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HEB    370    HEI

mond was born. Hay is seated on the Wye, over
which there is a bridge,15 m. N. E. of Brecknock,
and 156 W. N. W. of London.

Haycock, a township of Berks Co. Pa.

Haymarket, p.v. Prince William Co. Va. Also
a village in Muskingum Co. Ohio.

Hayes, a township of Centre Co. Pa.

Haye, a town of France, in the department of
Indre and Loire. It is the birthplace of Des Car-
tes, and seated on the Creuse, 25 m. S. of Tours.

Hayn. See Grossenhayn.

Hayniehen, a town of Upper Saxony, 30 m. W.
by S. of Dresden. Pop. about 2,450.

Haysville, p.v. Franklin Co. N. C.

Haywood, a western county of North Carolina.
Pop. 4,593. Also a county of West Tennessee.
Pop. 5,356. Brownville is the capital.

Hay woodsborough, p.v. Chatham Co. N. C.

Hayti. See Domingo, St.

Hazebrouek, a town of France, in the department
of Nord, 18 m. W. of Lisle, and 19 S. of Dunkirk.
Pop. 7,000.

Hcadford, a town of Ireland, in the county of
Galway, 42 m. N. of Galway.

Hean, a town of Tonquin, on the river Hoti, 20
in. S. E. of Cachao, and 60 N. W. of the gulf of

Heap, a township of England, in Lancashire,
3 m. S. E. of Bury, and 194 N. W. by N. of Lon-
don. Pop. in 1801, 4,283, and in 1821, 6,000.

Heath, p.t. Frankliiv Co. Mass. Pop. 1,199.

Hebrides, or Western Islands, a large cluster of
islands, situated in the Atlantic Ocean, on the
W. coast of Scotland, extending from the lat. of

55. 17. N’., to 58. 29. They are upwards of 300
in number, and contain about 2,000,000 acres.
The chief of these are, Lewis and its circumjacent
islands, belonging to Rosshire; Harris, N. and
S. Uist, Benbecular, St. Kilda, Bara, Sky, Raaza
and Egg, attached to Inverness-shire ; Cana, Rum,
Muck, Coll, Tirey, Mull, Jura, Colonsay, Isla,
Gighu, and Cara, belonging to Argyleshire ; and
Bute, Arran, Greater and Less Cambray, and In-
charmock, which compose the shire of Bute. The
ancient history of the Hebrides is connected with
much uncertainty. They were governed by inde-
pendent princes of their own, until the destruction
of the Piets, by Kenneth II., and for several cen-
turies were the resort of pirates ; and their chief-
tains were long lawless and seditious, till they
were at last brought under the controul of the
royal power. The influence of the independent
chieftains of the Western Isles was completely
destroyed by the act of parliament in 1748, which
abolished all heritable jurisdictions. About 86
are inhabited, and are computed to contain about

70,000 inhabitants.

Hcbridccs, New, islands inxc2xaethe South Pacific
Ocean, lying between 14. 29. and 20. 4. S. lat., and
166. 41 and 170.21. E. long. They were discover-
ed bv Quiros, in 1606, and considered as part of a
southern continent, under the name of Tierra
Australia del Espiritu Santo. Bougainville vis-
ited them in 1763, and found that the land was
not connected but composed of islands, which he
called the Great Cyclades. Cook, in 1774, ascer-
tained the extent and situation of the whole group
and gave them the name they now bear. The
principal islands are Tierra del Espiritu Santo,
and Mallicollo. beside several of less note, some
of which are from 13 to 25 leagues in circuit. In
general they are high and mountainous, abound-
ing with wood, water, and the usual productions
of the tropical islands. The inhabitants are of
very different appearances at different islands,
but are chiefly of a slender make and dark col-
our, and most of them have frizzled hair. Their
canoes and houses are small, and poorly construct
ed; and except their arms, they have scarcely
any manufacture, not even for clothing. They
are, however, hospitable and good-natured, when
not prompted to a contrary conduct by the jeal-
ousy which the unusual appearance of European
visitors maybe supposed to excite.

Hebron, a town of Syria, in Palestine, with a
Christian church, said to contain the tombs of
Abraham and Sarah, to which the Mahometans,
as well as Christians, come on pilgrimage. Con-
stantine built a church here, the walls of which
are still standing. It is 25 m. S. of Jerusalem.

Hebron, p.t. Oxford Co. Me. Pop. 915. Also
a town in Grafton Co. N. H. Pop. 538. Also a
p.t. Tolland Co. Conn. Pop. 1,939. Also a p.t.
Washington Co. N. Y. 50 m. N. E. Albany
Pop. 2,685.

Hechingen, a town and castle of Suabia, which
gives name to a branch of the family of Hohen
zollern, and is the residence of the prince. It
is seated on the Starzel, 4 m. N. of Hohenzollern,
and 30 S. of Stuttgard. Pop. about 2,600.

Hecla, Mount. See Iceland.

Hector, p.t. Tompkins Co. N. Y. Pop. 5,212.

Hedemora, a town of Sweden, in Dalecarlia,
with a manufacture of gunpowder, seated on the
Dahl, 30 m. S. S. E. of Fahlun.

Hedon, a borough in East Yorkshire, Eng.
seated on a creek of the Humber, 6 m. E. of
Hull, and 179 N. by W. of London. It sends
two members to parliament.

Hedsjaz, or Hejaz, a division of Arabia, ex-
tending along the Red Sea, from Arabia Petrasa
to Yemen. It contains Mecca, the capital, and

Hcermund, or Hindmend, a river of Persia, in
the province of Sigistan, which after a westerly
course of about 400 m. falls into the lake ot
Zereh or Durrah.

Heidelberg, a township of Berks Co. Pa.
Also a village in Lebanon Co. and. a township in
York Co. Pa.

Heidelberg, a city of Germany, in the circle of
Lower Rhine, with a celebrated university. It
has manufactures of woolen stuffs, carpets, silk
stockings, velvet, and soap. It was the capital
of the palatinate, and celebrated for a great tun,
which held 800 hogsheads. The city has undergone
so many calamities by war and fire, that it is not
so large as formerly. The protestant electoral
house becoming extinct in 1693, a bloody war
ensued, in which the castle was ruined, and the
elector removed his residence to Manheim.
The French took possession of this town in 1800,
and in 1803 it was given to the elector of Baden.
It is seated on the Neckar, over which is abridge,
12 m. S. E. of Manheim, and 52 S. of Frankfort.
Pop. about 10,000.

Heidelsheim, a town of Germany, in Lower
Rhine, 17 m. S. of Heidelburg. Pop. about

Heilbron, a town of Suabia, in the kingdom oi
Wurtemberg. It is a handsome place situate in
a country yielding good wine, and derives great
advantages from its baths. It stands on the
Neckar, 25 m. N. of Stuttgard. Pop. about


Heilbnmn, a town of Franconia, in the princi-
pality of Anspaeh, with a medicinal spring, 10
m. E. N. E. of Anspaeh.


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