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LEP    443    LES

Leominster, a borough in Hertfordshire, Eng.
with a trade in cloth, gloves, hats, hops, leather,
cider, &c. The church is spacious, and has a
beautiful altar-piece by Rubens. Here are also
four meeting-houses, two charity schools,and two
free schools, one of them endowed by Queen Mary.
It is seated on the Lug, 26 m. W. of Worcester
and 137 N. W. of London.

Leominster, ph. Worcester Co. Mass.. 20 m. N.
Worcester, on Nashua river. Pop. 1,861. It has
manufactures of combs and other articles.

Leon, an important N. W. division of Spain,
still retaining the title of a kingdom, bounded on
the N. by Asturias, VV. by Galicia and Portugal,

5. by Estremadura, and E. by Old Castile, it is
200 in. long and 170 broad, and divided into al-
most two equal parts by the River Duero. It is
divided into the districts of Leon, Salamanca, Pa-
lencia, Zamora, Tom, and Valladolid.

Leon, the capital of the above province, and a
bishop’s see, was formerly richer avid more popu-
lous than at present. Its cathedral which is ad-
mired for its elegant lightness, contains the tomb
of 37 kings and one emperor. 174 m. N. by
W. of Madrid. Long. 5. 38. W., lat. 42. 36. N.

Leon, Isle of, an insulated tract on the S. W.
coast of Spain, separated from the mainland by a
canal and r;ver,
10 m. in length, and from 20 to
30 feet in depth. The defence thus afforded
against an enemy in possession of the mainland
(as was the case of the French in 1810) is farther
strengthened by the salt marshes, which extend
to the eastward, and are impassable except along
a causeway. See

Leon, a town on the above island. The popu-
lation including St. Carlos, is said to amount to

40,000, whose chief support arises from the works
carried on at the neighbouring arsenal and dock-
yard of Caracas. 11 m. S. E. of Cadiz. Long.

6. 12. AV., lat. 36. 27. N.

Leon, a city of Guatemala, capital of the prov-
ince of Nicaragua. In the vicinity is a mountain
with a volcano, which sometimes occasions earth-
quakes. It is a commercial place, seated near
the N. W. extremity of the iake Nicaragua, 30 m.
from the Pacific Ocean. Long. 87.20. W., lat. 12.
30. N.

Leon, New, a province in the S. part of New
Mexico, having the gulf of Mexico on the E., Pa-
nuco on the S., and New Biscay on the AV. It
is little known.

Leonard, St., an ancient town of France, de-
partment of Upper A'ienne, with manufactures of
paper and cloth; seated on the A’ienne, 10 m.
N. E. Limoges and 195 S. of Paris.

Ltonardstmcn, p.v St. Mary's Co. Maryland,
on the Potomac,
68 m.. S. E. AVashington., p.v. Madison Co. N. Y. 95 m. N.
W. Albany.

Lxouxerg. a town of Germany, in the kingdom
of AVurteinber*. situate on the Glem,
6 m. AV. of

Leopoldstmdt. a town and fortress of Hungary,
seated on the Wiag. 56 m. E. of Vienne.

Lepanta, a sea-port of Greece, in Livadia, and
an archbishop's see. It is surrounded- with high
walls, and defended by a castle on an eminence.
The produce of the adjacent country is wine, oil,
corn, rice, leather, and tobacco. It is seated ai
the entrance of a gulf of the same name,
100 m.
W. N W. of Athens and 360 S. W. of Constan-
tinople. Long. 22. E-. lat- 38. 30. N.

Leper’s Isle, one of the New Hebrides, in the
Pacific Ocean. Long. 168. 5. E. lat. 15. 23. S.

Le Ray, a township of Jefferson Co. N. Y. 20
m. N. E. Sackett’s Harbour. Pop. 3,430.

Lerena, or Llerena, a town of- Spain, in festre-
madura, at the foot of a mountain, and the source
of the Malachel, 50 m. S. of Merida and 63 N. of
Seville. Long 5. 59. W, lat. 38. 7. N.

Lerida (the Ilerdc, of Lucan), an ancient town
of Spain, in Catalonia, and a bishop's see, with a
university and a castle. Near this place are the
remains of a palace of the kings of Arragon. It
is seated on a hill, on the river Segra, 69 m. S. S,
E. of Saragossa and 200 N. W. of Madrid. Lon*
0. 25. E., lat. 41. 32. N.

Lerins, two islands in the Mediterranean, or.
the coast of France, 5 m. from Antibes. That
nearest the coast, which is the larger island, is
called St. Margaret; the smaller is called St. Ho-
norat, and has a Benedictine abbey.

Lerma, a town of Spain, in the province of
Burgos, with a palace, seated on the Arlanza, 23
m. S. of Burgos.

Lernica, a town of Cyprus, formerly a large
city, as appears from its ruins. It is situate on the

S. coast of the island, where there is a good road,
and a small fort, for its defence, 30 m. S. AV. of

* Le Roy, ph. Genesee Co. N. Y. 10 m. E. Bata-
via. Pop. 3,909. Also a township of Geauga Co.

Lei-wick, a town of Scotland, capital of the
Shetland Islands, situate on the spacious harbour
called Brassa Sound. It is the rendezvous of the
fishing busses and vessels employed in the her-
ring fishery. Near the N. end of the town is
Fort Charlotte, which commands, the N. entrance
to Brassa Sound. Long. 0. 56. AV., lat. 60. 12. N.

Lescar, a town of France, department of Lower
Pyrenees, seated on a hill, 3 m. N. AA’. of Pau and
42 S. E. of Bayonne.

Lesqmstan, or Daghistan. See Daghistan.

Lesignau, a town of France, department of Aude,
11 m. W. of Narbonne.

Lesina, an island in the gulf of Venice, on the
coast of Dalmatia, 65 m. long and 14 broad. It
contains great quantities of different kinds of mar-
ble and produces wine, oil, figs, almonds, oranges,
saffron, aloes, honey, &c , in great abundance ;
but salt-fish is the chief article of commerce. The
capital, of the same name, has a good harbour, and
contains 1,200 inhabitants. 20 m. S. of Spalatro.
Long. 16. 20. E., lat. 43. 33. N.

Leskeard, a borough in Cornwall, Eng. with
manufactures of leather and yarn. It is one of
the largest and best built towns in the country,
had formerly a castle, now in ruins, and is one of
the coinage towns for tin. Besides the church
which is a large and noble edifice, here are three
places of worship for dissenters, a free grammar
school, two national schools, and a charity school
for poor children. In the vicinity are several ex-
tensive sheep-walks. 16 m. N. W. of Plymouth
and 225 W. by S. of London. Long. 4. 42. W.,
lat. 50. 27. N.

Lesparre, a town of France, department of Gi
ronde, near which are found transparent pebbles,
known by the name of Medoc stones. It is 13 m.
N. N. W. of Bordeaux.

Lessines, a town of the Netherlands, in Hain
ault, famous for its linen manufacture; seated on
the Dender, 28 m. S. W. of Brussels.

Lestwithiel, or Lostwithiel, a borough in Corn
wall, Eng. with a tolerable woolen manufacture
Here is the stannary goal, and the county courts
are held here. It is seated on the river Fowey,

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