Brookes Universal Gazetteer (1850) Page 304 Left Column

Brookes’ Universal Gazetteer (1850), Page 304 Left Column
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Foix, Arriege, France (main entry)
    Arriege River
    Pyrenees (Mountains)
    Toulouse (directional)
Fo-kien, China (main entry)
    China Sea
    Fou-tcheo, Fo-kien, China
Foleshill, Coventry, England, United Kingdom (main entry)
    Coventry canal
Foligno, Umbria, Italy (main entry)
    Apennines (Mountains)
    Rome (directional)
Folkingham, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom (main entry)
    Boston (directional)
    London (directional)
Folkstone, Kent, United Kingdom (main entry)
    Harvey, William
    Sandgate Castle
    Henry VIII
    English Channel
    Dover (directional)
    London (directional)
Fondi, Terra di Lavoro, Naples (main entry)
    Appian Way
    Rome (directional)
Fong-tsiang, Chen-si, China (main entry)
    Fontcheou (synonym for Fong-tsiang, Chen-si, China)
    Hoie Ho River
    Yellow River
    Peking (directional)
Fong-yang, Kiang-nan, China (main entry)
    Hongts Hou River
    Na-King (directional)
Fons, Lot, France (main entry)
    Figeac (directional)
Fontainbleau, Seine-et-Marne, France (main entry)
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