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the Holy Family came here on their flight
from Herod, and bathed the child Jesus in this

Hellam, a township of York Co. Pa.

Hellerstown, p.v. Northampton Co. Pa.

Helleh, a town of Asiatic Turkey, in Irak Ara-
Di, situate on both sides of the Euphrates, with a
bridge of communication. It is supposed to stand
on the site of the ancient Babylon. The surround-
ing gardens are so covered with fruit trees, par-
ticularly palms, that the town appears as if seated
in a wood. It is73 m. S. by E of Bagdad. Pop.
about 12,000.

Hellgate, a strait near the W. end of Long Is-
land Sound, 8 m. N. by E. of New York. It is
narrow and crooked, with a bed of rocks extend-
ing quite across ; but, at proper times of the tide,
ships of any burden may pass through this

Htllin, a town of Spain, province of Murcia, 44
m. N. W. of Murcia. Pop. about 6,000.

Hdmershausen, a town of Germany, in Low-
er Hesse, on the river Diemel, 20 m. N. of Cassel.

Helmont, a town of Dutch Brabant, with a
strong castle, on the Aa, 17 m. S. E. of Bois le
Due. Pop. about 25,000.

Helmsdale, a river of Scotland, which issues
from several mountain-lakes in Sutherlandshire,
and rolls over its rocky bottom to the Ord of
Caithness. At its mouth in the German Ocean is
a good salmon fishery.

Helmsley, a town in the north riding of York-
shire. It has the remains of a castle, and is seat-
ed on the Rye, 20 m. N. of York, and 218 N. by
W. of London. Pop. about 1,500.

Helmstadt, a town of Lower Saxony, in the
duchy of Brunswick, with a university, 22 m. E.
* of Brunswick. Pop. 5,300.

Helsinburgh, a sea-port of Sweden, in Schonen,
seated on the Sound, nearly opposite Elsinore.
Here is a ferry across the Sound to Denmark,
and it has manufactures of ribands, hats, and boots.
It is 5 m. N. E. of Elsinore and 32 N. W. of
Lund. Pop. about 2,000. Long. 12. 48. fck, lat.

56. 3. N.

Hdsinfors, a sea-port of Sweden, in Finland,
and the chief town in the province of Nyland.
It has a commodious harbour in the gulf of Fin-
land, and an immense fortress. It is 110 m. E. S.
E. of Abo. Lono 25. E., lat. 60. 5. N. Pop.

Helsigia, or Hdsingland, a province of Swed-
en, in Nordland, 210 length, between Dale-
carlia and the gulf of Bothnia, and from 50 to 80
in breadth, and comprises a superficies of about
4,470 square miles. It has extensive forests and
many iron mines. The chief articles of trade are
iron, flax, linen, tallow, butter, tar, deal, and tim-
ber. Pop. about 52,000. The principal town is

Helston, a borough in Cornwall,Eng. It stands
on the river Loe,near its entrance into Mount Bay,
and is one of the towns appointed for the coinage
of tin. A little below it is a harbour, where ves-
sels take in their lading. It sends two members
to parliament. It is 11 m. S. W. of Falmouth,
and 274 W. by S. of London. Long. 5. 15. E.,
lat. 50. 7. N. Pop. about 2,000.

Hdvetia. See Switzerland.

Helvoetsluys, a strong sea-port of South Holland,
on the S. side of the island of Voorn. Here some
of the Dutch men of war are laid up in ordinary;
and it is the general port for the English packets
from Harwich to Holland. It surrendered to the

French in 1795; and is 7 m. S. by W. of Brie!
Lorfg. 4. 0. E.,
lat. 51. 46. N.

Hampsted, or Hemel Hempsted, a corporate town
in Hertfordshire, seated among hills on the rivei
Gade, 18 m. W. of Hertford, and 23 N. W. of
London. Pop. about 4,000.

Hem, a city of Syria, surrounded by walls 3 m.
in circuit; but the present buildings only take
up about a quarter of the area in the N, W. quar-
ter. To the S. of the town is a large ruined cas-
tle, on a high round mount, faced with stone.
It is seated on a small river, which runs into the
Orentes, 100 m. S. of Aleppo.

Hempfidd, a township of Lancaster Co. Pa
Also a township in Westmoreland Co. Pa.

Hempstead, a county of Arkansas. Pop. 1,423.
Arkansas is the chief town.

Hempstead, p.t. Queens Co. N. Y. on Long Is-
land. Pop. 6,215.

Henderson,a county in the western part of Ken-
tucky, on the S. E. bank of the Ohio, and inter-
sected, by the Green River. Pop. 6,649. Hen-
dersonville is the chief town; 138 m. W. by S. of

Henderson, a county of W. Tennessee. Pop.
8,741. Lexington is the capital.

Henderson, p.t. Jefferson Co. N. Y. Pop. 2,428.
Also a village in Montgomery Co. N. C.

Hendersonsville, villages in Nottoway Co. Va.,
Newbury Dis. S. C. and Sumner Co. Ten.

Hendricksville, p.v. Westmoreland Co. Va.

Heneagas, Great and Little, two of the most
southern of the Bahama Islands. Lat. of the
former, S. W. point, 20. 56. N.,long. 73. 40. W.,
lat. of the latter, W. point, 21. 29. N., long. 73. 6.

Hmg-teheou, a city of China, of the first rank,
in the province of Hou-quang. The chief manu-
facture is paper. It is seated on the river Heng,
265 m. N. by W. of Canton.

Hcnin Leitard, a town of France, department
of Pas de Calais, 6 m. N. W. of Douay. Pop.
about 2,400.

Henley upon Thames, a town in Oxfordshire,
Eng. The church is a large ancient building,
the tower of which was built by Cardinal Wolsey ;
the houses are modern and the streets spacious
The principal trade is in corn, flour, malt
and beech wood. It is seated on the Thames
over which is an elegant stone bridge, 24 m. S. E.
of Oxford, and 35 W. of London.

Henley, or Henley in Arden, a town in War-
wickshire, Eng. seated on the Alne, 15 m. S. by
E. of Birmingham, and 101 W. N. W. of London.

Henlopen, Cape, the S. W. side of the entrance of
Delaware Bay. Lat. 38. 46. N., long. 75. 12. W.

Henneberg, a town of Upper Saxony, in a
county of the same name. Some ruins of the
castle of its ancient counts are yet to be seen. It
is 12 m S. S. W. of Meinungen. Pop. of the
county, which comprises a surface of 850 square
m. about 100,000.

Hmnebon, a town of France, in the department
of Morbihan, with a great trade in. corn, iron,
honey, &c. It is seated on the Blavet, 6 m. N.
E. of L’Orient. Pop. about 5,000.

Hennihtr, p.t. Merrimack Co. N. H. Pop. 1,725

Henriehemont, a town of France, in the depart
ment of Cher, seated on the Sauder, 15 m. N
N. E. of Bourges. Pop. about 2,987.

Henrico, a county of the E. district of Vir
ginia, bounded on the S. W. by James River, N
by Hanover, and E. by Charles city. Pop. 28,798
Richmond is the chief town.

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