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FRI    316    FUE

greater splendour. Agriculture, architecture,
boat-building and fishing, are the employments
of the men : and to the women is confined the
manufacture of cloth.

Friendship, a town in Lincoln Co. Me. Pop.
634. Also a p.t. in Alleghany Co. N. Y. Pop.
1,502. Also a village in Anne Arundel Co. Ma-

Friendsville, a village in Susquehanna Co Pa.

Friesaeh, a town of Germany, in Carinthia,
with a strong castle on a mouniain ; seated on
the Metnitz, 17 m. N. N. E. of Clagenfurt.

Friesland, one of the provinces of Holland,
bounded on the N. by the German Ocean, W. by
Zuyder-Zee, S. by the same and Overyssel, and E.
by Overyssel and Groningen. This country much
resembles the province of Holland inits soil,canals,
and dikes. Le warden is the capital. Harlin-
gen on the shore of the Zuyder-Zee, is the princi-
pal seaport.

Friesland, East, a principality of Westphalia,
so called from its situation with respect to the
Dutch province of Friesland. It is 46 m. long,
and 43 broad ; bounded on the N. by the German
Ocean, E. by Oldenburg, S. by Munster, and AV.
by Groningen and the German Ocean. The
country being level and low, is necessarily secur-
ed against inundations by expensive dikes. The
land is fertile ; and the pastures feed homed cat-
tle, horses, and sheep, of extraordinary size. On
the death of prince Charles Edward, in 1744 it
became subject to the king of Prussia. It was
taken possession of by Bonaparte in 1806, and at
the general partitioning of Europe subsequent to
the peace of Paris in 1814, it was relinquished
by Prussia, and ceded to Hanover. Emden is
the principal sea-port; and the principal towns
in the interior are Aurich, Essens, and Friede-
burg. The aggregate pop. is estimated art 120,-
000, spread over a surface of about 1,150 sq.

Frio, Cape, a promontory of Brazil, in the prov-
ince of Rio Janeiro. Long. 41. 31. W., lat. 22.
54. S.

Frisch Haff, a lake or bay of Prussia, from 3
to 9 m. broad, and extending 70 in length, along
the Baltic sea, with which it communicates by
a narrow passage, at Pillau; it receives the Preg-
el at the N. E. end, the Passarges from the S. and
the E. branch of the Vistula at the W. end ; the
principal sea-perts within the Haff, are Elbing,
Braunsberg, Brandenburg, and Konigsberg.

Fritzlar, a fortified town of Germany, in Low-
er Hesse, with two colleges and a convent, seat-
ed on the Eder, 20 m. S. VV. of Cassel.

Friuli, Austrian, a district of Austria, compris-
ing about 400 square m., bounded on the N. and

E. by Upper and Inner Carniola, ancrW. by Ve
netian Friuli, while a strip of the Venetian terri-
tory, shuts it in from the gulf of Trieste. Gradis-
ca, 30 m. N. N. W. of Trieste, is the capital.

Friuli, a province of Italy, bounded on the N
by Carinthia, E. by Carniola and Austrian Friuli,
S. by the gulf of Venice, and W. by the Trevisa-
no and Bellunese. It is rich in timber, cattle,
silk, wine, and fruit. It is watered by the Taglia-
mento, and several other rivers falling into the
gulf of Venice, and contains about 370,000 inhab-
itants. Udina, in the centre of the province, is
the chief town.

cultivate the earth with great industry. Na-
ture, assisted by a little art, appears no where in

Friuli, or Citta di Friuli, a town of Italy, in
Friuli, with a collegiate church, and five convents.
It stands at the foot of the mountains, which
separates Friuli from Carniola, on the river
Natisone, 15 m. N. E. of Udina.

Frodlingham, a town in E. Yorkshire, Eng. 36
m. E. of York, and 194 N. of London.

Frodsham, a town in Cheshire, Eng. Here is
a graving dock and yard for building and repairing
vessels. It is seated on the Weever, near its en-
trance into the estuary of the Mersey, 11 m. N. E-
of Chester, and 192 N. N. W. of London. It
has some extensive salt-works in the town and
neighbourhood, and partakes partially of the cot-
ton manufacture. Pop. of the parish in 1821,
5,451, of whom 1,556 reside in the town.

Frome, a river which rises in the N. W. part
of Dorsetshire, Eng. near Beaminster, flows by
Frampton, Dorchester, and Wareham, and enters
the bay that forms the harbour of Poole. There
is another river of the same name, which rises
on the border of Worcestershire, and falls into
the Lug a little above its entrance into the Wye,
near Hereford ; and another rising on the border
of Wilts, flows through Somersetshire, and falls
into the Lower Avon near Bath.

Frome Sehcood, a town of Somersetshire, Eng.
seated on the banks of the last of the preceding
rivers, over which is a bridge of five arches ; it
has three churches, one of them ancient and
elegant, another erected in 1781. several schoCs,
alms houses, five meeting houses, new market
house, &c. Frome is the seat of an extensive
manufacture of fine woolen cloth, there being
about 50 establishments engaged therein, 6 ex-
tensive dealers in wool, and many dyers, 3 dres-
sers, 4 wire drawers, and 7 for the manufacture
of cards. It is 12 m. S. of Bath, and 104 W.
by S of London. The pop. which in 1801 was
8^747, increased in 1821 to 12,411.

Frontenac, a county of Upper Canada border-
ing upon the eastern part of lake Ontario.

Frontignan, a town of France, in the depart
ment of Herault, celebrated for its muscadine
wine, generally called Froutignac. It is sealed
on the lake Magulcone, 12 m, S. S. W. of Mont-

Frostberg, or Frost Town, p.v. Alleghany Co.
Maryland, 10 m. W. Cumberland. This place
occupies perhaps the highest situation of any
town in the United States, being seated upon one
of the Apalachian ridges, about 1,800 feet above
the level of the sea.

Froyen, an island in the North Sea, near the
coast of Norway, about 35 in. in circumference
Long. 9. 0. E., lat. 63. 45. N.

Fruitstown, a village in Cumberland Co. Pa.

Fryehurg, p.t. Oxford Co. Me. Pop. 1,353.

Frutingen, a town of Switzerland, in tfte can
ton of Bern, 30 m. S. E. of Friburg.

Fuego, one of the Cape Verd Island, in the

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