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Felieuda, one of the Lipari islands, in the Med-
herranean, 28 m. W. of Lipari.

Felipe, St, a populous town of Colombia, seated
on the banks of a river falling into the Carribean
sea, about 100 m. AV. of Caracas.

Felipe, St. See Xntira.

Felix, St., an island in the Pacific ocean, N. N.
W. of Juan Fernandez. Long. 86. AV. lat. 26 S.

Fdletin, a town of France, in the department
of Creuse, with a manufacture of tapestry. It is
20 m. S. S. AV. of Evaux, and 21 S. S. E. of

Fellin, a towin of Russia, in Livonia, on the
river Pernau, 62 m. S. E. of Revel.

Fdsberg, a town of Germany, in Hesse-Cassel
with an ancient castle on a rock, 12 m S. ot

Fdso-Banya, a village of Upper Hungary, near
the frontier of Transylvania, celebrated for a gold
mine in its vicinity.

Fdtri, a town of Italy, capital of Feltrino, and
a bishop’s see. It is fortified, and seated on the
Asona, a small stream, falling into the Piave from
the W., 30 m. N. W. of Treviso. Long. 11. 55.
E., lat. 46. 3. N. Pop. about 5,000.

Feltrino, a district of Italy, lying between Bel-
unese, Trevisano, Vicentino, and the principality
of Trent. It abounds in mountains, in which are
iron mines. Feltri is the only place of note.

Femern, a fertile island of Denmark, at the en-
trance of the Baltic, from the passage of the Great
and Little Belt. It is 10 m. long and 5 broad,
separated from the coast of Holstein by a narrow
channel, called the Femern Sound, Borg .is the
chief town. Pop. of the island about 7,500.

Femme Osage, a village in St. Charles Co

Fenestrange, or Penestrange, a town of France,
in the department of Meurte, on the river Sarre,
40 m. E. by N. of Nancy.

Fenestrdle, a town and fort of Piedmont, seated
on the Cluson, 18 m. AV. of Turin.

Fenner, ph. Madison Co. N. Y. Pop. 2,017.

Ferabad, a towin of Persia, capital of the prov-
ince of Mazenderan. The environs produce su-
gar, cotton, and silk. The inhabitants, about 16,
000, are principally descendants of Georgians and
Armenians. It is seated among the mountains
which bound the Caspian sea to the S., 12 m. from
that sea, and 230 N. of Ispahan. Long. 52. 21.
E., lat. 36. 54. N.

Fercula, or Forcula, a town of the kingdom of
Tafilet, E. of Morocco, and the principal place of
a district. It is 50 in. W. of Sigilmessa. Long.

4. 30. W., lat. 31. 40. N.

Ferdinand, a township, in Essex Co. Vt. Also
a towinship in St. Louis Co. Missouri.

Fere, a town of France, in the department of
Aisne, famous for its powder mill and school of
artillery. Near it is the castle of St. Gobin, in
which is a manufacture of fine plate-glass.
Fere is seated at the conflux of the Serre,with the
Oise, 20 m. N. of Soissons, and 75 N.
E. of Paris.

Ferentino, or Fiorenzo, a town of Italy, in Cam-
pagna di Roma, 3 m. AV. of Alatri, on the high
road from Rome to Naples.

Ferette, a town of France, in the department
of Upper Rhine, on the river 111, near its source,
40 m. S. of Colmar.

Ferguson, a township in Centre Co. Pa.

Fermanagh, a county of Ireland, in the province
of Ulster, bounded on the N. by the counties of
Donegal and Tyrone, E. by Monaghan, S. by
Cavan, and AV. by Leitrim, the N. W. end jetting
upon Donegal Bay; it extends from the S. in a N
AV. direction about 36 m. being about 24 in mean
breadth, one-fourth of its area is occupied by Lough
Erne, which discharges its waters into Donega,
bay,dividing the county into nearly two equal parts
In the centre of the county, the water narrows so
as to admit of the two parts being united by a
bridge, see
Enniskillen. The linen manufacture,
and the raising of cattle, and hemp, are the chief
employ of the inhabitants. . The county is navi-
gable throughout, by means of Lough Erne, but
its uneven surface, and numerous bogs, render it
difficult for travelling. Enniskillen is the capital
and only town of importance in the county.

Fermo, a town of Italy, in the marquisate of
Ancona, and an archbishop’s seq, with a good
trade in corn, wool, &c. It has a harbour on the
gulf of Venice, and is 17 m. S. E. of Macerata.
Long. 13. 50. E., lat. 43.7. N. Pop. about 7,000.

Fremosdla, or Formosdla, a town in Spain, in
the province of Leon, seated on the N, bank ' of
the Tormes, near its entrance into Douro.

Fermoy, a town of Ireland in the county of
Cork, seated on the banks of the Blackwater,
106 m. N. W. of Dublin, on the road to Cork,
from which it is distant 17 m. This place has risen
from an inconsiderable village since the commence-
ment of the war in 1793, to a town of6,702 inhabi-
tants in 1821.

Fernando JYoronha, an island in the S. Atlantic,
100 leagues from Cape St. Roque, the N. E.
point of the province of Pernambuco. Long
32. 33. W., lat. 3. 56. S.

Fernando Po, an island of Africa, on the coast
of Benin, 30 m. long and 20 broad. Long. 7.36.
E., lat. 3. 6. N.

Ferney, a village of France, in the department
of Ain, a few m. N. AV. of Geneva, celebrated
as having been the residence of Voltaire.

Ferns, a town of Ireland, in the county of
Wexford, and a bishop’s see united to Leighlin.
It is seated on the Bann, near its conflux with
the Slanev, 17 m. N. of Wexford, and 30 S. S.
AV. of AVicklow.

Feroe Islands, a cluster of 22 small islands in
the Northern Ocean, between the Shetland
Islands and Iceland, in 5. and 8. W. long., and 61.
and 63. N. lat. subject to Denmark. Seventeen
are habitable, each of which is a lofty mountain,
divided from the others by a deep and rapid cur-
rent. Some of them are deeply indented with
secure harbours all of them steep, and most of
them faced with tremendous precipices. They
produce agate, jasper, and beautiful zeolites.
The surface consists of a shallow soil of remarkable
fertility ; yielding plenty of barley and fine grass
for sheep. No trees above the size of a juniper, or
stunted willow will grow here; and the only quadru-
peds are sheep. A'ast quantities of sea fowls frequent
the rocks, and the taking of them furnishes a peri-
lous employment for the inhabitants. The exports
are salted mutton, tallow, goose-quills, feathers,
eiderdown, knit woolen Waistcoats, caps, and
stockings. To the S. of these islands is aconsid
erable whirlpool. Pop. in 1820, 5,265.

Ferzabad, or Firuzabad, a city of Persia, in
Farsistan, formerly of considerable repute, and
yet contains a number of fine tombs, gardens,
and buildings. It is seated in a fertile country
60 m. S. by W. of Shiras, on the route to Ormus
Long. 53. 0. E., lat. 28. 50. N.

Ferrara, a city of Italy capital of a duchy of
the same name, and an archbishop’s see, with a
strong citadel, and a university. Its broad streets

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