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Hadley, or Hadleigh, a town of Suffolk, Eng.
It is seated on the Bret, 20 m. S. E. of Bury, and
04 N. E. of London. Pop. in 1821, 2,929.

Hadley, a village in Essex, Eng. 5 m. S. W. of
xe2x80xa2Rochond. Here are some ruins of a castle, on
the brow of a hill, on a channel of the Thames be-
tween Canvey island and the shore.

Hadley, p.t. Hampshire Co. Mass. on the Con-
necticut, opposite Northampton. It contains an
academy. Pop. 1,886. Also a town in Saratoga
Co. N. Y. Pop. 829.

Hudramaunt, a province of Arabia Felix, on
the sea-coast, between Yemen on the W., and
Oman on the E. Some parts are dry and desert,
others are extremely fertile with well watered
valleys. The chief products are frankincense,
gum arabic, dragons blood, myrrh, and aloes.
Shibam is the capital.

Hcemus, a famous ridge of mountains in Euro-
pean Turkey, separating Bulgaria from Romania.

Haerlebeeke, a town of the Netherlands, in Flan-
ders, on the Lys, 23 in. S. W. of Ghent, on the
rpad to Courtraj*, from which it is distant 3 m.
Pop. in 1821, about 3,000.

Haff, a lake or bay of Prussia, in Pomerania,
divided into great and little, at the mouth of the
Oder, between which and the Baltic are situated
the islands of Usedom and AV alien. It is 36 m.
in length, and its greatest breadth 9.

Hagen, a town of Westphalia, in the county of
xe2x80xa2 Mark. It has manufactures of cloth, and stands
on the A'ollme, 13 m. S. of Dortmund.

Hagerstown, p.t. AYashington Co. Maryland.
11 is a handsome town with the booses generally
of stone and brick. The territory around it is

Hagetmun, a town of France, in the department
of Landes, 18 m. S. of Mont de Marsan, in the vi-
cinity of which are some silver mines. Pop. in
1821, about 2,350.

Hagiar, a town of Arabia Deserta, 160 m. N. by
W. of Medina.

Hague, a town of South Holland, which may
compare with the handsomest cities in Europe in
the magnificence of its palaces, the beauty of its
streets, the pleasantness of its situation, and the
politeness of its inhabitants. It is seated 2 m.
from the sea, and there is a pavement across the
sand hills, with trees on each side, which leads
to Seheveling on the sea-shore. There are 14
churches and some charitable institutions. The
Castle of Rvswick, from which the treaty known
by that name received its appellation, is about a
mile and a half S. E. of the town. It was lately
with Brussels, the alternate seat of government. It
suffered greatly by the revolution under Bona-
parte. but the inhabitants threw off the French
yoke in 1513. It is 30 m. S. W. of Amsterdam,
and 7 S. by W. of Leyden.

Hague, p t. Warren Co. N. Y. Pop. 721. Al-
so a township in tit. Lawrence Co. N. Y. and a
village in Westmoreland Co. Va.

Hague turn. a f r'ified town of France, in the
A Hewer Rhine, with a citadel; seat-
ed on the M tter. 15 m. N. of Strasburg. There
are manufactures of tobacco, madder, and earth-

Haimburg, a town of Austria, with a castle on
a mountain, near the south bank of the Danube,
27 m. E. by S. of A'ienna. Pop. about 2,700.

Haina, or Iaina, a river of St. Domingo, w hich
falls into a bay of
the same name, 12 m. W. of St.

Hai-nan, an island in the China Sea, to the N.

of the gulf of Tonquin, and to the S W. of the
province of Quangtong, from which it is 12 m.
distant. It is 400 m. in circumference. The soil
of the N. part is level; but in the S. and E. are
mountains, among which are valleys that produce
two crops of rice every year. There are mines
of gold and lapis lazuli, which last is carried to
Canton, to paint the porcelain. There are also
several kinds of wood, the most valuable of which
is that called by the natives hoali, and by Euro-
peans rose or violet wood. It produces the same
fruits as China, beside sugar, tobacco, cotton, and
indigo. Among the animals is a great black ape,
with features resembling those of the human face;
but the common sorts of apes are grey, and very

Hainault, a province of the Netherlands;
bounded on the N. E. by Brabant, N. W. by Flan-
ders, S. W. by France, and E. by the territories
of Liege and Namur; it comprises an extent of
1,700 sq. m., and is intersected by the Scheldt, the
Sambre, and the Haine. Its mineral productions
are considerable, and there are several manufac-
tures. The chief towns are, Tournay, Mons, and
Charleroi. It was formerly divided into Austrian
and French Hainault, and in 1814 was ceded by
Austria to the Netherlands, in 1815 it received an
accession of Beaumont, Merbe, Le Chateau, and
Dour, formerly belonging to French Hainault.

Hajosh, a town of Hungary, in Cumania Minor,
65 m. S. by E. of Pest.

Hajypoor, the chief town of the district of
the same name, seated on the N. E. bank of the
Ganges at its confluence with the Gunduck.

Halasz. a town of Hungary, in Cumania Mi-
nor. 17 m. E. of Hajosh. Pop. about 8,700.

Halberstadt, a town of Prussia, in Lower Sax-
onv, capital of the principality of the same name,
which was formerly a bishopric. The cathedral
is a superb structure ; here are three regular ab-
beys, and two nunneries, and the Lutherans have
five churches. It is seated on the Hotheim, 32
m. S. E. of Brunswick on the road to Leipzig.

Haldensleben, New, a town of Prussia, in Lower
Saxony, in the Duchy of Magdeburg, on the river
Ohra, 14 in. N. N. VV. of Magdeburg.

Haldenstein, a town of Switzerland, in the
country of Grisons, seated near the Rhine, 4 m.
N. of Coire.

Halen, a town of the Netherlands, in Brabant,
seated on the river Geet, 17 m. E. N. E. of

Hales, a village of Gloucestershire, Eng. 2 m.
N. E. of Winchcomb ; noted for the remains of its
abbey, which formerly was very magnificent, and
had great privileges.

Halesford, p.v. Franklin Co. Va.

Halesowen, an insulated town of Shropshire, in
Worcestershire, Eng. with a manufacture of nails,
and pearl and horn buttons. The poet Shenstone
was born and buried here; and near it is the
Leasowes, in the decoration of which his whole
fortune was spent. It is 10 m. N. E. of Kidder-
minster, and 127 N. W. of London.

Halesicorth, a town in Suffolk, Eng. It has a
canal to Southwold, and is seated near the river
Blyth, 28 m. N. E. of Ipswich, and 101 of

Haleysbridge, p.v. Southampton Co. Ara.

Halfmoon, a township in Centre Co. Pa.

Halibut Island, an island in the Pacific Ocean,
off the coast of Alaska, so named by Cook, on ac-
count of the number of fish of that name caught
here. It is seven leagues in circumference, and

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