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the county has the same name and a pop. of


Herman, a township of Penobscot Co. Me.

Hermanstadt, a strong city of Transylvania,
and a bishop’s see. It has a large church, built
hy Maria Theresa, with a globe and steeple not
easily described. In the great square is the
house of the governor, in the best German style,
containing many good pictures. It is seated on
the Szeben, 230 m. xc2xa3. S. E. of Buda, and 67 S. S.
E. of Colover. Pop. 16,000.

Hermsdorf, two large villages of Silesia, the
one 38 in. N. by W. of Breslaw, and the other 40
m. W. by S. of the same place.

Hej'mstadt, a town of Silesia, in the principality
of WoJau, on .the river Bartch, 30 m. N. W. of
Trachenberg, and 38 N. by W. of Breslaw.

HerndorsoiLle, ph. Scott Co. Ken.

Herngrund, or Herrengrund, a town of Upper
Hungary, seated among mountains, with rich
mines of copper, 28 m. N. by E. of Scheinnitz,
and 4 N. N. VV. of Neushol.

Hernhutt, a village in Lusatia. 12 m. N. N. W.
of Zittau. It was, founded in 1722, by some per-
secuted Moravian brethren in the fields belong-
ing to count Zenzendorf, who they considered as
their bishop and father ; and they were for some
.time called Hernhutters, as this place continued
their principal nursery.

Hernosand, a sea-port of Sweden, in Angerma-
nia, situated on an island in the gulf of Bothnia,
which is joined to the continent by a bridge.
It was foriqerly a staple town, and has a consid-
erable trade in linen. In 1710, 1714, and 1721, it
was burned by the Russians. It wins 240 m. N.
oy W. of Stockholm. Long. 17. 53. E., lat. 62.
18. N.

Hernosand is also the name of an extensive gov-
ernment of Sweden, of which the preceding is the
capital, comprising the provinces of Angermann-
land, Jemptland, and Medelpad, containing 18,-
000 sq. m. with only 100,000 inhabitants.

Hero, North and South, twin islands in Lake

Herstal, or Heristal, a town of the Netherlands
in Leige, seated on the Mrese, 4 m. N. of Leige.
Pop. 4,750

Hertford, p.v. Perquimans Co. N. C.

Hertford, an interior county of England, ex-
tending in a north-easterly direction, about 32 m.
in length, and 16 in mean breadth ; bounded on
the S. by Middlesex, E. by Essex, N.. by Cam-
bridge, and Bedford, and W. by Buckingham and
part of Bedford. It contains 337,920 acres, is di-
vided into eight hundreds, 135 parishes, and has
19 market towns, the chief of which are St. Al-
bans, Hertford, Ware, and Royston. It sends six
members to parliament, two for the county, and
two for each of the two boroughs. The north
part is hilly, forming a scattered part of the chalky
ridge, which slopes towards London. A number
of clear streams take their rise from the S. side.
Flint stones are scattered in great profusion over
the face of this county ; and beds of chalk are fre-
quently to be met with. The soil, however, with
die aid of proper culture, is favourable to wheat
and barley, which come to as great perfection
here as in any part of the kingdom. The W.
part is, in general, a tolerable rich soil and under
excellent cultivation. The principal rivers are,
the Lea, Stort, and Coin, and the artificial one
called the New River. The Grand Junction Ca-
nal passes through the S. extremity of the coun-
ty. Corn is the principal object of agriculture,
and a great trade in malt is carried on. The man-
ufactures are inconsiderable. Pop. in 1821,

Hertford, or Hartford, a borough, and the cap-
ital of Hertfordshire, with a market on Saturday.
It is seated on the Lea, which is navigable for
barges, as it was once for ships. In 879 the
Danes erected two forts here, for security of their
ships ; but Alfred turned the course of the river,
so that their vessels were left on dry ground.
Edw ard, the eldest son of Alfred, built a castle
here, which has been often a royal residence.'xe2x80x94
The towin is governed by a mayor, and had for-
merly five churches, but now only two. Here is
a fine hospital belonging to Christ’s hospital in
London; also a noble shire hall, and a large coun
ty gaol. About a mile to the E. is a basin of
water called Chadwell, which is the head spring
of the Newr River, and at the distance of two
miles and a half on the London road is the East
India College for the education of 100 students.xe2x80x94
Hertford is 21 m. N. of London. Pop. in 1811

Hertford, a county of North Carolina, border
ing on Virginia, and bounded on the N. E. by
Chowinn River. Pop. 8,541. Windsor is the

Hertzberg, a town of Lowinr Saxony, in the
principality of Grubenhagen, with manufactures ot
arms and iron tools ; seated near the Hartz moun-
tains, 21 m. S S. W. of Goslar.

Hertzberg, a towin ofthe duchy of Saxony, with
a trade in saltpetre, wool, and cloths ; seated on
the Elster, 14 m. N. N. E. of Torgau, and 28 S
E. of Wittemberg.

Herve, a town of the Netherlands in the prov-
ince of Liege, 8 m. W. N. W. of Limburg.

Herzgovina, a large tract of country stretching
along the east shore of the Adriatic, from N. W.
to S. E. The southern part belongs to the Turks,
and the rest to the Austrians.

Hesdin, a strong town of France, in the de-
partment of Pas de Calais, seated on the Canche
12 m. S. E. of. Montreuil. Pop. including the
suburbs, 5,000.

Hesse Cassel, a territory in the west of Ger-
many, bounded by Hanover, the Prussian States,
Franconia, Nassau, and Hesse Darmstadt, com-
prising an extent of 4,350 square miles. The
chief towns are Cassel, the capital, Marburgh,
Fulda, and Hanau. It is chiefly composed ot
Upper and Lowinr Hesse, the grand duchy of
Fulda, the district of Hanau, and the lordship ot
Schmalkalden. The country is rather moun-
tainous, and produces abundance of wood and
minerals, among which are copper, silver, iron,
cobalt, salt, pitcoal, and marble. Pop. in 1817,
was 545,000, of whom the greater number are

Hesse Darmstadt, or the grand duchy of’Hesse,
a district of Germany, belonging to Hesse Cassel,
like which it is far from being compact; being di-
vided bv a strip of land into two parts, stretching
from east to west. It contains about 4,000 square
miles. The chief towns are Darmstadi and Gies-
sen. Its acquisitions by the French revolution
winre considerable. It is mountainous like Hesse
Cassel, and is equally productive of minerals
The principal rivers are the Rhine, Maine, Lahn,
Niddu, and the Ietir. Pop. about 600,000, of
whom the greater number are Lutherans.

Hesse Homburg, a small principality of Ger-
many, near Frankfort, belonging, with the title

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