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KIN    423    KIR

Kington, or Kyneton, an ancient town in Here-
fordshire, Eng. with a considerable clothing
trade. It is seated on the Arrow, under Bradnor
Mountain, 19 m. S. W. of Hereford, and 150 W.
by N. of London.

King-tree, p.v. Williamsburg District S. C. 64
m. N. Charleston.

Kinsville, p.v. Ashtabula Co. Ohio on Lake

King William, a county ofthe Eastern District
of Virginia. Pop. 9,812.

Kingwood, a township of Hunterdon Co. N. J.
in the Delaware, also a p. v. Preston Co. Va.

Kin-hoa, a city of China, of the first rank, in
Tche-kiang, on the banks of a fine river, into
which several little streams discharge themselves.
It has a great trade in dried plums and hams;
and is famous for good rice-wine and very white
candles : the latter are made of a substance obtain-
ed from little shrubs with a white flower, not
unlike jessamine. It is 190 m. S. by. E. of Nan-
king. Long. 119. 10. E., lat. 29. 16 N.

Kinnaird Head, a lofty promontory on the E.
coast of Scotland, in Aberdeenshire, about a mile
to the N. of the town of Fraserburg. Here is a
castle 4 stories high, on the top of which is a
'ighthouse. Long. 1. 46. W. lat. 57. 39. N.

Kinnoul, a parish of Scotland, in Perthshire,
on the E. bank of the Tay,with the remains of an
ancient castle. It stands at the foot of a hill of
Kinnoul, which is particularly famous for its fine
agates, and also abounds with many rare plants.

Kinross, a borough of Scotland, capital of Kin-
ross-shire, seated in a pjain, screened on the X.
by the Oehil Hills, add on the river Leven, be-
fore it enters Loch Leven. it has a manufacture
of cotton and coarse linens. 23 m. N. N. W. of
Edinburgh. Long. 3. 9. W., lat. 56. 7. N.

Kinross-shire, a county of Scotland, surrounded
by the shires of Perth and Fife, and almost cir-
cular, 'about 30 m. in circumference. It is divid-
ed into four parishes and contains about 7,000 in-
habitants. The central part is occupied by Loch
Leven, and the country around has a rich appear-
ance. It sends one member to parliament alter-
nate! v with the county of Clackmannan.

KinsnJe, a seaport and borough of Ireland, in
the county ot Cork. It is a maritime arsenal,
contains it
1.000 inhabitants, and has an excellent
harbour, defended bv a strong fort. In times of
war it is verv much frequented by E. and W. India
fleets, on which account the leases of the inhabi-
tants -olig-’ them to pay doable rent during these
seas -ns. It is seated at the mouth of the Ban-
aon. 13 m. S. of Cork. Long.
8. 23. W., lat.
51. 42. N.

Kinsi'e. t? v. Westmoreland Co. Va. on the
PoV'Ut? r.ear Chesapeak Bay.

( Klasmzx. n t. Trumbal) Co. Ohio 180 m. N. E.

Colum :-us. Po*xc2xbb. 720.

J AVrsSe*. p *. Lenoir Co. N. C. on the Neuse,
xe2x96xa0 4 1 ", a>:-re Xewr-em.

j K.Arm -g. tne eaaital of the island of Loo-choo,
in the C_.m Sea. and of all the islands under
that apoeliati'ti * The king's palace, reckoned
to be four leigxe2x80x94s in circumference, is built on
a nei/rnbouring mountain. Long. 127. 30. E.,
lat. 26.
2. X.

Kin-tonj. a city of China, of the first rank, in the
province of Tcn-nan. The surrounding country
is mountainous, but the valleys yield abundance
of rice. It is seated on the Pa-pien, 750 m.
V/. by N. of Canton. Long. 100. 49. E., lat. 24.
30. N

Kintore, a borough of Scotland, in Aberdeen
shire, on the river Don, 13 m. W. by N. of Aber-

Kintyre. See Cantyre.

Kin-yang, a city of China, of the first rank, in
Chen-si. It has always been deemed as a bar-
rier against the incursions of the Tartars, and is
strongly fortified. The country around is very
fruitful. 560 m. S. W. of Pekin. Long. 107.30
E., lat. 36.
6. N.

Kin-yuen, a city of China, of the first rank, in
Quang-si. It is seated on a fine river, but sur
rounded with craggy mountains, inhabited by a
rude and savage race of people. 310 m. W. hy
N. of Canton. Long. 108. 15. E., lat. 25. 28. N.

Kinzua, p.t. Warren Co. Pa. 350 m. N. W.
Harrisburg.    j

Kiov, or Kioto, a government of the Russian
empire, being part of the Ukraine, or Little Rus-
sia. It was once a duchy, belonging to the great
dukes of Russia, and Kiov was their capital.
This country was conquered by the Tartars, and
came again into the possession of the great
dukes but wasoverrun and possesed by the Cossacs.
under the protection of Poland. In 1664 the
natives, discontented with John Casimir, king
of Poland, submitted to Russia, and have ever
since remained subject to that empire. This gov-
ernment is divided into
12 circles, and contains
1,000,000 of inhabitants.

Kiov, a town of European Russia, capital of the
foregoing government, and a Greek archbishop’s
see. with a castle. It is divided into the Old Town,
the Lower Town, and the fortress of Petscherski,
all connected by intrenchments. Here are cata-
combs of considerable extent, dug, as it would
seem, through a mass of hardened clay. It is
seated on the Dnieper, 180 m. N. E. of Kaminieck
and 335 E. S. E. of Warsaw.

Kio-feou, a city of China, in the province of
Cban-tong and district of Yen-tcheou. It was
the birthplace of Confucius, several monuments
to whose memory are still to be seen here.

Kioge, or Koge, a seaport of Denmark, in the
isle of Zealand. The English defeated the Danes
here, and took the town in 1807. It is 10 m. S
W. of Copenhagen. Long. 12.15. E., lat. 55.30. N.

Kioping, or Roping, a town of Sweden, in the
government of Westeraas, 18 m. N. by W. of

Kippen, a parish and village of Scotland, in
Stirlingshire, on the S. hank of the Forth, 9 m.
W. of Stirling.

Kirby Lonsdale, a town in Westmoreland Eng.,
with manufactures of carpets and blankets. It is
seated on the Loyne, over which is a curious an-
cient stone bridge of three arches. 12 m. S. E.
of Kendal, and 252 X. W. of London.

Kirby Moorside, a town in N. Yorkshire, Eng.
There are several interesting ruins in the neigh-
bourhood ; and in the village of Kirkdale, 2 m.
hence, many fossil animal remains were discov-
ered in 1820. It is seated on the river Dow, 29
m. N. of York, and 221 N. by W. of London.

Kirby Stephen, a town in Westmoreland, Eng.
The woolen manufacture is the chief trade here,
but there is also one silk factory in the town, and
many of the inhabitants are employed in the man-
ufacture of stockings. It is seated on the river
Eden, 3 m. S. S. E. of Appleby, and 266 N. N.
W. of London.

Kirehberg, a town and castle of Wurtemberg, in
a district of the same name; seated on the Her, 9
m. S. of Ulm.


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