of Woolwich. Great quantities of
corn and wood are shipped hence ; and here the
East India ships, in their passage up the river,
generally discharge a part of their cargoes.

Erivan, the capital of Persian Armenia, in a
province of thesame name, and the seat of an Arme-
nian patriarch. The city is defended by a fortress,
in which is the governor’s palace, and by a castle,
on the river Zuengui, near the lake of Erivan,
which is very deep, and 60 m. in circumference.
The Meidan is an open square, 400 paces over, in
which are very fine trees. The baths and cara-
vanserais have their beauties, but the churches of
the Christians are small, and half under ground.
It is seated on the banks of the Arus river, which
runs past Shirvan into the Caspian sea, from which
it is distant about 130 m., and about the same dis-
tance from Goniehon the S. E. shore of the Black
Sea. Long. 44. 10. E., lat. 40. 20. N.

Erkclens, a town of Germany, in the duchy of
Juliers ; seated on the Roer, 10 m. N. W. of Ju-
liers. Pop. about 2,300.

Erlan, or Erlau, a populous towin on the fron-
tiers of Lower and Upper Hungary, 60 m. E. N.
E. of Buda. It is the see of an archbishop. The
cathedral and archiepiscopal palace are stately

Erlangen, a town of Franconia, with a univer-
ity and a palace. It is divided into the old and
new town; and the latter is one of the handsom-
est towns in Germany. The principal manufac-
tures are hats, gloves, and stockings. It is seat-
ed on the Rednitz, 12 m. N. of Nuremberg; and
is now included in the dominions of the king of
Bavaria. Long. 11. 2. E., lat. 49. 38. N.

Erne, a river of Scotland, which issues from
a lake of the same name in Perthshire, flows
by Crieff, and joins the Tay, a little below

Erne, a river of Ireland, which issues from a
small lake on the N. border of the county of Long-
ford, flows N. through that of Cavan, and N. W
through Fermanagh into Donegal bay. Ih the
latter county it forms a lake, called Lough Erne
30 m. in length, containing several islands ; and
on one in the middle part, where the lake is very
narrow, stands the town of Enniskillen.

Ernee, a town of France, in the department of
Mayenne, on a river of the same name, 15 m. N
N. AV. of Laval.

Erodu, or Erroad, a towin of Hindoostan, in the
province of Coimbetore, wnth a large mud fort.
Much coarse cotton cloth is made here and in the
vicinity. It is seated on a canal from the Bhaw-
ani, E. of the Cavery river, 75 m. W. N. W. of

Errol, t. Coos Co. N. H. on the W. of Umba
gog lake. Pop. 82.

Erromango, one of the new Hebrides in the S.
Pacific Ocean, 70 m. in circumference, with low
shores. On the W. side is a promontory that sep
arates two bays, and captain Cook, from the
treacherous behaviour of the inhabitants, named
it Traitor’s Head. Long. 169. 19. E., lat. 18.
47. S.

Eny, a towin of France, in the department of
Aube, 17 m. S. by W. of Troyes.

Erzerum, or Arz Iloum, the capital of Turkish
Armenia, with Armenian and Greek episcopal
sees. It is surrounded by double walls, de-
fended by strong , towers, and estimated to con-
tain 125,000 inhabitants. The Turks are all jan-
issaries ; but most of them tradesmen, and re-
ceive no pay. The Armenians have two church-
es, the Greeks hut one ; the latter are mostly braz-
iers, and live in the suburbs. A great trade is
carried on in furs, Persian silks, cottons, caliches,
and drugs. This city is a thoroughfare, ana a
resting place, for the caravans to the East Indies.
It is situate between the two sources of the Eu-
phrates, at the foot of a chain of mountains, 104
m. S. E. of Trebisond, on the S. E. shore of the
Black Sea. Long. 41. 36. E., lat. 39. 57. N.

Erzgebirg, Circle of, a populous district of Up-
per Saxony, forming the S. AV. part of the Mar-
graviate of Meissen, or Misnia, bounded on the






















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