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GRI    351    GRO

upon the length of the applicant’s purse, that
they may know how to regulate their demand;
as they are not usually nice a3 to fees, any sum
from half-a-crown to 100 guineas will be accept-
ed, provided in all cases it is as much as they can
get. It is 10 m. N. of Carlisle.

Greussen, a town of Upper Saxony, in Thurin-
gia, on the river Helbe, 15 m. N. of Erfurt.

Greysville, p.v. Huntingdon Co. Pa.

Griffinsburg, p.v. Culpeper Co. Va.

Grinwud, a town of France, in the department
of Var, 12 m. S.W. of Frejus.

Grimbergen, or Grumberghen, a town of the
Netherlands, in Brabant, with an abbey and a
castle, 6 m. N. of Brussels.

Gnmma, or Grumma, a town of Upper Saxony,
in Misnia, with a trade in wool, linen, thread, and
flannel, seated on the Mulda, 14 S. E. of Leip-

Grimmen, a town of Hither Pomerania, 16 m.
S. of Stralsund.

Grimbsy, a borough in Lincolnshire, Eng. It
has a large church, like a cathedral, and a good
trade in coal and salt. The harbour, at the mouth
ofthe Humber, has been improved. It is 35 m.
N. E. of Lincoln, and 168 N. of London. It re-
turns two members to parliament. Pop. in 1821,

Grimsby, a town of Lincoln Co. Upper Cana-

Grindmicald, a village of Switzerland, in the-
canton of Bern, seated among mountains, at the
foot of a celebrated glacier, 5 m. S. E. of Thun.

Grindori, a village of Eng. in that part of Dur-
ham called Nxc2xb0rhamshire, 6 m. S. W. of Berwick.
To the S. of it, at a place called Grindon Rig?,
are 4 upright stone pillars, funeral monuments
of the chieftains slain in a famous victory gained
here over the Scots, in 1558, by the earl ol North-
umberland and his brother.

Grinsteud, East, aboroughinSussex,Eng. Here
is Sackville college,a large stone building, founded
by the duke of Dorset, in 1616, for 24 aged per-
sons of both sexes. It is seated on a hill, 20 m.
N. of Lewes, and 29 S. of London. It returns
two members to parliament.

Grmton, a mountainous and mineral parish in
the north riding of Yorkshire, Eng. comprising
the four townships of Grinton, Melbecks, Muker,
and Reith, seated near the head waters of the
Swale river. Pop. of the parish in 1820, 5,300.
Grinton is 8 and Muker about 20 m. W. of Rich-

Gripsieald. or Grieficalde, a town of Hither
Pomerania, with a good harbour, and a university.
It is seated on the river Rik, which is navigable
to the Baltic, 14 in. W. of Walgost, and 22 S. E.
of Stralsund.

Gruons, a new canton of Switzerland, hounded
on the S. bv Milan and Venice, E. and N. by Ty-
rol, and W. bv the cantons of Glaris, Uri, and Tes-
sin. It formerly included the Valtelrne, and the
counties of Chiavenna. and Bormio, now included
in the Austrian dominions. The country was
formerlv divided into three leagues, namely, the
Grey League, the League ot God’s House, and
the League of the Ten Jurisdictions: each of them
had a distinct internal government, and they were
connected as one republic by an annual diet, held
alternately at the towns of Coire, Hantz, and Da-
vos. But in 1803, the constitution was changed
by the French, and the country made an addi-
tional canton of Switzerland. The inhabitants,
amounting to about 73,000 are partly Calvinists
and partly Catholics; but the former are most nu
merous. The principal subsistence of the peas
antry is by breeding oxen, most of which are sent
to Milan. The capital is Coire. The Rhine and
the Inn both have their source in the Grisons.

Grodno, the principal town, though not the
capital, of Lithuania. It has the appearance of a
decayed town, containing a mixture of wretched
hovels,, falling houses, and ruined palaces, with
magnificent gate ways,.remains of its ancientsplen-
dour. A few habitations in good repair, make
the contrast more striking. Here is a college and
physic garden. In the new palace, built by Au-
gustus III. the diets were sometimes held; par-
ticularly the last in 1793, which was compelled,
at the point of the bayonet, to consent to the sec-
ond partition of Poland ; and here, in 1795, Stan-
islaus III. formally resigned his crown. Grodno
is now subject to Russia. It is seated partly in a
plain, on the river Niemen, and partly on a moun-
tain, 140 m. N. E. of Warsaw. Long. 24. 25.
E., lat. 53. 28. N. Pop. about 5,000.

Griswold, a township of New London Co.
Conn. on the Thames, 8 m. below Norwich. Pop.

Grohnde, a town of Hanover, near which is a
monument of stone, erected in memory of a battle
fought here in 1421. It is seated on the Weser, 9
m. S. of Hameln.

Groll, a small town of Holland, in Gelderland.
A duty is collected here on all merchandise pass-
ing through it for Germany. It is seated on the
Slink, 20 m. E. by S. of Zutphen.

Grondines, a seigniory of Hampshire Co. U. C.
on the St. Lawrence, 45 m. above Quebec.

Groningen, the most N. E. province of Holland,
bounded on the E. by East Friesland, W. by
Friesland, N. by the German Ocean, and S. by
Drenthe It is divided into 2 parts, called Gron-
ingen and Omelands. The excellency of this
country consists in pastures which feed a great
number of large horses.

Groningen, a city of Holland, capital of the
province of the same name, with a citadel and uni-
versity. It is seated on the rivers Hunse and Aa,
and has a communication, by a canal, with a
bay of the German Ocean, at the distance of 10
m. by which large quantities of butter are export-
ed. The inhabitants are computed at 20,000. It
is 96 m. N. E. of Amsterdam. Long. 6. 35. E.,
lat. 53.12. N.

Grossa, an island in the gulf of Venice, near
the coast of Dalmatia, 25 m. long and 2 broad.
Long. 15. 7. E., lat. 44. 18. N.

Grossenhayn, or Hayn, a town of Upper Saxo-
ny, in Meissen, with manufactures of cotton and
woolen cloths, seated on the Roder, 8 m. N of

Grossetto, a town of Tuscany, in the Siennese,
with a castle, situate near the sea; 30 m. S. W.
of Sienne.

Grutkau, a town of Silesia, in the district of xe2x80x98
Neisse. The forests round this town are the joint
property of all the inhabitants. It is 16 m. N. N.
E. of Neisse, and 30 S. of Breslau.

Groton, t. Grafton Co. N. H. 45 m. from Con-
cord. Por 689. Also a p.t. Caledonia Co. Vt.
18 m. E. Montpelier. Pop. 836. Also a p.t. Mid-
dlesex Co. Mass. 35 N. W. Boston. Pop. 1,925.
Also a p.t. New London Co. Conn. Pop. 4,750.
Also a p.t. Tompkins Co. N. Y Pop. 3,597,
and a township in Huron Co. Ohio

Grove Hill, p.v. Wfarren Co. N. C.

Groveland,o.t. Livingston Co. N. Y. Pop. 1,703

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