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Atlantic Ocean; it is a volcano, which burns con-
tinually. It is much higher than any of the rest,
and seems to be a single mountain at sea, but on
the sides there are deep valleys. It has no river,
and is almost destitute of fresh water; but is fer-
tile in maize, gourds, wild figs, oranges, and ap-
ples, and has a great number of wild goats. It
is 300 m. W. of Cape Verd. Long. 24. 30. W.,
lat. 14. 54. N.

Fuen-teheou, a city of China, in the province
of Chan-si. Here are hot baths which attract a
great number of strangers. Its district contains
one city of tlty second, and seven of tiie third
class. It is seated on the river Fuen, 280 m. S. W.
of Peking. Long. 111. 20. E., lat. 27. 20. N.

Fuente Duenna, a town of Spain, in New Cas-
tile, seated on the Tagus, 35 m. S. E. of Madrid.

Fuente Giraldo, a town of Spain, in Estrema-
dura. In 1734 it was taken and plundered by
the Portuguese. It is 16 m. N. W. of Coria.

Fussen, a town of Suabia, in the principality
of Augsburg, with an ancient castle and a Bene-
dictine abbey. It commands the pass into Bava-
ria and Tyrol, and is seated on the Lech, 50 m.
S. of Augsberg. Long. 10. 45. E., lat. 27.
43. N.

Fula, or Foula, the most western of the Shet-
land Islands, supposed to be the Ultima Thule of
the ancients. It is 3 m. in length, and half as
much in breadth, and affords pasturage for sheep.
The only landing-place, which is called Ham,
lies on the xc2xa3 side. Long. 1. 37. AV.. lat. 60.

27. N-

Fulda, a bishopric of Germany, in the elector-
ate of Hesse, circle of Upper Rhine : bounded
on the E. by the county of Henneberg and
AVurtzburg, and on the other sides by AVetteravia
and Hesse. This country containing 760 square
m. is very bleak and mountainous, but contains
numerous towns and villages, and an aggregate
pop. of about 65,000. The river Fulda running
from S. to N. intersects the N. W. part of the
district, and falls into the Weser, above 3 m. S.
of Cassel.

Fulda, a town, capital of the preceding bishop-
ric, contains several very fine buildings, among
which are a palace, three churches, college and
university. It is seated on the E. bank of the
Fulda, 55 m. S. by E. of Cassel, in the lat. of 50.

34. N., and 9. 48. of E. long. Pop. about 8,000.

Fulham, a village of Middlesex, Eng. seated on
the N. bank of the Thames, 4 m. AV. by S. of Hyde
Park Corner. Here is a wooden bridge over the
Thames, erected in 1729, at an expense of xc2xa323,
975. to defray the interest of which, a toll is still
levied- Fulham has been the demesne of the
bisfesps of London, ever since the conquest; here
liter have a palace and very fine gardens, and in
the" church-yard are the tombs of several of the
prehsw. The situation of the village is rather
secluded, and as such has been selected for the
reside nee of a number of the retired traders of the
metropolis- Tne pop. in 1801; was 4,428, increas-
ed in 1821. to 0.492.

Fnlntk.xc2xbbtown and castle of Moravia, on the
frontiers of Suesia, 26 E. N. E: of Prerau.

Fulton, p.t. Rowan Co. N. C.

Funchal, the eanital of Madeira, situate round
a bay, on the geruie ascent of some hills, in form
of an amphitheatoc An old castle which com-
mands the road stands on the top of a steep black
rock, called the Loo Rock, surrounded by the sea
at high water; there are also three other forts,
and several batteries. The
strsets are narrow and
dirty, though streams of water run through them.
The houses are built of freestone, or of bricks ;
but they are dark, and only a few of the best are
provided with glass windows ; all the others have
a kind of lattice-work in their stead, which hang
on hinges. The beams and roof of the cathedral
are of cedar ; but the chief curiosity here is a
chamber in the Franciscan convent, the walls and
ceiling of which are covered with human skulls
and thigh bones, said to be the relics of holy men
who have died op the island. The town contains
about 11,000 inhabitants. Long. 17. 6. E., lat. 32.
38. N.

Fundy, a bay of North America, between New
Brunswick and Nova Scotia, remarkable for its
tides, which rise from the height of 30 to 60 feet,
and flow rapidly. It extends about 200 m. in a
E. N. E. direction; and with Vert bay, which
pushes into the land in a N. W. direction from
Northumberland strait, forms an isthmus of only
12 m. wide, which unites Nova Scotia, to New

Funen, an island of Denmark, 150 m. in cir-
cumference; separated from Jutland by a strait,
called the Little Belt, and from Zealand, by the
Great Belt. It is fertile in pasture and grain and
exports to Norway, barley, oats, rye, and peas.
Pop. about 130,000. Odensee on a bay at the N.
end ofthe island, is the capital.

Funfkirehm, or Fire Churches, an episcopal
town of Hungary, situate in a fertile country,
between the Drave and the Danube, 85 m. S. S.
AV. of Buda. Long. 18. 13. E., lat. 46. 12. N.
Pop. about 11,500.

Fuarli, a town of Naples, in Abruzzo Citeriore,
21 m. S. S. E. of Sulmona.

Furnace, p.t. Litchfield Co. Conn.

Furnts, a town of the Netherlands, in Flanders,
seated near the German Ocean, on the canal from
Bruges to Dunkirk. It was one of the barrier
towns ; but in 1781, emperor Joseph II. expelled
the Dutch garrison. It was taken by the French,
in 1793, and is 12 m. E. of Dunkirk.

Furruekabad, a town of Hindoostan, in the ter-
ritory of Rohilcund, capital of a small district,
about 30 m. in length, on the AV. bank of the
Ganges, which belongs to a chief of the Patan
Rohilla tribe. Holkar was defeated here by the
British in 1804. It is seated on the Ganges, 70
m. E. of Agra, and 76 N. W. of Lucknow. Long.
79. 30. W., lat. 27. 28. N.

Furstenau, a town of AVestphalia, in the prin-
cipality of Osnaburg, 13 m. S. W. of Quakenburg.

Furstenbcrg, a principality of Suabia, between
the Black Forest and the principality of Con-
stance. In this state the river Danube takes its

Furstenberg, a town of Suabia, in the princi-
pality of the same name, with an ancient castle
on a mountain, near the Danube, 27 m. E. by S
of Friburg. Long. 8. 35. E., lat. 47. 53. N.

Furstenberg, a town of Upper Saxony, in Lusa-
tia, on the river Oder, 11 m. S. by E. of Frankfort.

Furstenberg, a town of Lower Saxony, in Meck-
lenburg-Strelitz, on the river Navel, 10 m. S. of

Furstenfeld, a town of Germany, in Stiria, with
a castle, on the frontier of Hungary, 39 m. E. by
S. of Gratz.

Furstenwald, a town of Brandenburg, in the
Middle Mark, seated on the Spree, 32 m. E. S. E-
of Berlin.

Furstemoerder, a town of Brandenburg, in the
Ucker Mark, 12 m. N. W. of Prenzio
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