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the port of Corunna is on the S. W. side of the
same bay, in which the harbour of Ferrol is situ-
ate : the most important harbour on the W. coast
is V igo bay, about 50 m. S. of Cape Finisterre,
and a few m. N. of the mouth of the Minho.
Santiago, or St. Jago de Compostella, 35 m. S.
of Corunna, and 300 N. W. of Madrid, is the cap-
ital of the province ; the other principal towns
are Mondoneda and Betanzos in the N. E., Lugo
35 m. E. of Santiago, Orense on the S., and
Ciudad Tuy on the N. bank of the Minho, and
Bayona on a southern inlet of Vigo bay.

Galitsch, a town of Russia, in the government
of Kostroma, on the S. side of a lake of its name,
56 m. E. N. E. of Kostroma. Long. 42.54. E.,
lat. 57. 56. N.

Gall, St. a small but populous canton of Swit-
zerland, the E. end bordering on a lake of Con-
stance, between the cantons of Thurgau, and Ap-
penzel. Its population in 1825, amounted to 134,
000, its quota of troops 2,630.

Gall, St. or St. Gallen, a town of Switzerland,
capital of the canton of St. Gall. It has a rich ab-
bey, whose abbot formerly possessed the sover-
eignty of the town. The town is entirely protes-
t.ant; and the subjects of the abbot whose territory
is distinct, are mostly catholics. The abbey is sit-
uate close to the town; and in its library are many
curious manuscripts. The town has an extensive
trade, arising chiefly from its linen and cotton
manufactures and bleaching grounds. It is seat-
ed in a narrow valley, on two small streams, 35
m. E. of Zurich. Long. 9. 18. E., lat. 47. 21. N.
Pop. about 10,000.

Ga.Ua, an extensive territory of Africa, com-
prising all the S. part of Abyssinia; the limits
on the S. and W. are very undefined : the inhab-
itants are among the rudest and uncivilized of
any in Africa.

Gallam, a town of Negroland, capital of a king-
dom of the same name, on the river Senegal. The
French built a fort here, which was ceded to the
English in 1763. During the American war it
was taken by the French, but restored in 1783.
Long. 10. 0. VV., lat. 14. 35. N.

Gallatin, a county of Kentucky, bounded on
the N. for about 35 miles by the Ohio river, which
divides it from the state of Indiana. Pop. 6,680.
Port. William, on the e.ast bank of the Kentucky
river at its entrance into the Ohio, 45 m. N. N. W.
of Frankfort, is the chief town.

Gallatin, is also the name of another county in
the state of Illinois. Pop. 7,407. It is celebrated
for its salt springs, from which vast quantities of
salt are made. Equality is the chief town.

Gallatin, a township in Columbia Co. N. Y.
Pop. 1,588. Also villages in Sumner Co. Ten.
and Copiah Co. Mississippi.

Gallatin’s River, one of the head water streams
of the Missouri rising in the lat. of 44. N. and
110. 5. of W. long., upwards of 3,000 miles
by the course of the river, above the entrance of
the Missouri into the Mississippi.

Gallia, a county on the S. E. border of the
state of Ohio, bounded by the Ohio river, where
it receives the great Kanahwa from Virginia. Pop.
9,733. Gallipolis, on the Ohio is the chief town.

Galle, or Point de Galle, a sea-port on the S.
coast of Ceylon, in a rich and beautiful district,
with a strong fort and a secure harbour. It is
populous, and in point of trade ranks next to Co-
lumbo. The chief branch of its traffic consists in
the exportation of fish to the continent; but a
great part of the products of the island are also
shipped here for Europe. It is 85 m. S. by E. of
Columbo. Long. 80. 10. E., lat. 6. 0. N.

Gallipoli, a strait between European and Asia-
tic Turkey, the ancient Hellespont. It forms
the communication between the Archipelago and
the sea of Marmora, and is defended at the S. W
entrance by two castles. It is here 2 m. over,
and is 33 m. long. See

Gallipoli, a town of European Turkey, which
gives name to the preceding strait, is seated
near its opening into the sea of Marmora. It is
the residence of a pacha, and the see of a Greek
bishop. It contains about 10,000 Turks, 3,500
xe2x96xa0 Greeks, beside a great number of Jews. It is an
open place, with no other defence than a sorry
square castle. It wins the first place in Europe
possessed by the Turks ; 100 m. S. W. of Con-
stantinople. Long. 26. 59. E., lat. 40. 26. N.

Gallipoli, a sea-port of Naples, in Terra diOt-
ranto, and a bishop’s see. This place is a great
mart for olive oil, and has a manufacture of
muslins. It is seated on a rocky island, on the
E. shore of the bay of Tarento, and joined to the
main land by a bridge, protected by a fort, 23 m.
W. of Otranto. Long. 18. 5. E., lat. 40. 20. N
Pop. about 9,000.

Gallipolis, p.v. Gallia Co. Ohio, on the Ohio

Gallmcay, a district of Scotland, now divided
into East and West Galloway, or
and Wigtonshire. It was famous for a par-
ticular breed of small horses, called galloways.

Galloway, Mull of, the extreme S. W. point of
Scotland, in the lat. of 59. 38. N., and 4. 50. of
W. long. It forms the W. point of entrance to
Luce bay, and the E. point of entrance to the
North Channel, betwreen the Irish Sea, and the
Atlantic Ocean.

Gallmcay, New, a borough of Scotland, in Kirk-
cudbrightshire, on the river Ken, 18 m. N. oi
Kirkcudbright, and 60 S. W. of Edinburgh. Pop
in 1821,941.    .    ^

Galmier. St. a towin of France, in the depart
ment of Loire ; with a medicinal spring of a vi
nous taste, 16 m. E. of Montbrison.

Galston, a populous village of Ayrshire, Scot
land, seated on the banks of the river Irvine, 3 m
S. S. E. ofKilmarnock.

Galum, p.v. Jackson Co. Illinois.

Galway, a maritime county, in the province
of Connaught, on the W. coast of Ireland, being
about 100 m. in extreme length from E. to W.
the W. part projecting into the Atlantic Ocean, is
a mountainous and dreary district, but the inland
part is in general fertile both in grain and pasture ;
next to Cork it is the largest county in Ireland,
comprising 939,950 acres, and in 1821 contained
a pop. of 337,374. It is bounded on the E. by
the river Suck, which divides it from Roscommon,
and the Shannon on the S. E. divides it from Tip-
perary, lake Corrib .divides the W. from the E.
part of the county ; beside the county town of the
same name, the other principal towns are Tuam,
Athenry, and Loughrea.

Gahcay, the chief town of the preceding coun-
ty, is seated on the banks, of the outlet of lake
Corrib into Galway bay, 126 m. due W. ofDublin
It was formerly surrounded by strong winlls ; the
streets are large and straight, and the houses are
generally well built of stone. The harbour is de-
fended by a fort Here is a coarse woolen and
linen manufacture, and a considerable trade in
kelp. The salmon and herring fishery is also
considerable. It is divided into 3 parishes, and is


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