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FAW    295    FEL

Farnham, a town in Surry, Eng. on the border
of Hampshire. It has a castle, situate on an emi-
nence, belonging to the bishop of Winchester.
Farnham is celebrated for its plantations of hops,
and has a great trade in corn. It is seated on the
Wey, 38 m .W. S. W. of London.

Farnham, p.v. Richmond Co. Va. Also a town
in Bedford Co. Lower Canada.

Faro, an island of Sweden, in the Baltic, off the
N. E. end of the island of Gothland, about 30 m.
in circumference, populous, and fertile. The
principal town has the same name, and is situate
on the S. E. coast. Long. 19. 27. E., lat. 57. 50.

Faro, a town in Portugal, in Algarve, and a
bishop’s see. It has some trade in almonds, figs,
oranges, and wine ; and is seated on the gulf of
Cadiz, 20 m. S. W. of Tavaria. Long. 7. 54.
W., lat. 36. 52. N.

Faroer Islands. See Fcroe Islands.

Faro of Messina, the strait between Italy and
Sicily, remarkable for having the tide ebb and
flow every six hours, with great rapidity, though
it is but 7 m. over. It is so named from ihe faro,
or lighthouse, on Cape Faro, and its vicinity
to Messina.

Farr, a town of Scotland, in Sutherlandshire,
at the head of a bay of its name, on the N. coast,
52 m. N. bv W. of Dornoch.

Farringdon. a town in Berkshire, Eng. seated
on an eminence ; vast quantie* of hogs are fatten-
ed in its neighbourhood. It is 6: m. W. by N. of

Farroicville, p.v. Fauquier Co. Va.

Fars, or Farsistan, a province of Persia, bound-
ed on the E. by Kerman, N. by Irac Agemi, W.
by Kusistan, and the gulf of Persia. It is very
fertile' in "he centre; mountainous on the Nl,
where are a great number of wild swine ; and the
land so sandy on the S. as to produce little else
than palm-trees. In the forests is a tree from
which mastic is gathered, and emeralds are com-
mon. Shiras,
(which see), is the capital.

Fartash, a town of Arabia Felix, in Hadramant,
at the foot of a cape of the same name in the In-
dian ocean, 150 m. E. of Shibam. Long. 51. 50.
E., lat. 15. 30. N.

Fasano, or Fasiano, a populous town of Naples,
near the coast of the Adriatic in Terra di Bari, 15
:n. S. S. E. of Polignano.

Fate, a township in Clermont Co. Ohio.

Fmttipmir, a town of Hindoostan, in the prov-
ince of Agra. Here the emperors of Hindoostan,
when in the zenith of their power, had a palace
which is now in ruins; and on a hill is a grand
nioaqac. bailt by the emperor Acbar. It is 22 m.
W. by S. of Agra.

Fmmagmm. a town and castle of Savoy, in a dis-
trict of the same name; seated on the Arve, 14 m.

S. E. of Geatu.

FawqmtmmmL See Valkenburg.

fofno. a coanty of the E. District of Virgin-
ia. bomafed xc2xabxe2x96xa0 the W. by the Rappahannock riv-
and N. W-hy the Blue Mountains : it is about
35 m. in
Leagth. and 12 in mean breadth. Pop.
26,379. WarreafeBH is the chief town of the

yFaverney, a tom cf France in the department
of Upper Saone,
: a. V. of Vesoul.

Favogruma. an island. 15 m. in compass, off the
W. end of Sicily, with a fcrt and a good har-
bour. Long. 12. 25. E.. lat. 38. 16. N.

Fawcettstcrwn, p.v. Columbiana Co. Ohio.

Fawn, p.t. York Co. Va.

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Fayal, one of the Azores, or Western Islands
which suffered greatly by an earthquake, in
1764. Its capital is Villa do Horta, the S. E
point of the island; is in lat. 38. 31. N., and 23

42. of W. long. It is very fertile, and exports
large quantities of wine.

Fayette, the name of five counties in the United

1st, at the S. W. corner of Pennsylvania, bound-
on the E. by the Laurel Ridge of the Allegha-
ny mountains; W. by the Monongahela river,
and S. by Monongahela county, Virginia. It is
nearly a square of about 32 m. each way. Pop.
29,237. Union, 186 m. W. by S. of Harrisburgh, La
the chief town.

2nd, in Georgia, bounded on the W. by Flint
river, which divides it from the territory of the
Creek Indians. Pop. 5,501. Fayetteville is the
chief town.

3rd, in the S. W. part of Ohio, W. of the Scio-
to river. Pop. 8,180. Washington, the chief
town, is 40 m. S. W. hy S. Columbia, and 35 N.
W. of Chilicothe.

4th, in the interior of Kentucky, E. of Ken-
tucky river. Pop. 25,174. Lexington,
is the chief town.

5th, in the E. part of Indiana. Pop. 9,112.
Connersville, 65 m. S. E. by E. of Indianopolis is
the chief town.

Fayette, p.t. Kennebec Co. Me. Pop. 1,049.
Also a township in Seneca Co. N. Y. Pop. 3,216.
Also a township in Alleghany Co. Pa.

Fayetteville, a town ofN. Carolina, in Cumber-
land Co., capital of a district, formerly called Fay-
ette. hut now divided into several counties. Its
trade with Wilmington is considerable, to which
it sends tobacco, wheat, hemp, cotton, lumber,
staves, naval stores, &c.. and has a return of Eu-
ropean and India goods. It is situate on the N.
W. branch of Cape Fear river, 50 m. S. by AV. of
Raleigh, and 90 N. W. of AVilmington.

Fayetteville, p.v. Fayette Co. Geo. and Lincoln
Co. Tenn.

Fayoum, or Fium, a town of Egypt, capital of a
province of the same name. It has a trade in
flax, linen, mats, raisins, and figs; and is seated
on a canal, which communicates with the Nile,
49 m. S. S. W. of Cairo. Long. 30. 39. E., lat.

29. 27. N.

Fayston, a township in Washington Co. Vt.
Pop. 458.

Fear, Cape, a cape of N. Carolina, where there
is a dangerous shoal, called, from its form, the
Frying Pan, lying at the entrance of Cape Fear
river. This river is formed by two branches,
called the N. AV. and N. E. branches, which
unite above Wilmington; and it enters the At-
lantic below Brunswick. Long. 77. 45. W., lat.

33. 40. N.

Fecamp, a town of France, in the department of
Lower Seine, with a trade in linen, serges, lace,
leather, and hats; seated near the English chan-
nel, 24 m. N. E. of Havre de Grace.

Federalsburg, p.v. Carolina Co Maryland.

Feestown, p.t. Clermont Co. Ohio.

Feira. a town of Portugal, in Beira, 10 m. S.
E. of Ooorto, and 30 N. by E. of Aveiro.

Feldjci, xe2x80x98.h, a town of Germany, in Tyrol, capi-
tal of a county of the same name. It is seated
on the river 111, near its entrance into the Rhine.
19 m. S. of the Lake of Constancy.

Feldsburg, a town and castle at the N. E. ex-
tremity of Lower Austria, with a fine palace
seated on the Teya, 18 m. E. of Laab.


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