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rey Co. N. C., Laurens Dis. S. C., Madison Co.
Alab., and Robertson Co. Tenn.

Huntspill, a town in Somersetshire, Eng. 7 m.
N. of Bridgewater, and 143 W. by S. of London.

Hurdwar, a town of Hindoostan, in the prov-
ince of Dehli, where the Ganges first enters the
country. It is 100 m. N. by E. of Dehli. Long,
78. 23. E.,lat. 29. 55. N.

Huron, a lake of North America, which lies
between 80. and 85. W. long., and 43. and 48. N.
lat. It has a communication with Lake Michi-
gan and Lake Erie. Its shape is nearly triangu-
lar, 250 m. in length, and its circumference 800
miles. On the N. side is a chain of islands 150
miles long, called Manitoualin by the Indians,
who consider them as sg-cred : on the S. W. is
Saginau Bay, and a little more to the N. W. is
Thunder Bay so called from the frequent thunder
that is heard there.

Huron, a county of Ohio, lying upon Lake
Erie. Pop. 13,345. Norwalk is the capital.

Hurst Castle, a fortress in Hampshire, 4 m. S.
ofLymington. It stands on the extreme point
of a neck of land, about a mile distant from the
Isle of Wight. In this castle Charles I. was con-
fined previously to his being brought to trial.

Hus, or Hussii, a towin of European Turkey,
in Moldavia, the see of a Greek bishop. Here
Peter the Great made peace with the Turks in
1711. It is situate on the Pruth, 70 m. S. W. of
Bender. Long. 25.34. E., lat. 46. 35. N.

Htissingabad, a town of Hindoostan. in the
province of Malwah, on the S side of the Nerbud-
dah, 140 m. N. W. of Nagpore. Long. 77. 54.
E., lat. 22. 42. N.

Hussum, a sea-port of Denmark, in the duchy
of Sleswick, with a strong citadel. It has a trade
in horses and oxen, and manufactures of leather,
cotton, and linen. It stands on the river Ow or
Aue, near the German Ocean, 16 m. W. of Sles-
wick. Long. 9. 20. E., lat. 54. 36. N.

Huttany, a town of Hindoostan, in the province
of Visiapour. It is surrounded by mud ram-
parts, and has a citadel, and a spacious caravan-
sera. 30 m. S. S. W. of Visiapour. Long. 75.

6. E., lat. 17.5. N.

Huttonsville, p.v. Randolph Co. Va.

Huy, a town of the Netherlands, in the territory
of Liege, with many paper mills, and iron foun-
deries. It is seated on the Maese, 12 m. W. S
W. of Liege.

Hyannis, ph. Barnstable Co. Mass., on the S.
side of Cape Cod.

Hyattstown, p.v. Montgomery Co. Maryland.

Hyde, a county of North Carolina, lying on
Pamlico Sound. Pop. 6,177. Lake Landing is
the seat of justice

Hyde Park, ph. Dutchess Co. N. Y. on the
Hudson. Pop. 2,554. Also a village in Halifax
Co. N. C.

Hyderabad, a populous city of Hindoostan, cap-
ital of Golconda, and the metropolis of the Dec-
can. The suburbs, which are very large, are oc-
cupied by merchants and tradesmen. li stands
in a plain, on a river that runs into the Kistna,
310 m. N. N. W. of Madras. Long. 78. 52. E.,
lat. 17. 16. N.

Hyderabad, a fort of Hindoostan, in the pro-
vince of Sinde, and the usual residence of the
prince of Sinde; situate near the Indus, 6 m. E.
of Nusserpour, and 62 N. E. ofTatta.

Hydra, a small island of Independent Greece,
the ancient Aristeia. It lies on the eastern coast of
the Morea about 3 m. from the shore. It is a
barren rock, but was an important naval station of
the Greeks during the war of the revolution.
The town of the same name contains 13,000 in-
habitants. The houses are built on the side of a
rocky hill and make a very picturesque appearance-
The inhabitants are enterprising, and engaged
altogether in naval affairs. A Greek newspaper
is printed here.

Hypolite, St., a town of France, in the depart-
ment of Gard, seated on the Vidourle, near its
source, 12 m. S. W. of Alais.

Hypolite, St., a town of France, in the depart
ment of Doubs, on the river Doubs, 40 m. E. by
N. of Besaneon.

Hys, a town of Asiatic Turkey, in the Arabian
Irak, on the Euphrates, 120 m. S. ofBagdad.

Hythe. See Hithe.


IBARRA, the capital of a fertile province of the
same name in South America, is situated on an
extensive and delightful plain, watered on the
E. by the river Taguando, and W. by Ajavi. The
streets are wide and convenient, and the buildings
of _good construction. 42 m. N. E. from Quito.

Iberville. an outlet for the overflowing waters
of the Mississippi, during the seasons of inunda-
tion, entering Lake Maurepas.

} Iberville, a parish of Louisiana. Pop. 7,050.

1 The chief town has the same name.

Iberia, AVw, a village of Louisiana, in the dis-
trict of Attakapas, 200 m. W. of New Orleans.

Iberian Mountains, the most extensive mountain
range of Spain, beginning to the W. of the Ebro,
and extending to the shores of the Mediterranean.

Ibiza. See Irica.

Iburg, a small town of Hanover, in the princi-
pality of Osnaborg, 10 m. S. W. of Osnaburg.

Iceland, an island of the North Atlantic Ocean,
belonging to Denmark, extending according to
Henderson from lat. 63. 20. to 67. 20., and be-
tween 15. 30. and 22. 30. W. long. It is of an lr
regular oval figure, about 380 m. in length, and
230 in its greatest bread'll. For two months to-
gether the sun never sets ; and in the winter it
never rises for the same space, at least not entirely.
The coast is indented all round with numerous
deep gulfs, bays, and creeks, several of which form
excellent harbours. The island is mountainous,
stony, and barren; hut in some places there are
excellent pastures. The chief rivers are in the
E. part; the Skalfanda, Oxarfird, and Bruna, all
flowing from S. to N. Some are white with lime,
others smell of sulphur. The principal moun-
tains, clothed with perpetual snow, are called
Yokuls; and of these Snafial, hanging over the
sea on the S. W. coast, is esteemed the highest,
being computed at 6,860 feet. Mount Hecla, about

2,000 feet in height, is the most noted, and is a
volcano : there are also several other volcanoes
and the convulsions caused by them in 1783 were
so dreadful and multiplied that it was feared the
island would fall to pieces; the eruptions were
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