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JIN    410    JOH

Pilgrims flock hither from various parts, and the
inhabitants accomodate them with lodging and
provisions, which is their chief business, and a
bashaw, with a guard of janissaries, always re-
sides here to protect them from the insults of
the Arabs. The manufactures of Jerusalem
are almost confined to one branch, that of beads,
crosses, shells, and other objects supposed to de-
rive their sanctity from their local origin. These
articles receive a species of benediction in the
church of the sepulchre; and they are bought
even by those who are most sensible of their in-
significance, as they form acceptable presents to
all the inhabitants of Greek and Catholic coun-
tries. Jerusalem is politically included inthepa-
chalic of Damascus ; but the surrounding terri-
tory forms a kind of independent district. 112 m.
S. W. of Damascus, 45 from the Mediterranean.
Long. 35. 20. E., lat. 31. 47. N.

Jerusalem, p.v. Ontario Co. N. Y. Also a vil-
lage in Queens Co. N. Y. on Long Island. Also
a village of Southampton Co. Va.

Jesi, a town of Italy, in the states of the church,
seated on the river Esino, 10 m. W. S. W. of An-
co na.

Jessamine, a county of Kentucky, on Kentucky
river. Pop. 9,961. Nicholasville is the capital.

Jessdmere, a town of Hindoostan, in a district
ofthe same name, in the province of Agimere,
governed by an independent chief. 70 m. W. by
N. of Bickaneer.

Jesso, a large island, lying between those of Ni-
phon and Saghalien. It is 150 m. in length, and
from 80 to 220 in breadth : the narrow part is in
the S., towards Niphon. It is full of woods ; and
the natives, who live by fishing and hunting, are
strong, robust, savage, and slovenly, when com-
pared to the Japanese. Here are some Japanese
colonies, and the island is generally deemed sub-
ject to Japan ; but it may be rather considered as
a foreign conquest than as a part of the civilized
empire. Matsmai is the capital. The S. point is
in long. 142. 30. W., lat. 40. 50. N.

Jessore, a town of Hindoostan, in Bengal, capi-
tal of a district of the same name. It is seated
on the river Boirub, and on the high road from
Calcutta to Dacca. It was at this spot that the
pestilential cholera broke out in 1817, which from
that time till 1832 ravaged a great part of Europe
and nearly the whole of Asia.

Jever, a small district of Germany, situated
between East Friesland and the duchy of Olden-
burg. Though surrounded by Westphalia, it
was never included in any circle of the empire.
It was ceded to Oldenburg in 1814.

Jever, a town of Germany, in the grand duchy
of Oldenburg, 34 m. N. by W. of Oldenburg.

Jidda, a sea-port of Arabia Felix, on the Red
Sea, in a barren, sandy district, destitute of fresh
water. A very considerable trade is carried on
here, this city being a mart between Egypt and
India. The ships from Suez seldom proceed
further than this port, and those, from India are
not suffered to advance to Suez. The English
are permitted to trade here ; but, in consequence
of the numerous exactions to which they are sub-
jected, the trade has greatly declined. By the
treaty with the Porte the duty is 5 per cent., but
under various pretences it is raised to 12. 34 m.
W. S. W. of Mecca, of which it is the port.
Long 39. 15. E., lat. 21. 29. N.

Jinbala, a town of Negroland, oapital of an is-
land so called, which is formed by two branches
of the Niger that separate at leaving the lake Dib-
bie, and unite again about 15 m. from Tombuctoo
The town is a resting place for traders between
Tombuctoo and the western parts of the country
It stands on the W. branch of the Niger, 80 m
S. W. of Tombuctoo. Long. 0. 16. E., lat. ib.

4. N.

Jionpour, a town of Hindoostan, capital of a cir-
car of the same name, in Allahabad. It is seated
on the Goomty; and not far from the conflux of
that river with the Ganges is the fort of Jionpour,
on a high bank commanding the bridge over the
Goomty. This place was at one time the seat of
an empire ; and sultan Shirki built the great mus-
jud, or mausok-mn, which is still remaining. The
stone bridge over the Goomty consists of sixteen
pointed arches ; and on the top of it are many lit-
tle shops on both sides. It was built in 1567, and
has hitherto withstood the force of the stream,
which, in the time of the rains, frequently flows
over the bridge; and in 1774 a brigade of the
British army passed over it in boats. Jionpour is
48 m. N. W. of Benares. Long. 82. 55. E., lat

25. 45. N.

Joachim, a village in Jefferson Co. Missouri.

Joachimsthcd, a town of Bohemia, in the circle
of Saatz, noted for its mines and a manufacture qf
lace. 15 m. N. byE. of Elnbogen.

Joaehimsthal, a town of Brandenburg, in the
Ucker mark, 36 m. N. N. E. of Berlin.

Joanna. See Hinzuan.

Joannina, or Janina, or Janina, a city of Euro-
pean Turkey, and the capital of Albania, stand?
upon the banks of a lake, the ancient Acherusia,
the waters of which are discharged into a subter-
ranean abyss. The town is 2 m. in length and
half a m. in breadth and contains a pop. of 40,000
engaged in the exportation of oil, wool, corn,
tobacco, and the importation of manufactured
goods. This place was the capital of the celebrated
Ali Pacha, and was visited by Lord Byron in bis
early travels in the East.

Jobstoicn, p v. Burlington Co. N. Y.

Jockgrim, a town of Bavaria, province of the
Rhine, situate on an eminence, near the Rhine,
9 m. S. E. of Landau.

Johan-geargen-sladi, a town of Saxony, in the
circle of Erzgebirge, celebrated for its mines,
and for a considerable manufacture of lace. 18
m. S. S. E. of Zwickau.

Johannesburg, a town of Germany, in the
duchy of Nassau, celebrated for the vineyards in
its environs, which were bestowed by the emperor
on prince Metternich in 1816. It has a citadel,
and is seated on the river Pych, near the lake
Spirding, 95 miles S. E. of Konigsberg, and 18
W. of Mentz. Long. 22. 39. E., lat. 53. 16. N.

John, a township of Franklin Co. Missouri.

Johnsburg, p.t. Warren Co. N. Y. Pop. 985.

John. St., one of the Philippine islands, E. vt
Mindanao. Long. 126. 32. E., lat. 9. 30. N.

John, St., a small island in the W. Indies, N.
of St. Croix, belonging to tjie Danes. It has a
town and spacious harbour.

John, St., or Prince Edward, an island in the

5. part of the gulf of St. Lawrence, having New
Brunswick on the W., Nova Scotia on the S.
and Cape Breton on the E. It is 60 miles long
and 30 broadband fertile, with several streams
In 1745 it surrendered, with Cape Breton, to the
English. The capital is Charlotte Town.

John, St., a river which rises in the N. W. part
of the district of Maine, flows N. E. into New
Brunswick, where it soon takes a S. S. E. course,
and enters the bay of Fundy, at the city of Sxe2x80x98


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