Brookes Universal Gazetteer (1850) Page 293 Right Column

Brookes’ Universal Gazetteer (1850), Page 293 Right Column
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    Fairview, Brooke County, Virginia, United States
    Fairview, Guernsey County, Ohio, United States
Faisans (Island) (main entry)
    Bidassoa River
    Isle of Conference
    Pyrenees, Peace of (1660)
    Louis XIV
    Philip IV
Fakenham, Norfolk, United Kingdom (main entry)
    Yare River
    Norwich (directional)
    London (directional)
Falaise, Calvados, France (main entry)
    William the Conqueror
    Ante River
    Caen (directional)
    Paris (directional)
Fale River (main entry)
    Cornwall, United Kingdom
    English Channel
Falkenau, Saatz, Bohemia (main entry)
    Egra River
    Egra (directional)
Falkenberg, Holland, Sweden (main entry)
    Athran River
    Isle of Anholt
    Halmstadt (directional)
Falkenberg, New Mark, Brandenberg (main entry)
    Drage River
    New Stargard (directional)
Falkenberg, Oppeln, Silesia (main entry)
    Brieg (directional)
Falkenstein, Falkenstein County, Germany (main entry)
    Worms (directional)
Falkenstein, Vogtland (main entry)
Falkioping, West Gothland, Sweden (main entry)
    Uddevalla (directional)
    Margaret, Queen of Denmark
    Albert, King of Sweden
Falkirk, Stirlingshire, United Kingdom (main entry)
    Carron River
    Great Canal
    Stirling (directional)
    Royal Army
Falkland, Fifeshire, United Kingdom (main entry)
    James V
    Edinburgh (directional)
Falkland Islands (main entry)
    Atlantic Ocean
    Strait of Magellan
    Falkland Sound
    Hawkins, Richard
    Byron, Commodore
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