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RON    4

game abounds Staffs are made of a certain herb
which resembles hemp, and are very much suited
for summer clothes. The capital is Koei-yang.

Koei-tcheou, a city of China, of the first rank, in
Se-tchuen. It is very rich, and carries on a great
j-ade. It stanas on the great river Kian-ku, 637
Ti. S S. W. of Pekin. Long, 109. 50. E., lat. 31.

10. N.

Koei-yang, a city of China, capital of the pro-
vince of Koei-tcheou. It is built partly of earth
and partlv of bricks, and is surrounded by steep
mountains. Long. 108. 30. E., lat. 27. 40. N.
Kone. See Kione.

* Koliistan, a district of Persia, in the province of
Mecran, possessed by a powerful chief, who re-
sides at Bunpoor.

Kohkelan, a mountainous district of Hindoostan,
In the province of Lahore, on the western side of
the phylum River, possessed by petty chiefs, who
are subject either to the Seiks or Afghans.

Kokonor, or Hokmior, a country of Tartary, on
the borders of China, inhabited by a tribe of Kal-
mucks called Sifans. It contains a large lake of
the same name.

Kola, a town of Russian Lapland, in the gov-
ernment of Archangel. It has a good harbour on
the river Kola, near a bay ofthe same name in the
Frozen Ocean. Long. 32. 30. E.. lat.
68. 20 N.

Kolin, a town of Bohemia, in the circle of Kaur-
zim, with a castle. A little to the W. of this place,
in 1757, the Austrians gained a victory over .the
Prussians. 26 m. E. S. E. of Prague.

Koiivan, a town of Asiatic Russia, capital of a
district of the same name, in the government of
Tomsk. In the neighbourhood are some very
productive copper mines, with some silver and
gold. It is seated on the river Berd, at its conflux
with the Oby, 480 m. E. S. E. of Tobolsk. Long.
81. 20. E., lat. 55. 28. N.

Kolkokro, a lake in the peninsula of Kamt-
schatka, connected with a river of the same name.
It is said to be
112 m. in circumference, and
abounds with sea calves.

Kolomna, a town of Russia, in the government
Mosgow, and a bishop's see, with a trade in corn,
tallow, salt beef, &c. It is seated on the Occa,
near the influx of the Moskwa, 65 m. S. E. of

Korn. See Com.

Kong, a kingdom of Central Africa, on the bor-
ders of Guinea, from which it is separated by a
ridge of mountains. The country is populous,
and abounds in horses and elephants.

Kong, a town of Africa, capital of the above
Kinordorn, 230 m. S. S.W. ofSego. Long. 3. 20.
W., lat. 11.20. N.

Kongsberg, a town of Norway, in the govern-
ment of Aggerhuys, formerly celebrated for the
f richest silver mines in Europe. It is situate on
, both sides of the river Lowe, 36 m. S. W. of Chris-
tiana. Long. 10. 0. E., lat. 59. 40. N.

I Kongsicinger, a town of Norway, on the fron-
tiers o? Sweden, near the river Glomme, at the
foot ofa steep rock, on which is a strong citadel.
42 m. N. E of Christiana. Long. 12.
8. E., lat.
60.12. N.

Kong-tchang. a city of China, of the first rank,
in the province
or Clien-si. It stands on the river
Hoei, surrounded by high mountains, where a
tomb is seen, which the Chinese pretend to be that
of Fo-hi. Long. 104. 20. E., lat. 34. 56. N.

Konieh, or Koineh. See Cogm.

Konigingratz, a fortified town of Bohemia, cap-
ital of a circle of the same name, and a bishop’s























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see. It has a spacious, handsome market-place
an elegant cathedral, and many other handsome
buildings. In 1762 a body of Prussian troops en
tered the town, and laid the greatest nart of it in
ashes. It is seated on the Elbe, 44 m. ll. of Prague.
Long. 15. 40. E., lat. 50. 10. N.

Konigsberg, a government of the Prussian states,
comprehending the N. and W. parts of the pro
vince of E. Prussia, and corresponding nearly to
E. Prussia Proper. It comprises a superficial area
of 8,960. sq. m. with 491,000 inhabitants.

Konigsberg, the capital of E. Prussia, with a
university, a magnificent palace, and a public li-
brary. The town-house, the exchange, the royal
mint, and the cathedral are fine structures. The
tower of the castle is very high, whence there is
a beautiful prospect. The wall which encloses
the city and suburbs is 9 m. in circumference, but
more than half this space consists of gardens and
corn fields, the pop. of the whole not exceeding

55,000, who are principally of the Lutheran reli-
gion. Many of the houses are large and elegant;
and the trade is very considerable. No ships
drawing more than
8 feet water can pass the bar
of the river, so that large vessels anchor at Pillau,
a small town on the Baltic. Konigsberg, though
fortified, is not capable of making any serious re-
sistance. It was taken by the Russians in 1758;
and in June, 1807, it fell into the hands of the
French; but, since the overthrow of Bonaparte,
it has been under the dominion of Prussia. It is
seated on the Pregel, near its entrance into the
Vrisch Haff. 170 m. N. of Warsaw. Long. 20.

45. E., lat. 54. 42. *N.

Konigsberg, a town of Germany, in Hesse-Cas
sel, 46 m. N. N. E. of Mentz.

Konigsberg, a town and castle of the Bava-
rian states, in Franconia. 14 m. N. AV. of Bam

Konigsberg, a town and castle of Silesia, in the
principality of Troppau, 15 m. S. E. of Troppau.

Koninsberg, a town of Hungary, seated on the
river Gran, 70 m. E. by N. of Presburg.

Konigsberg, a well built towin of Prussia 59 m
N. E. of Berlin.

Konigshof, a town and castle of Bohemia seated
on the Elbe, 14 m. N. of Konigingratz.

Konigshofen, a town of Bavarian Franconia, on
the river Saale, 30 m. N. W. of Bamberg.

Konigslutter, a towin of Germany, in the duchy
of Brunswick, with a celebrated abbey. It is
seated on the rivulet Lutter, 16 m. E. of-Bruns

Konigztein, a town of Saxony, on the frontiers
of Bohemia. A garrison is constantly maintained
in the fort, which stands on a mountain, and is
deemed impregnable. The town has manufactures
of woolen and linen, and is seated on the El
16 m. S. E. of Dresden. Long. 14. 14. E., lat!
50. 54. N.

Konigstein, a town of Germany, in the duchy
of Nassau, with a castle on a rock, 11 m. N. W.
of Frankfort.

Konitz, a town of AV. Prussia, 10 m. N. W. of

Konkodoo, a country of W. Africa, bordering on
Jallonkadvo, Satadoo, and Dentila. It is full of
steep mountains, which, however, are cultivated
even to the summit. The streams which descend
from these mountains impregnate the sand and
earth with gold dust, which the natives separate
by a mechanical process.

Koonjoor, a town of Hindoostan, capital oi a
cucar, in the province of Orissa.
86 m. N. N


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