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of Massachusetts passing through the state from
Vermont to Connecticut.

Hoosaek, a stream rising in Vermont and fal-
ling into the Hudson, 8 m. above Lansinburg.

Hope, a river of the island of Jamaica, which
runs into the sea 5 m. S. of Kingston.

Hope, p.t. Waldo Co. Me.. Pop. 1,541. Also
towns in Durham Co. N. C. Zmd Gaspe Co. L. C.

Hope Advance Bay, a bay in Hudson’s Strait,
100 m. W. of Cape Chidley.

Hope Bay, a bay at the N. xc2xa3. corner of Nootka
Sound.xe2x80x94Also a bay in the English Channel, on
the coast of Kent, between Sandwich and Rams-

Hope Cape, a cape of Hudson’s Bay, at the en-
trance of Repulse Bay

Hopejidd, p.v. Phillips Co. Arkansas, on the
Mississippi, opposite Chickasaw Bluff.

Hope Islands, two small islands on the coast of
New Holland. Lat. 15. 41. S.

Hopeton, p.t. Yates Co. N. Y. Pop.

Hopewell, the name of 13 towns and villages in
the United States, viz. in Ontario Co. N. Y. Pop.
2,202. Cumberland and Huntingdon Cos. N. J.
York, Washington, Cumberland, Bedford and
Huntingdon Cos. Pa. Fauquier Co. Va. York Dis.
S. C. Perry, Licking, and Muskingum Cos. Ohio.

Hopkins, a county of Kentucky. Pop. 5,763.
Madisonville is the capital.

Hopkinsville, a township of Caledonia Co. Vt.
Also villages in Powhatan Co. Va. and Christian
Co. Ken.

Hopkinton, p.t. Merrimack Co. N. H. on Con-
toocook river. Pop. 2,474. Also a p.t. Wash-
ington Co. R. I. pop. 1,777. Also a p.t. Mid-
dlesex Co. Mass. Pop. 1,809. Also a township
in St. Lawrence Co. N. Y. Pop. 827.

Horaidan, a town of Persia, in the province of
Farsistan, 76 m. N. W. of Shiras.

IJorb, a town of Wurtemberg, with a consider-
able trade in woolen goods, seated on the Neck-
ar, 51 m. W. S. W. of Tubingen.

Horeb, mountain of . Arabia Petrea, a little to
the W. of Mount Sinai. Here are two or three
fine springs, and a great number of fruit-trees.

Horn, a town of Austria, with a trade in beer,
made of oats ; seated on the Tiffer, 48 m. AV. N.
AV. of Vienna.

Horn, a town of the Netherlands, in the prov
ince of Liege, 3 m. W. N. W. of Ruremonde.

Horn, Cape, the southern extremity of South
America, forming part of Hermite Island, on the
coast of Terra del Fuego. Long. 68. 13. AV., lat.
55. 58. S.

llornachos, a town of Spain in Estremadura,
near the river Malachel, 30 m. S. S. E. of Merida.

Hornberg, a town of Baden, in the Black For-
est, with a fortress on a mountain; seated on the
Gutlash, 12 m. N W. of Rothweil.

Hornburg, a town of Prussian Saxony, on the
Ilse, 8 m. S. of AVolfenbuttel.

Hornby, a small town in Lancashire. Eng. situ-
ated on the bank of the Wenning, 9 m. N. E.
Lancaster. The principal object of attraction is
Fornby Castle, erected, as is supposed, by Nicho-
las deMont Begons,soon after the conquest. Here
was former! v a weekly market on Friday, which
has merged m the fair for cattle every alternate

Horneastle, a town in Lincolnshire, situated in
an angle formed by the confluence of the Bane
and the Waring, with a market on Saturday. It
was a Roman station, and part of the wall is still
remaining. Here are a church, four meeting-hou-
ses, a dispensary, Ac. 21 m. E. of Lincoln, and
136 N. of London.

Horndlsville, p.v. Steuben Co. N. Y.

Hornsea, a town in E. Yorkshire, nearly sur
rounded by an arm of the sea, and much resorted
to during the bathing season. Near it is a mere,
two m. long and one broad, famous for its pike
and eels. 16 m. N. of Hull, 193 N. of London.

Hornorsville, p.v. Culpeper Co. Va.

Ilorntown, p.v. Accomac Co. Va.

Horry, an eastern District of South Carolina.
Pop. 5,323. Conwayborough is the Capital.

Horseneek, a village of Essex Co. N. Y. on the

Horsens, a seaport of Denmark, in N. Jutland,
on the Categat, having manufactures of woolen
goods, and a considerable trade. 20 m. S. S. W
of Arhusen.    ,

Horsham,, a borough in Sussex, Eng. Here is
the co.unty gaol; and the spring assizes are held
here. It is seated on the Ad?ir, 20 m. N. W.
Brighton, and 36 S. of London.

Horsham, a township of Montgomery Co. Pa.

Horstmar, a town of Westphalia, with a castle,
and a collegiate church; seated on an eminence
15 m. N. VV. of Munster.

Hosiek, p.t. Rensselaer Co. N. Y. on Hoosaek
river. Pop. 3,582.

Hot Spring, a country in Arkansas. Pop. 458.
It is named from several Springs in the territory
which have a temperature equal to that of boiling
water. The water has no mineral properties but
is remarkably limpid.

Hottentots, Country of the, a large region in
the S. extremity of Africa, extending N. by AA7.
from the Cape of Good Hope, beyond the mouth
of Orange River, and from that cape, in an E. N
E. direction, to the mouth of the Great Fish Riv-
er, which parts it from Caffraria. It is bounded
on the W., S., and E., by the Atlantic, Southern,
and Indian oceans, and on the N. by regions very
little, if at all explored. The Hottentots are as
tall as most Europeans, but are more slender; and
the characteristic mark of this nation is, the

smallness of their hands and feet, compared with
the other parts of their body. Their shin is of a
yellowish brown hue, resembling that of a Euro-
pean who has the jaundice in a high degree.
There are not such thick lips among the Hotten-
tots as among their neighbours the Negroes, the
Caffres, and the Mozambiques ; and their mouth
is of the middling size, with the finest set of teeth
imaginable. Their heads are covered with hair
more woolly, if possible, than that of the Negroes.
With respect to shape, carriage, and every mo
tion, their whole appearance indicates health and
content. They are excellent swimmers and di
vers, and practise bathing several times in the
day. The women braid or plait their hair as an

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