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GOP    337    GOS

tic, situate near the Elbe, 7 m. S. E. of Madge-

Gonave, a sea-port of the island of St. Domin-
go, in the gulf of Gonaves, with an excellent har-
bour. Here is a medicinal spring, with baths,
and accommodations for visitors. It is 30 m. S.
E. of St. Nicholas-le-mole. Long. 72. 26. W.
lat. 19. 36. N.

Gonaves, Gulf of, is formed by two promonto-
ries jutting from the W. end of the island of St.
Domingo xc2xb0 it is about 100 m. wide at its entrance
between Capes St. Nicholas-le-mole, and Donna
Maria, and extends eastward about l00 m. termi-
nating in Port au Prince bay, which is formed by
the island of Gonave, about 35 m. from E. to VV.
and 5 to 7 wide; the N. side into Port au Prince
bay is called St. Mark’s channel, and the S. Go-
naves channel.

Gondar, the metropolis of Abyssinia, situate on
a hill of considerable height. The palace of the
neguz, or king, is at the W. end, flanked with
square towers. The houses are chiefly of clay;
the roofs thatched in the form of cones. The in-
habitants are estimated at 40,000. They have no
shops ; but chrry on their trade in a large square,
where they expose their merchandise upon mats.
There are numerous churches, and the patriar-
chate depends upon that of Alexandria. It is 180
m. S. E. of Sennaar. Long. 37. 33. E., lat. 12.

34. N..

Govdtgama, or GondJacomma. a river of Hin-
doostan, which rises near Combam. forms the
nominal boundary of the Carnatic on the N., and
enters the bay of Bengal at Mootapilly.

Gondreconrt, a town of France xc2xbb the depart-
ment of Meuse, seated on the Ornain, 20 m. S. of
St. Michael.

Gondreville, a town of France, in the depart-
ment of Meurthe, with a castle and a magnificent
hospital. It is seated on a hill, on the river
Moselle, 8 m. W. of Nancy.

Gonesse, a town of France, in the department
of Seine-et-Oise, seated on the Crould, 10 m. N.
E. of Paris.

Gonieh, a town of Asiatic Turkey, at the S. E.
extremity of the Black Sea, in the lat. of 41. 25.,
and 41. 15. of E. long.

Gonjah. a kingdom of Africa, between the
eoast of Guinea on the S.. and Tombuctoo on
the N. Gonjah, the capital, is 870 m. W. by S.
of Cassina. Long. 6. 10. W., lat. 13. 20. N.

Goochland, a county in the Eastern District of
Virginia. Pop. 10,3o8.

(lood Hope. See Cape of Good Hope.

Goodwin Sands, sand-banks off the coast of
Kent, Eng. between the N. and S. Foreland.
Thev run parallel with the coast for 10 m. at
about 7 m. distant, and add to the security of the
capacious road, the Downs.

Goodicinsrille, p.v. Dinwiddie Co. Va.

Goomly, a river of Hindoostan, which rises in
the Rohilla country, flows S. E. by Lucknow and
Joanpore, and enters the Ganges, a little below

Gooracpoor, a town and district of Hindoostan,
in the province of Oude, 65 m. E. of Fyzabad.

Gooty, a town and fortress of Hindoostan, cap-
ital of a district of the same name, on the N.
side of the Pennar, formerly subject to the re-
gent of Mysore, but ceded to the nizam of the
Deccan in 1796. It is 46 m. S. S. W. of Can-
oul. Long. 77. 48. E., lat. 15.15. N.

Goppingen, a town of Suabia, in the kingdom
of Wurtemberg. with a castle, a woolen manu-


















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facture, tnd a celebrated medicinal spring. It
stands on the rivulet Vils, 22 m. S. E. of Stut-
gard. Pop. upwards of 4,000.

Goragot, a town of Hindoostan, in Bengal, 94
m. N. E. of Moorshedabad. Long. 89.22. E., lat.
25. 14. N.

Goreum, a town of South Holland, which has
a small trade m corn, cheese, and butter. It is
seated on the Linghe, at its junction with the
Wahal, 20 m. E. of Rotterdam, and 38 S. of

GordonviUe, p.v. Orange Co. Va.

Gore Island, an island in the Pacific Ocean,
so named by captain Cook, who discovered it in
1778. It is 30 m. long, and appeared to be bar-
ren and uninhabited. Cape Upright, the S. E.
extremity, is in long. 172. 50. W., lat. 60.
30. N. *

Goree, a small island of Africa, near to, and
S. by Cape Verd, of importance only as an val
most impregnable military position. The French
surrendered it to the British in 1800 ; it was re-
taken in January 1804, by the French ; and they
were compelled to surrender it again in March
following, but it wins given up to them at the gen-
eral peace of 1814. Long. 17. 15. W., lat. 14.
40. N.

Goree, or Goeree, a town of Holland, capital
of an island of the same name, at the southern
mouth of the Maese. It is 12 m. S.^S. W. of
Briel. Long. 3. 56. E., lat. 51. 44. N.

Goree, a township in Penobscot Co. Me.

Gorey. See Newborough.

Gorgona, a small island of Italy, 16 m. from
the coast of Tuscany, opposite Leghorn, near
which large quantities of anchovies are taken.

Gorgona, an island in the Pacific Ocean, 18 m.
from the coast of Colombia. It is high land,
very woody, and abont 10 in. in circumference.
Long. 77.50. W., lat. 3. 6. N.

Gorham, ph. Cumberland Co. Me. Pop. 2,988.
Also a ph. Ontario Co. N. Y. Pop. 2,977.

Goritz, or Goritia, a town of the Austrian
empire, capital of a counly of its name, with a
castle. Here are considerable manufactures of
leather, and the environs produce wine, fruit,
corn and silk. In 1797 it was taken by the
French. It stands on the Isonzo, on the frontier
of Friuli, 12 m. N. E. of Palma, and 40 W. of
Laubach. See

Gorkah, the capital of a county of the same
name, in Asia, on the borders of Napaul, 35 m.
N W. of Catmunda, and 200 N. of Benares.
Long. 84.36. E., lat. 28. 25. N.

Govlitz, a strong town of Upper Lusatia, with
a celebrated academy. The inhabitants are above

12,000, and carry on a considerable trade in linen
and woolen cloth. It is seated on the Neissa, 50
m. E. by N. of Dresden.

Goroditchija town of Russia, in the govern-
ment of Penza, 30 m. E. S. E. of Penza.

Goet, a town of Ireland, in the S. part of the
county of Galway.

Goschutz, a town of Silesia, with *a castle,
near the frontiers of Poland, 14 m. N. of Oels.

Goshen, ph. Sullivan Co. N. II. 42 m. fr Con-
cord. Pop. 772.

Goshen, a town of Connecticut, in Litchfield
county, famous for excellent cheese; 7 m. N. N
W of Litchfield. Pop. 1,732.

Goshen, a township of Addison Co. Vt. Pop
555 Also a town in Hampshire Co. Mass.
Pop 606. Also a town in Orange Co. N. Y.
Pop. 3,361. Also towns in Cape May Co. N.

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