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KNI    425    KOK

cataqu a river opposite Portsmouth. Pop. 2,202.

Kitzhiehl, a town of the Austrian states, in
Tyrol, in the vicinity of which are mines of cop-
per and silver. It is seated on the river Acha,
11 m. S. E. of Kufstein.

generous, and hospitable, when the pernicious aw
of spirituous liquors has not changed their natural
disposition. They do not look upon chastity, how
ever, as a virtue, nor do they imagine that con

Kitzingen, a town of Bavarian Franconia, on the
river Maine, 10 m. E. S. E. of Wurtzburg.

Kiun-tcheou, a city of China, of the first rank,
capital of the island of Hainan, on the N. coast,
at the mouth of the Limou. It stands on a prom-
ontory, and ships often anchor under its walls.
Long. 109. 38. E., lat. 20. N.

Kiutaja, or Cutaja, a town of Asiatic Turkey,
capital of Natolia. Near it are some warm baths,
much esteemed in several disorders. It is situate
at the foot of a mountain, near the river Pursak,
136 m. S. S. E. of Constantinople.

Klartrau, a town >f Bohemia, in the circle of
Pilsen, near the river Misa, 20 m. W. of Pilsen.

Klattau, a town of Bohemia, capital of a circle
of the same name, with a considerable woolen
manufacture. Pari of it was destroyed by fire in
1810. It is 69 m. S. W. of Prague.

Klingeistown, p.v. Schuylkill Co. Pa.

Klingnau, a town of Switzerland, in the district
of Baden, on the river Aar, 7 m. N. of Baden.

Knapdede, a district of Argyleshire, Scotland,
about 20 m. long, and 16 broad. It is situate be-
tween the isthmus of Crinan and Tarbert, and is
divided into the parishes of N. and S. Knapdaie.

Knappsburgh, p.v. Chenango Co. N. Y.

Knaresborottgh, a borough in W. Yorkshire,
Eng. It is the ancient seat of the linen mamifa<4
ture, which is now carried on to a great extent.
Here is a famous spring, of a strong petrifying
quality, called the Dropping Well, which fall's in
drops from the top of a rock. The town is situate
at the top of a rocky mountain, at the foot of
which runs the river Nidd. 19 m. W. by N. of
York, and 197 N. by W. of London.

Knighton, a town of Wales, in Radnorshire,
seated on the Teme, 10 m. N. E. of Radnor, and
158 N. W. of London.

Knightsbridge, a village in Middlesex,Eng. now
forming part of the suburbs of London. Here
are extensive barracks for soldiers, and a consid-
erable manufacture of painted floor cloths.

Kniphausen, a sea-port of Germany, in the
grand duchy of Oldenburg, seated on the Jade,
39 m. E. of Embden.

Knisteneaux. a tribe of Indians in North Ameri-
ca who occupv a part of the British territory to
the North of the lakes of Canada. The
denominated Cristinaux by the ancient Canadians,
Killistonous by some modern writersxe2x80x94Crees
by the English, wander over, or inhabit all the
country to the south of the lake of the Mountains,
as far as the lakes
of Canada, and from Hudson’s
Bay to lake Winnipeg. The Knisteneaux are of a
moderate stature, are well proportioned, and pos-
sess a remarkable degree of activity. Black and
piercing eyes animate their agreeable and open
countenance. They point their face of different
colours. They wear asimple and convenient dress,
cut and ornamented with taste; but sometimes
they hunt, even during the severest cold, almost
entirely naked. It appears
that of all the savages
of North Americafohe
Knisteneaux have the hand-
somest women.
Their figure is well proportioned,
and the regularity
of their features would obtain
them admiration,
even in Europe. Their com-
plexion is not so dark
as that of other savage
women, because their
habits are much more clean-
ly. These Indians are
natmallj mild, honest
jugal fidelity is at all necessary to the happiness
ofthe married state. Accordingly they offer their
to strangers, and exchange them with each
other, as Cato is said to have done. The fogs
which cover their marshes, are believed to be the
spirits of their deceased companions.

KnitteJfeld, or Knitterfeldt, a town of Austria,
on the river Muhr, 98 m. S W. of Vienna.

Knoetopher, a town of Ireland, in the county of
Kilkenny. 12 m. S. bv E. of Kilkenny, and 63 S.
Wi of Dublin.

Knottinglei/, an extensive and populous village
in W. Yorkshire, Eng. on the river Aire, 3 m. E.
N. E. of Pontefract, noted for its great production
of limestone.

Knoivlton, a township of Sussex Co. N. J.

Knox, a county of Ohio. Pop. 17,124. Mount
Vernon is the capital. Also a county of Kentucky.
Pop. 4,321. Barboursville is the capital. Also
a county of E. Tennessee. Pop 14,498. Knox-
ville is the capital. Also a county of Indiana.
Pop. 6,557. Vincennes is the capital.

Knox, p.t. Albany Co. N. Y. 20 rn. W. Albany.
Pop. 2,186. Also townships in Columbia and Jef-
ferson Cos. Ohio.

Knoxville, a town of Tennessee, capital of Knox
county. Here is a college, established by gov-
ernment. It stands on the river Holston, 22 m.
above its junction with the Tennessee, and 200 S.
by E. of Frankfort. Long. 84.
8. W., lat. 35.
58. N. Also villages in Crawford Co. Geo., and
Jefferson Co. Ohio.

Knutsford, a town in Cheshire, Eng. Here are
some cotton-mills, and manufactures of shag vel-
vets, &c. It is seated on a branch of the Birken,
25 m. E. by N. of Chester and 175 N. W. of Lon-

Koang-sin, a city of China, of the first rank, in
Kiang-si. Here are manufactures of good paper,
and the best candles in the empire. It is 250 m.
S. bv W. of Nanking. Long. 118. 20. E., lat. 28.

30. N.

Koei-tcheou, a province of China, near the S. W.
extremity of the empire. It is almost a desert,
and full of precipitous mountains, inhabited by
barbarous races, whom the Chinese have never
been able fully to subdue. In the mountains there
are mines of gold, silver, copper, and mercury
The horses are the best in China; and exceLVnt
2 N 2

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