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LEM    442    LEO

Leith, which forms the harbour, and divides the
town into N. and S. Leith, which communicate
by two draw-bridges. The harbour is secured by
a noble stone pier, and it is accommodated with
wet and dry docks and other conveniences for
ship-building, which is carried on to a considera-
ble extent. Here are also manufactures of ropes,
canvas, carpets, glass, shoes, leather, soap, and
candles, and several iron forges. There are three
churches, an episcopal chapel, three meeting-
houses, a magnificent banking-house, an hospital
for disabled seaman, rebuilt in 1817, and numer-
ous charities. A little to the E. of the town are
the baths, which are constructed upon a grand
scale, and in a style of great elegance. The har-
bour is defended by a martello tower and to the
W of the citadel is a battery for the protection of
the shipping. The commerce of Leith is very con-
siderable ; and the vessels employed in the Lon-
don trade are, in general, of a large size ; but the
largest ships are those employed in the Green-
land whale fishery. To foreign parts are export-
ed lead, glass ware, linen, woolen stuffs, and a
variety of other goods. Long.
2. 56. W., lat. 55.

54. N.

Leitmeritz. See Leutmeritz.

Leitomisckel. See Leutmischel.

, Leitrim, a county of Ireland, in the province of
< lonnaught, bounded on the N. by Donegal Bay,
N. E. by Fermanagh, E. by Cavan, S. E. by
Longford, S. W. by Roscommon, and W. by
Sligo'. Its greatest length is about 54 English m.,
and its maximum breadth 20. It contains 21 par-
ishes, and an area of 407,260 English acres. The
northern parts are mountainous and uncultivated
but they abound with inexhaustible veins of lead,
iron, and copper ore, and have likewise some coal
mines. The S. is level and fertile. The county
is traversed by the river Shannon, abounds with
small lakes and rivers, has some productive iron-
works, and feeds great herds of cattle. It re-
turns two members to the imperial parliament.
Carrick is the capital.

Leitrim, a village of xe2x80x98Ireland, from which the
preceding county has its name, and formerly a
place of some note. It is seated on the Shannon,
4 m. N. of Carrick, and
82 W. N. W. of Dub-

Lrinslip, a town of Ireland, in the county of
Kildare. It has a noble castle with large gardens,
on one side of which is a fine waterfall, called
the Salmon Leap. Near it is the ruins of the
church and castle of Confy. It is seated on the
8 m. W. of Dublin.

Lcmburg, or Leopold, a town of Austrian Po-
land, formerly the capital of Red Russia, and now
of Galicia and Ladomeria. It is well fortified,
and defended by two citadels, one of which is on
an eminence without the city. The cathedral,
churches, and public buildings are magnificent;
and the inhabitants, computed at 44,000, of whom

14.000 are Jews, carry on a considerable trade,
ft is the see of a Roman Catholic archbishop, and
has also an Armenian and Russian bishop. It is
seated on th* Pelton, 72 m. S. S. E. of Chelm, and
159 E. of Cracow. Long. 24. 26. E., lat. 49. 51.

Lemgoic, a town of Prussia, in Westphalia, and
in the principality of Lippe-Detmold, with somp
cloth and stuff manufactures, and a considerable
trade in printing and bookselling. It is seated
on the Beya, 17 m. S. of Minden.

Lemnos, or Stalimerie, an island of the Archi-
pelago, lying near strait of Gallipoli, 15 m.

long and 11 broad. The poets made it sacred to
Vulcan, who was hence called Lemnius Pater
It was also celebrated for its labyrinth, of which
not a trace remains. The air is pure, and the
produce consists of corn, oil, cotton, and a varie-
ty of fruits. It has two harbours on the S. coast
and an extensive roadstead on the N. Its sapi-
tal is ofthe same name, and is a metropolitan see.
Long. 25 23. E,, lat. 40. 3. N.

Lempster, p.t. Sullivan Co. N. H. 40 m. W.
Concord. Pop. 999.

Lenungton, a township of Essex Co. Vt. on
the Connecticut,65 m. N. E. Montpelier. Pop. 182

Lemon, a township of Butler Co. Ohio, on the
Miami. Pop. 2,870. It contains the villages of
Middleton and Monroe.

Lena, a river of Asiatic Russia, in the govern-
ment of Irkutsk, which rises in the mountains to
the N. W. of the lake Baikal, flows N. and N. E.
to Yakutsk, where it is 5 rn. wide, and proceed-
ing N. N. W., enters the Frozen Ocean by sever-
al mouths.

Lenawee, a county of Michigan. Pop. 1,591
Tecumseh is the capital.

Lenczicz, a strong town of Poland, with a fort
on a rock. It stands in a morass on the river
Biusa, 77 m. W. of Warsaw, and 110 N. by W
of Cracow.

Lmham, a decayed market town in Kent, Eng
seated on an eminence, at the source of the Len
10 m. E. of Maidstone, and 44 S. E. of Lon-

Lennep, a town of the Prussian states, in the
province of Cleves and Berg, on a river of the
same name, 20. m. E. S. E. of Dusseldorf.

Lenoir, a county ofNorth Carolina. Pop. 7,935.
Kingston is the capital.

Lenox, p.t. Berkshire Co. Mass. 6 m. S. Pitts-
field, and 147 W. Boston. Pop. 1,355. It is a
very neatly built town and has manufactures of
woolen and iron. Also a p.t. Madison Co. N. Y.
on Oneida Lake. Pop. 5,039. Also towns in Sus-
quehanna Co. Pa. and Ashtabula Co. Ohio.

Lenox, a county of Upper Canada lying upon
the Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario.

Lenox Castle, p.t. Rockingham Co. N. C.

LenoxviUe, p.t. Carteret Co. N. C. on Core

Lens, a town of France, department of Pas de
Calais, 10 m. N. W. of Douay.

Lentini, an ancient town of Sicily, in Val di
Noto. It is a small remainder of the ancient
Leontium, and situate at the foot of a height,
the top of which Charles V. built a new town,
called Carlentini. Lentini was greatly damaged
by an earthquake in 1693. It is seated on a river
of the same name, 17 m. S. W. of Catania.

Lentzburg, a town of Switzerland, in the canton
of Aargau, with a castle, and manufactures of lin-
en, cotton, tobacco, &c. It is seated on the Aa,
6 m. E. of Aargau.

Lentzen, a town ofthe Prussian province of Bran
denburg, near the Elbe, 74 m. N. W. of Berlin.

Leoben, a town of the Austrian states, in Uppei
Styria, situate on the Muhr, 20 m. N. W. of

Leobschuz, a town of Prussian Silesia, with a
trade in corn and yarn, 10 m. N. N. E. of Jagern

Leogane, a town and fort, with a good harbour
on the N. side of the S. peninsula of St. Domin-
go. It was taken by the British in 1796. 26 m

S. S. W. of Port au Prince. Long. 72. 37. W
lat. 18. 33. N.


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