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LUI    465    LUN

.le. In religion they are Mahomedans cf the
most bigoted and intolerant character, as was ful-
ly proved in the case of major Houghton,who was
murdered here, and of Mr. Park, who was kept
in long captivity, and with difficulty made his

Isiddiaunah, a town and fortress of Hindoos-
tan, m the province of Dehli, situated on the S.
bank of the river Suttelege. 180 m. N. N. W. of

Ludendieid, a town of Prussian Westphalia
with manufactures of iron and cloth, 28 m. N. E.
of Cologne.

xe2x96xa0Ludcrsliall, a borough in Wiltshire, Eng. It is
15 in. N. of Salisbury, and 71 N. by W. of Lon-

Ludlow, a borough in Shropshire, Eng. It has
a castle now fast going to decay, where all busi-
ness was formerly transacted for the principality
of IVales. This castle and town were held for
the empress Maude against king Stephen, and be-
sieged by him. Edward V. resided here at the
time of his father’s death, and was carried hence
to London. Arthur, prince of Wales, son of.
Henry VII., held a court, and died here. It is
seated on the Teme, 21 in. S. of Shrewsbury, and
142 N. IV. of London. Long. 2. 42. W., lat. 52.

23. N.

Lvd'oi:, p.t. Hampden Co. Mass. on a branch
of Chickapee River. 12 m. N. E. Springfield.
P-in. 1.327. Also a p.t. Windsor Co. Vt. 16 m.
v: Windsor. Pop. 1.227.

Ludlowville, p.t. Tompkins Co N. Y. on Cayu-
ga lake.

Ludwigsourg, a town of Germany, in Wurtem-
Derg, with manufactures of cloth, damask linen,
and marble paper. It is seated on the Neckar,
in N. of Stuttgard.

Ludwigsburg, a town of the Prussian states, in
Pomerania, near the Baltic Sea, 5 m. E. N. E. of

Luga, a town of Russia, in the government of
Petersburg, on a river of the same name, 96 m.
S. of Petersburg.

Lugano, a town of Italy, capital of the Swiss
canton of Tesino, with a considerable trade in silk.
It is built round a gentle curve of the lake Luga-
no. and backed by an amphitheatre of hills. The
principal church is seated on an eminence above
the town. It is 17 m. N. IV. of Como Long.
8. 57. E.. fat. 45. 54. X.

Lugano, a fake in the canton of Tesino, 25 m.
in length, and from 3 to
6 in breadth. Its form is
irregular, an i bending into continual sinuosities.
It lies br’.wxe2x80x94in tne lakes Como and Maggiore.but
is above lrf* feet higher than either of them.

Ludgc. -or Li d', a town of Prussian Westpha-
lia. seated on ;oe Eminer, 24 m. N. N. E. of Pad-

Lugo, a city >f Spain, in Galicia, and a bish-
op’s see. It was once the metropolis of Spain,
but is now chiedv celebrated far its hot medicinal
springs. It is seated on the Minho, 50 m. E. N.
E. ofComoostella. Lone. 7. 32. VV., lat. 43. 4.

Luis, St., a town of Buenos Ayres, m the prov-
ince of Tucuman. 140 m. W. S. W. of Cordova.
Long. 67. 52. W. fat. 32.10. S.

Luis de la Paz, Si., a town of Mexico, in the
province of Mechoacan. 12*3 m. S by E. of Mecho-

Luis de Potosi1 St., a city of Mexico, in the
province of Mechoacan, situate in the midst of rich
gold mines, and all the comforts of life The

streets are neat and straight, and the churches
magnificent. It is 180 m. N. by IV. of Mechoa-
can. Long. 102. 54. W., lat. 22. 25. N.

Lui-tcheou, a city of China, of the fir:* rank, in
tlie province of Quang-tong. It is seated in a
fertile country, near the sea, 315 m. S. W. of Can-
ton. Lo..g. 109. 25. E., fat. 20. 58. N.

Luleti, a sea-port of Sweden, in Bothnia, with
a good harbour. Near it is a mountain of iron
ore. It stands on a river of the same name, at
the N. IV. extremity of the gulf of Bothnia, 115
in. N. N. E. of Uina. Long. 22. 12. E., lat. 65

32. N.

Lumberland, a township of Sullivan Co. N. Y.
on the Delaware. Pop. 955.

Lumberton, a village of Burlington Co. N. J.
near Mount Holly, also a village in Robertson Co.
N. C. 25 m. S. Fayetteville.

Lumello,a town in the Sardinian states,formerly
the residence of the kings of Lombardy, but now
a small place. It is seated on the Gogna, 44 m.
E. N. E. of Turin.

Lunan, a town of Scotland, in Angusshire, sit
uate on a bay of its name, at the mouth of the riv
er Lunan, 5 m. S. S. IV. of Montrose.

Lund, a town of Sweden, in the province of
Scania It carries on but little trade, and is prin-
cipally supported by its university, founded by
Charles XI., and from him called Academia Caro-
lina Gothorum. The cathedral is an ancient ir-
regular building. It is 21 m. E. of Copenhagen,
and 35 S. IV. of Christianstadt. Long. 13. 12. E..
lai. 55. 42. N.

Lundtn, a town of Denmark, in N. Ditsmarsch,
seated near the Eyder, 22 m. W. of Rendsburg.

Lundy, an island at the entrance of the Bristol
Channel, about 12 m. from the Devonshire coast.
It is about 5 m. long and 2 broad, and in the N.
part is a high pyramidical rock, calfad the Con-
stable. Long. 4.
8. W., lat. 51. 13. N.

Lune. See Loyne.

Lund, a town of France, in the department ot
Gard, near the river Ridourle. It has excellent
muscadine wine, and is 16 m. E. of Montpelier.

Lunen, a town of Westphalia, in the county of
Marck, situated at the conflux ofthe Zezisk with
the Lippe, 20 m. S. by W. of Munster.

Lunenburg, or Luneburg, a province of Hano-
ver, formerly a duchy of the German empire, ty-
ing along the left bank of the Elbe. A small por-
tion, lying on the right bank of the Elbe, now
belongs to Denmark ; but Hanoverian Lunen-
burg comprises a superficial extent of 4,236 sq. m.
with 246,000 inhabitants. It is watered by the
rivers Aller, Elbe, Ilmenau, Oker, Jeetize, Fuhse,
and some smaller streams ; and part of it is full
of heaths and forests, but near the rivers it is tol-
erably fertile.

Lunenburg, a large fortified town, capita! of
the foregoing province. The chief public edifi-
ces are the places for public worship, the palace,
three hospitals, the town-house, the salt magazine,'
the anatomical theatre, and the academy. The
salt springs near this place are very productive. It
is situatedon the Ilmmenau. 36 . S. E. of Ham-
burg, and 60 N. of Brunswick.

Lunenburg, p.t. Essex Co. Vt. on the Connecti-
cut, nearly opposite Lancaster N. H. Pop. 1,054.
p.t. Worcester Co. Mass. 45 m. N. W. Boston.
Pop. 1,318.

Lunenburg, a county of the E. District of Vir-
ginia. Pop. 11,957. Also a county of Nova Sco-
tia containing a township of the same name.

Luneville, a town of France, department of

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