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JON    411    JUA

John. It is navigable 60 m. for sloops of 50
tons, and about 200 for boats; and affords a com-
mon and near route from the province of New
Brunswick to Quebec.

John, St., a city of New Brunswick, situate at
the mouth of the river St John, in the bay. of
Fundy. It stands in a high situation and is regu-
larly built. The harbour is open throughout the
year and the city carries on an extensive com-
merce. Long. 65. 15. W., lat. 45. 12. N.

John, St., the chief town of Newfoundland, sit-
uate on the E. side of the island. It has a good
harbour, entirely land-locked, and defended by
several forts, in one of which the governor of the
island resides. This town suffered very severely
by repeated fires during the years 1816,1817, and
'    1818. Long. 52. 26. W., lat. 47. 32. N. _

John, St., the capital of Antigua. It is one of
the most regular towns in the W. Indies, and has
the most commodious harbour in the Leeward isl-
ands. Long. 62. 4. W., lat. 17. 4. N.

John, St., a town and fort of Lower Canada,
on the W. bank of Chambly or Richelieu River, at
the N. end of Lake Champlain. In 1796 it was
made the sole port of entry and clearance for all

f oods imported from the U. States into Canada,
t is 20 m. E. by S. of Montreal, and 110 N. by E.
of Crown Point. Long. 73. 20. W., lat. 45.25. N.

John d.' Acre, St. See Acre.

Johnskactn, a village of Scotland, in Kincard-
ineshire, with a harbour for small vessels, 4 m. S.
S. AV. of Bervie. It was formerly a great
p town, but is now more noted for an extensive man-
ufacture of canvas.

Johnson, p.t. Franklin Co. Vt. on Lamoil river.
Pop. 1,070.

Johnson, a county of Illinois. Pop. 1,596.

Wienna is the capital.

Johnsonburg, p.v. Warren Co. N. J. 74 m. N.

Johnston, a county of North Carolina. Pop.
10,938. Smithfield is the capital.

Johnston, p.t. Providence Co. R. 1.5 m. N. Prov-
idence. Pop. 2,114. Also a township of Trum-
bull Co. Ohio. Pop. 400.

Johnstown, p.t. Montgomery Co. N.Y. 25 m. N.
AV. Schenectady. Pop. 7,700. Also a p.v. Cam-
bria Co. Pa. and a p.t. Licking Co. Ohio.

Johnstown, a town of Upper Canada, extending
nearly a m. on the riVer St. Lawrence. It is 50
m. N. E. of Kingston, and 100 S. W. of Mon-
treal. Long. 75. 10. W., lat. 44. 42. N.

Johnstown, St., a borough of Ireland, in the coun-
ty of Donegal, on the river Foyle, 5 m. S. S. W.
of "Londonderry.

Johor, or Jor, a town of the peninsula of Ma-
laya, destroyed by the Portuguese in 1603, but
subsequently rebuilt; it is seated near the S. coast,
150 m. S. xc2xa3. of Malacca. Long. 103. 30. E., lat.

1. 35. X.

Joigny, a town of France, in the department of
Yonne. surrounded by thick walls, and seated near
the Yonne, 17 m. S. S. E. of Sens.

Jointdle, an ancient town of France, in the de-
partment of Upper Marne, situate on the Marne,
25 m. S. W. of Bar-le-Duc, and 125 S. E. of Paris.
Long. 5. 20. E., lat. 48. 20. N.

Jolucar, a town of Spain, in Granada, 7 m. N.
E. of MotriL

JonasviUe, a village of Alleghany Co. Maryland.

Jones, a county o? North Carolina. Pop. 5,628.
is the capital. Also a county of Georgia.
Pop. 13,342.
Clinton is the capital.    xc2xb0

Jonesborough, a town of Tennessee, capital of















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the county of Washington, seated near the foot of .
the Iron mountains, 86 m. E. by N. of Knoxville.
Long. 82. 40. W., lat. 36. 8. N.

Jonesborough, a village in Jefferson Co. Alab.

Jonesburg, p.v. Camden Co. N. C. and Union
Co. Illinois.

Jonkioping, a town of Sweden, in Smaland, and
the seat of justice for Gothland. It has a strong
citadel, and a manufacture of arms. The houses
are chiefly of wood; and on the roof are spread
layers of birch bark, covered with turf or moss,
many of them producing herbage, and some orna-
mented with flowers, it is seated near the S. end
of the lake Wetter, 80 m. W. N. W. of Calmar.

Joodpour, a town of Hindoostan, capital of a
district of the same name, in the province of Agi-
mere. It carries on a considerable trade by means
of caravans with Guzerat and the Deccan. The
rajah is now one ofthe British allies. It is seated
near a branch ofthe Pudda, 100 m. W. S. W. of
Agimere. Long. 73. 18. E., lat. 26. 8. N.

Joppa, a village of Hartford Co. Maryland, 16
m. N. E. Baltimore.

Jordan, a river of Syria, which rises in Mount
Libanus, and flows S. through the lake of Tiberias,
to the Dead Sea.

Jordan, a village of Onondaga Co. N. Y on the
Erie Canal, 10 m. N. Skeneateles.

Jorjan, or Kurgan, a town of Persia, in Astera-
bad, bordering on the Caspian Sea. It is 6(t m.

E. by X. of Asterabad, and 320 W. of Mesched.
Long. 56. 5. E., lat. 15. 56. N.

Jorkau, a town of Bohemia, in the circle of
Saatz. celebrated for its breweries. On a moun-
tain by the town is the magnificent castle of
Rothenhaus. 5 m. N. of Commotua.

Jusstlin, a town of France, in the department
of Morbihan, 25 m. X. X. E. of A’annes.

Jouarre, a town of France in the department
of Seine-et-Marne, 10 m. S. E. of Meaux, and 35
E. of Paris.

Joud. See Jehut.

Joue, a town of France, department of Indre-et-
Loire, 3 m. S. of Tours.

Joue du Plaid, a town in the department oft
Orne, 5 m. S. W. of Argentan.

Jougue, a town in the department of Doubs, 8
m. S. of Montarlier, and 22 E. S. E. of Salins.

Jougues, a town in the departmeut of Mouths
of the Rhone, 12 m. N. E. of Aix.

Joura, an island in the Grecian Archipelago
10 m. in circuit, and 2 S. AV. of Andros.

Jouy, a town of France, in the department of
Seine-et-Oise, 3 m. S. of Versailles.

Jouy le Chatel, a town in the department of
Seine-et-Marne, 10 m. N. W. of Provins.

Jouy sur Morin, a town in the department of
Seine-et-Marne, 15 m. S. E. of Meaux.

Joux Mount. See Jura Mount.

Joyeuse, a town of France, department of Ar-
deche, seated on the Beaune, 27 m. S. W. of

Juan, St., or Desanuadero, a river of Mexico,
which is the outlet of the lake Nicaragua. It
flows, from the S. E. corner of thev lake, in an
easterly direction, between the province of Nica-
ragua and Costa Rica, into the Carribean Sea.

Juan, St., a town of Mexico, in the province of
Nicaragua, situate at the head of the river St.
Juan, 110 m. E. of Nicaragua. Long. 84. 45 AV.
lat. 11. 15. N.

Juan de Fuea, Strait of, a large bay or gulf of
the Pacific Ocean, on the W. coast of N. America.

The entrance is in long, 124.55. W., lat. 48.25. N


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