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Furth. a town and castle of Lower Bavaria, on
the river Cham, 10 m. N. E. of Cham.

Furth, a town of Franconia in the principality
of Anspach, seated on the Rednitz, 5 m. N. W
ofNuremburg. It is a populous place, and the
seat of extensive manufactures, which the exclu-
sive privileges of Numerberg prevent from being
carried on in that city. Pop. about 13,000.

Futtehpour, or Fattipoor, a town of Hindoostan,
in the province of Agra, 24 m. W. of the city of
Agra. It was a favourite placq of Akbar.

'Fijers, a river of Scotland, in Inyernesshire,
which falls into the E. side of Lochness. It is
celebrated for its fall, a height of 107 feet, form-
ing one of the most romantic and interesting
scenes in the world; the falls are 10 m. N. E. of
Fort Augustus.

Fyne, Loch, in Scotland, an inlet of the Atlantic
in Argyleshire, nearly 40 m. in length. It re-
ceives and returns a tide on each side of the isle
of Arran, which is opposite its entrance. It is
indented with bays, and in the herring season is
the resort of numerous fishing vessels.

Fyzabad, a city of Hindoostan, in the territory
of Oude, of which it wins once the capital. Here
are the remains of a vast building, the palace of
the nabob Sujah Addowlah, which, at the time of
his death, is said to have contained 1,000 women
and upwinrds of 50 of his children. The city is
populous: but, since the removal of the court of
Oude to Lucknow, it has greatly declined in
wealth. It is seated on the Gogra, 76 m. E. of
Lucknow. Long. 82. 26. E., lat. 26. 46. N.


GABARET, a towin of France, in the depart-
ment of Landes, seated on the Gelisse, 16 m. W.
of Condom.

Gabel, a fortified towin of Bohemia, which com-
mands the pass into Lusatia. It is 8 m. S. of

Gales, or Gabs. See Cabes.

Gabion, a village of France, in the depart-
ment of Herault, 9 m. N. W. of Beziers. It has
a mineral spring; and near it is a rock from
which issues petroleum.

Gabon, a country of Guinea, bounded on the N.
hy Majombo, E. by Anziko, S. by Loango, and
AV. hy the Atlantic. It has a river of the same
name, which enters the Atlantic a little N. of the
equinoctial line. The chief town is Sette.

Gadamis, a town of Barbary, in Biledulgerid,
capital of a country ofthe same name. It is 170
m. S. W. of Tripoli. Long. 10. 40. E., lat. 30.
40. N.

Gadebusch, a town of Lower Saxony, in Meck-
lenburg, near which the Swedes defeated the
Danes and Saxons in 1712. It is 16 m. N. N. W.
of Schwerin.

Gaeta, a strong town on the AV. coast of Naples,
in Terra di Lavoro, with a fort, a citadel, and a
harbour. It was taken by the Austrians in 1707,
by the Spaniards in 1734, and by the French in
1806. It is seated at the foot of a mountain, on
the gulf of Gaeta, 30 m. N. W. of Capua. Long.
13.47. E., lat. 41. 30. N.

Gaildorf, a town of Franconia, in the lordship
of Linburgh, with a castle near the river Koeher,
13 m. AV. of Elwangen.

Gaittac, a town of France, in the department
of Tarn, celebrated for its wTine. It is seated on
the Tarn, which is here navigable, 10 m. S. AV.
of Alby. It is the seat of a prefect, and in 1825
contained 7,310 inhabitants.

Gaillan, a town of France, in the department
of Eure, with a magnificent palace,
to the archbishop of Rouen. It is 11 m. N. Et
of Evreux.and 22. S S. E. of Rouen.

Gaines, ph. Broome Co. Kentucky.

Gainesville, ph. Genesee Co. N. Y. Pop.


Gainsborough, village? in Frederick Co. Va.
and Jackson Co. Ten. Also a township of Lin-
coln Co. Upper Canada.

Gainsborough, a towin in Lincolnshire. Ena-,
seated on the Trent, over which is a handsome
stone bridge. It is a river-port of some conse-
quence, being accessible to vessels of sufficient
size to navigate the sea; and serves as a place of
export and import for the N. part of the county,
and for Nottinghamshire. It is 17 m. N. AV.
of Lincoln, and 149 N. by W. of London. Pop.
in 1801, 4,506, and in 1821, 5,893.

Gainsburg, p.v. Christian Co. Ken.

Gairloch, a large bay of Scotland, on the W.
coast of Ross-shire, which gives name to a tract
of land near it. The fishing of cod, and other
white fish, is here very considerable.

Galacz, or Gala, a towin of European Turkey,
in Moldavia. In 1790, it was taken by the Rus-
sians, after a bloody battle. It is seated on a lake
neaj the conflux of the Pruth with the Danube
55 m. W. of Ismael, and 120 S. S. AV. of Bender
Long. 28. 24. E., lat. 45. 24. N.

Galapagos, a cluster of islands, in the Pacific
Ocean, near the coast of Colombia. They lie
under the equator, and the centre island is in
long. 85. 30. AV. They are uninhabited, but
are frequently visited by the South Sea whale
ships for fresh water and provisions. The largest
is 60 or 70 m. long and 50 broad.

They are in general barren; but some of the
highest have a stunted brushwood, and all of
them are covered with the prickly pear-tree, up-
on which a large species of land-tortoise lives and
thrives in a wonderful manner. The most accu-
rate and full account of these curious animals is
contained in a very amusing book, Delano’s
Voyages and Travels, printed at Boston, in 1817.
Captain Delano says,xe2x80x94xc2xa3* The Terrapin, or as it is
sometimes called, the Land-Tortoise, that is found

at the Galapagos Islands, is by far the largest,
best, and most numerous, of any place I ever vis-
ited. Some of the largest weigh three or four
hundred pounds-; but their common size is be-
tween fifty and one hundred pounds. Their
shape is somewhat similar to that of our small
land-tortoise, which is found upon the upland,
and is. like it, high and round on the back. They


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