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GOT    338    GOZ

Chester Co. Pa., Loudon Co. Va., Lincoln Co.
Geo., Tuscarawas, Belmont, Champaign and
Clermont ^Jos. Ohio, and St Clair Co. Illinois.

Goslar, a city of Lower Saxony, in the terri-
tory of Brunswick. It derives its principal sub-
sistence from the neighbouring iron mines, man-
ufactures of brass and copper, and brewing.
Here the art of making gunpowder it said to
have been discovered by a monk. It is seated on
the river Gose, at the foot of a mountain, call-
ed Rammelsberg, 23 m. S. of Brunswick. Long.
10. 31. E., lat. 51. 57. N. Pop. about 0,000.

Gosport, a fortified town in Hampshire, Eng.
on the AV. side of the harbour of Portsmouth, over
which is a ferry. It has> a considerable trade,
especially in times of war, from its contiguity to
the naval arsenal at Portsmouth. Here aje sever-
al breweries, an extensive iron foundery, and a
royal hospital, called Haslar Hospital, for the sick
and wounded of the royal navy. It is 15 m. S.
E. of Southampton, and 73 S. W. of London.
The pop. which in 1811 was returned at 7,781,
in 1821 had decreased to, 6,184.

Gosport, a township comprising a part of the
Isles of Shoals,in Rockingham Co. N. H. Pop. 103.

Gosport, p.t. Elizabeth Co. Va. on Elizabeth
river, opposite Norfolk. Here is a Navy Yard
of the United States with a dry dock.

Gossweinstein, or Gossmanstein, a town of Fran-
conia, in the principality of Bamberg, on the
Putlach, 20 m. E. S. E. of Bamberg.

Gotha, a town of Upper Saxony, the capital of a
principality of the same name, in Thuringia.
It is the residence of the duke of Saxe-Gotha
whose palace contains a fine library, and a rich
cabinet of coins. Near it is the ducai observato-
ry of Seeberge, the most beautiful and useful in
Germany. Gotha has a foundery for cannon, a
porcelain manufacture, and a considerable trade in
woolens, wood, and beer. It is seated on the
Leine, 19 m. W. by S. of Erfurt, and 75 from
Leipzig. Long. 10. 48. E., lat. 50. 51. N. Pop.
about 12,900; the principality contains about 50
sq. m. and upwards of 80,000 inhabitants.

Gotha, a river of Sweden, which issues from the
S. AV. extremity of lake AVener, flows by Trol-
hatta (where it forms a cataract) and Bahus, and
enters the Categat at Gottenburg.

Gothard, St. a celebrated mountain of Switzer-
land, in the canton of Uri. It is 9,055 feet above
the sea, and 22 m. S. of Altorf. Though not the
highest mountain, it is deemed the principal sum-
mit of the Helvetian Alps; for in its vicinity rise
the rivers Tesino, Aar, Reuss, and Rhone, which
flow hence in every direction.

Gotheburg, or Gottenburg, a city of Sweden,
capital of West Gothland, seated at the mouth of
the Gotha, which' forms an excellent harbour;
the best situate for foreign trade of any in the
kingdom, as it lies on the Categat. Here is a
considerable herring fishery ; and a great trade in
salt, iron, and fir-planks ; and from this port the
Swedish East India ships take their departure.
The inhabitants are computed at 20,000. Its
envious present a uniform scene of barren rocks
on the side of which part of the sub urbs are built.
The interior of the city resembles in some respects
the towns of Holland, having canals with rows of
trees along their margin. In 1802 nearly a
fourth part of the city was consumed by a fire. It
obtained great importance as a commercial depot
during the proscription of Bonaparte in 1807xe2x80x94
1811. It is 180 m. S. W. of Orebro. Long. 11.
39. E., lat. 57.42. N.

Gothland, one of the five general divisions oi
Sweden; bounded on the N. by Sweden Proper
E. and S. by the Baltic, and W. by the Sound
and the Categat. This country is inhabited by
a nation, celebrated for their excursions and
invasions of pther countries, which had its origin
from the Getxc2xae, or Tartars of the Crimea. The
Goths had kings of their own till 1132, when they
were united to Sweden. It was formerly divided
into E., W. and S. Gothland, but now into 9
provinces and the, isle of Gothland /and CE-

Gothland, an island of Sweden, in the Baltic,-
70 m. from N. to S., and 25 in its greatest breadth
From its form and situation it has obtained the
name of the
Eye of the Baltic. The soil is fertile
and remarkable for an excellent breed of sheep.
Here are fine woods of oak and pine, quarries of
xe2x80xa2xcellent stone, and very good limestone. Wisby
is the capital.

Gotlesberg, a town of Silesia, where great quan
tities of worsted stockings are knit, 16 m. S. AV
of Schweidnitz.

Gottingen, a city of Lower Saxony, in the duchy
of Brunswick. Here George II. of Great Britain
founded a university, which has acquired a very
distinguished reputation : and it contains one
of the most capital libraries in Europe. There
are also many other literary institutions, and a
commandery of the Teutonic order. The woolen
manufactures are the principal support of the in-
habitants. It is seated on the Leine, 58 m. S.
of Hanover. Long. 9. 53. E., lat. 51. 32. N. Pop.
about 9,000.

Gottleben, a small town of Upper Saxony, in
Misnia, on a river of the same name, 18 m. S. S.
E. of Dresden.

Gottorp, a castle of Denmark, formerly the
ducal residence, from which the ducal line, form-
ed by Adolphus, son of Frederic I., was demoni-
nated Holstein-Gottorp, which still subsists in
the person of the emperor of Russia.

Gottschee, a town of Lower Carniola, with a
castle, 17 m. N. N. E. of Fiume.

Goran, a town of Scotland, in Renfrewshire,
near the river Clyde, 5 m. AV. of Glasgow, in the
manufactures of which city it participates.

Gouda, or Tergouw, a strong town of South
Holland, celebrated for its noble church, and
painted glass windows, supposed to be the finest
in Europe. Great quantities of yarn and tow
are made here, also good cheese and tobacco-
pipes. It is seated on the Issel, at the influx
of the Gouw, 10 m. N. E. of Rotterdam.

Gouldsborough, a township of Hancock Co. Me.
Pop. 880.

Grnir, the ruins of a city in the province of Ben-
gal. It was the seat of government of Hindoostan
during the Afghan dynasty, from 1204xe2x80x941564.
It is on the E. bank of the Ganges, 160 m. N. of

Gourdon, a town of Fiance, in the department
of Lot, 25 m. N. of Cahors. It is the seat of


Gournay, a town of France, in the departmen
of Lower Seine, seated on the Epte, 24 m. E. o

Gouterneur, a township of St. Lawrence Co
N Y. Pop. 1,552.

Gowensrille, p.v. Greenville District S. C. 12*
m. N. W. Columbia.

Gozi, or Gozzo, an island in the Mediterranean,
the ancient Clauda, under which St. Paul sailed
on his voyage to Rome. It is 24 m. from, the


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