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are not common. Caps of the most ordinary fur
serve as a covering for their heads; and for their
feet, the want of shoes is supplied by a mis-sha-
pen bag of dried seal-skin. The harness of their
horses consists of nothing more than a plain col-
lar attached to the shafts of the cart or sledge,
through which, when the horse’s neck is thrust,
:ie has only to proceed: this contrivance answers
all the purposes of draught, for neither here nor
in Sweden is the animal trained to resist the
weight of a carriage on the descent, however
steep it may be.”

Finlayvitle, a village of Mecklenburgh Co. N. C.

Finley, a township of Washington Co. Pa.

FinneystiUe, p.v. Rutland Co. Vt.

Finmark, the most northern section of Europe,
jetting into the Arctic Ocean; it formerly be-
longed to Denmark, but with Norway was ceded
to Sweden, in 1815. The eoast is flanked with
islands, and indented with bays. It comprises
about 400 sq. m. of surface, .but the inhabitants, a
mixed race of Finns, and Laplanders, do not ex-
ceed 26,000, who principally inhabit the coast,
fishing and hunting constituting their chief em-
ployment : the S. part bordering on Lapland is
mountainous. North Cape, its extreme northern
limit, and also of Europe, is in the lat. of 71. 10.
N., and 25. 50. of E. long.

Finow, a town of Brandenburgh, in the Ucker
Mark. It has a canal, by which the Oder and
Havel are united. It is 28 m. N. VV. ofCustrin.

Fionda, a town of Asiatic Turkey, in Natolia,
and a bishop’s see, on the gulf of Satalia, 25 m.
S. W. of Satalia.

Fiorenzo. See Ferentino.

Fiorenzo, St. a sea-port on the N. W. eoast of
Corsica, defended by walls and a tower. It was
taken by the English and Corsicans, from the
French, in 1794. It is 7 m. W. of Bastia.

Fireplace, p.v. Suffolk Co. N. Y.

Fishersfield, p.t. Merrimack Co. N. H.95
Boston. Pop. 798.

Fishing Creek, p.t. Columbia Co. Pa.

Fishing Ford, p.v. Bedford Co. Ten.

Firosepour, a town of Hindoostan, in Moultan,
seated on the Setlege, at the influx of the Beyah,
20 m. AV. of Depalpour, and 150 E. by N. of

Fishback, a town of Switzerland in the Valais,
27 m. E. of Sion. A battle was fought in this
neighborhood between the Swis, and Amadeus,
Duke of Savoy in which the Swiss were victori-

Fishers Islands, in Long Island Sound, opposite
to Stonington harbour in Connecticut. It is 10
m. long and 2 broad, with a fertile soil, and is
annexed to the township of Southhold, in Long
Island, and belongs to the State of New York.

Fishguard, a town of Wales in Pembrokeshire.
Here is a good pier, with every convenience for
ship-building, and a considerable trade in herrings,
corn, and bu'ter. It is situate on a steep cliff, on
a bav of St. George’s channel, 16 m. N. E. of St.
David, and 249 W. by N. of London. Pop. in

Fishausm, a town of Prussia, with a royal cas-
tle, seated on the Frische Haff,2i m. W. of Konis-
berg, and 5 N. N. E. of Pillau.

Fishkill, a town of New York, in Dutchess coun-
ty, on a creek of the same name, 5 m. E. of Hud-
son river, and 66 N. of New York. Pop. of the
township 8,292.

Fishkill Landing, a village of Dutchess Co. N.
Y. on the Hudson opposite Newburg.

Fish Lake, p.v. Delaware Co. N. Y.

Fisk River, Great, a river of Southern Africa
flowing South into the ocean East of the Cape
of Good Hope. The limits of the Cape Colony
extend a little beyond it to the East.

Fissato, a sea-port of Barbary, in the province
of Tripoli, 90 m. N. W. of Tripoli. Long. 12.10.
E., lat. 33. 50. N.

Fistella, a fortified town of Morocco. The in-
habitants carry on a great trade in fine garments.
It is 125 m. N. E. of Morocco. Long. 5. 55. E.
lat. 32. 27. N.

Fitchburg, p.t. Worcester Co. Mass. 48 m. N.
W. Boston. It has some manufactories. Pop.

Fitzwilliam, p.t. Cheshire Co. N. H. on the
Massachusetts border, 65 m. N. W. Boston. Pop

Fium. See Faxyoum.

Fiume, a sea-port of Austrian Istria, with a cas-
'tle, and many fine churches and convents. It is
noted for wine, good figs, and other fruits; and
has a sugar refinery, and a wax manufacture.
The harbour is formed oy the river Fiumara
which enters the bay of Carnero, at the extremity
of the Adriatic. It is 37m. E. of Capo d'lstria.
Long. 14. 12. E., lat. 45. 38. N. Pop. about


Fladstrand, a sea-port of Denmark, in North
Jutland, with a harbour defended by three forts,
just within the entrance to the Cattgat. It is 30
m. N. N. E. of Alburg. Long. 10. 29. E., lat. 57.

33. N.

Flaggtown, p.v. Somerset Co. N. J.

Flamborough, a factory of the Hudson Bay
Company, on Hayes river, 70 m. from its mouth,
op the AV. side of Hudson Bay. Long. 90. 5. W.
lat. 56. 8. N.

Flamborough Head, a lofty promontory on the
coast of Yorkshire, Eng. whose snow-white cliffs,
rising from 300 to 450 feet above the level of the
sea, are seen at a great distance from shore, and
afford shelter to innumerable multitudes of sea-
fowls. The lower parts contain vast caverns,
and on the summit is a light-house, 5 m. E. N.
E. of Burhngton. Long. 0.2. W., lat. 54. 8. N.
There is a village of the same name, contiguous to
the cliffs. Pop. in 1821, 917. Off this headland the
celebrated John Paul Jones in the American
Frigate Bonne Homme Richard, captured the
British Frigate Serapis after one of the most des-
perate battles ever fought.

Flamstead, a village in Hertfordshire, Eng.
Pop. in 1821, 1,392. It was a place of some im-
portance at the time the Romans were in pos-
session of England. The house in Greenwich
Park, in which is the Royal Observatory, and
from whence the English meridional line of lon-
gitude is drawn, is commonly called
after the name of its first astronomer. See

Flanders, a country of Europe, bounded on the
N. by the mouth of the Scheldt, and N. W. by
the North Sea or German Ocean, lying between
the lat. of 50. 40. and 51. 20. N. and 2. 15. to 4.15.
of E. longitude. The early history of this coun-
try is involved in considerable obscurity; it has,
however, for several centuries ranked among the
most fertile, populous, and civilized parts of Eu-
rope, it was formerly known under three divisions,
of French, Austria, and Dutch Flanders; the
French, or S. part, was comprised in the late
province of Artois, now the department du Nord,
or N. The Austrian comprised the centre from


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