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land. Pop. 1,110; also towns in Mercer and But-
ler Cos. Pa.

Mercersburg, p.v. Franklin Co. Pa. 16 m. S. W.

Merdim, a town of Asiatic Turkey, in Diarheck,
and an archbishop’s see, with a castle. The
country about it produces a great deal of cotton.
It is seated on the summit of a mountain, 45 m.
S. E. of Diarbekir. Long. 39. 59. E., lat 36. 50.

Mere, a town in Wiltshire, Eng. 100 m. W. by
S. of London.

Merecga, a town of Algiers, in the province of
Mascara, celebrated for its warm baths. 25 m. S.
E. of Shershel and 50 S. W. of Algiers

Merecz, a town of Russian Lithuania govern-
ment of Wilna, seated at the conflux of the Mer-
#cez and Nemen, 30 m. N. of Grodno.

Meredith, p.t. Strafford Co. N. H. 63 m. N. W.
Portsmouth. Pop. 2,683. Here are considerable
manufactures of cotton, woolen and paper.

Mergentheim, a well built town of Wurtem-
berg xe2x80xa2 seated on the Tauber, 20 m. S. S. W. of
Wurtzburg. Long. 9. 52. E., lat. 49. 30. N.

Merghen, or Merguen, a city of E. Tartary,
province of Tcitcicar; seated on the Nonni, 140
m. N. by E. of Tcitcicar. Long. 124, 55. E.. lat

49. 10. N.

Mergui, a sea-port on the W. coast of Siam, with
an excellent harbour. It was wrested from the
Siamese by the Birmans in 1755, hut was ceded
to Britain in 1824-5, and is 208 m. S. W. of Siam.
Long. 98. 9. E., lat. 12. 12. N.

Mergui Archipelago, consists of islands extend-
ing 13o m. along the coast of Tannasserim and
the isthmus of the Malay peninsula, with a strait
between them and the mainland, from 15 to 30
m. broad, having regular soundings and good
anchorage. They are in general covered with
trees, but are not inhabited, although the soil ap-
pears feruie The principal of them are King’s
lslana, Clara, St. Mathew’s and Tannasserim.,. a strong town of Spain, in Estremadura,
built by tne Romans, before the birth of Christ.
Here are fine remains of antiquity, particularly a
triumphal arch. In 1811 it fell into the hands of
the French, but was retaken by general (afterwards
lord) Hill in the following year. It is seated in
an extensive fertile plain, on the river Guadiana,
over which is a noble Roman bridge, 32 m. E. of
Badajoz. Long. 5. 58. W., lat. 38. 47. N.

Merida, a town of Mexico, capital of a province
of the same name, lying between the Bays of Hon-
duras and Campeachy. It is situated in an arid
3'J m. S. of the gulf of Mexico and 70 N.
c.. of Campeaehv Long. 89. 58. W., lat. 20. 45.


Meriden, p.t. New Haven Co. Conn. 17 m. N.
Ft*- Haven. Pop. 1.703.

MeridtmnsrHle. p.v. Madison Co. Alab.

Meridien. p.T. Madison Co. Missouri.

Merum. Cyy and Loiter, two townships in
Montgomery Co. Pa. near Philadelphia.

Merionetkskirt. a eountv of AVales. It contains
nearly 500.<M>
acres, is divided into 5 hundreds
37 parishes, has four market towns, and sends
one member to parliament. The number of in-
habitants in 1821 was 34.382. The face of the
country is varied throughout with a romantic mix
ture of all the scenery peculiar to a wild and
mountainous region. The principal rivers are the
Dee and Dyfi. Cader Idris, one of the highest
mountains in Wales, is in this county.

Meritch, an important town and fortress of'Hin
doostan, in the province of Bejapoor, situate near
the N. bank of the Kistna, 62 m. S. W. of Visia-

Mermentau, a lake and river in the S. W. part
of Louisiana flowing into the gulf of Mexico.

Mero, a strong town of the kingdom of Pegu
140 m. S. W. of Pegu. Long. 98. 36. E., lat. 16
0. N.

Merou, a town of Persia, in Khorassan, seated
in a fertile country, which produces salt,
112 m
S. W. of Bokhara. Long. 64.25. E., lat. 37.40.

Merrittstown, p.v. Fayette Co. Pa.

Merrittsville, p.v. Greenville Dis. S. C. 120 m.
N. W. Columbus.

Merrimack, a river of New England rising in
New Hampshire. One of its head streams called
the Pemigewasset has its source near the Notch
of the White Mountains ; the other flows through
Winnipisiogee Lake. The river runs south into
Massachusetts, where it turns south-east and flows
to the sea at Newburyport. In the upper part of
its course it is much obstructed by falls. These
afford excellent mill sites, and the largest manu-
factories in the United States are situated on this
river. Many canals pass around the falls; at
Chelmsford the Middlesex canal extends from this
river to Boston harbour. The mouth of the river
is obstructed by a sand bar which does not admit
the passage of ships except at high water. There
is a good navigation for vessels of
200 tons to
Haverhill. Two chain bridges cross the river at
Newburyport and Salisbury. The current is
rapid and the shores bold ; the interval borders
are narrower than upon the Connecticut, but af
ford much beautiful scenery. The waters are pure
and salubrious and abound in salmon, shad, ale-
wives, herring and sturgeon, which last gave name

to the river, Merrimack being the Indian name
for sturgeon. The chief branches are the Con-
toocook in New Hampshire and Nashua and Con-
cord rivers in Massachusetts.

Merrimack, a county of New Hampshire, formed
from the N. part of Hillsborough Co. Pop. 34,619.
Concord is the capital.

Merrimack, p.t. Hillsborough Co. N. H. 6 m. E.
Amherst. Pop. 1,191. Also townships in Wash
ington and Franklin Cos. Missouri.

Merryhill, p.v. Bertie Co. N. C.

Merrymeeting Bay, a wide expansion of water
at the junction of the Kennebec and A ndroscoggin
rivers. Also a bay in Winnipisiogee Lake.

mersea, a town in Essex Co. U. C. on Lake

Mersch, a town of the Netherlands, in the duchy
of Luxemburg,
8 m. N. of Luxemburg.

Merseburg, one of the new divisions of the Prus-
sian states, consisting principally of cessions made
by Saxony in 1815. It lies to the S. of Anhalt
and to the E. of the government of Erfurt, and
comprises an area of 4,000 sq. m. with 471,000 in-

Merseburg, the capital of the above government,
formerly a bishopric The most remarkable build-
ings are the castle, the cathedral which stands
below it, and the academy. The brewing and ex,

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