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Moss, a sea-port of Norway, in the government
of Aggerhuys, at the mouth of a river of its name,
on the E. side of Christiania Bay. Here are mliny
saw-mills and a large iron foundery. 28 m. S. of
Christiania. Long. 10. 48. E., lat. 58. 38. N.

Mossula, a town of the kingdom of Congo, at
the mouth of the Onzo, 220 m. S.
W. of St. Sal-
vador. Long. 12. 10. E., lat. 7. 50. S.

Mostar, a sea-port of Dalmatia, and a Greek
archbishop’s see; seated on the Narenza,
20 m.
N. E. of Narenza. Long. 18. 37. E., lat. 43.48. N.

Mosul, a town of Asiatic Turkey, in Diarbeck,
surrounded by high walls and defended by a cas-
tle and citadel. The houses are in several places
gone to ruin ; but it has a great trade, particularly
in cloth, and all sorts of cottons and silks. At some
distance from Mosul is a mosque, in which they
pretend the prophet Jonah lies ; and they believe
this town stands on the site of the ancient Nine-
veh. It is seated on the Tigris, 130 m. S. E. ol
Diarbekir and 190 N. E. of Bagdad. Long. 43. 30.
E., lat. 36. 20. N.

Motherkiil, a hundred of Kent Co Del. Fred-
rica is the chief town.

Motir, one of the Molucca Islands, 20 m. in
circumference, and valuable for its spices. Long.
127. O.E., lat.0. 10. N.

Motril, a sea-port of Spain, in Granada, with
a good harbour, seated on the Mediterranean,
37 m. S. E. of Granada. Long. 3. 28. W., lat. 36.
32. N.

Motta, a town of Austrian Italy, in the Trevis-
ano, at the conflux of the Mottigano and Livenza,
18 m. N. E. of Treviso.

Motta, a town of Naples, in Capitanata, 3 m.
E. S. E. Volturara.

Mottling. See

Mouab, a town of Arabia, in Yemen, and the
residence of a prince; seated in a fertile coun-
try, 90 m. S. E. of Sana. Long. 46. 35. E., lat.

14. 20. N

Moiidon, a town of Switzer and, in the canton
of Vaud, with a castle on the summit of a moun-
tain, 12 m. N. N. E. of Lausanne.

Movlins, a town of France, capital of the de-
partment of Allier. Its manufacture of cutlery
is in great esteem ; and the houses of the late
Chartreux, and of the Visitation, are magnifi-
cent. It is seated on the Allier, over which is a
fine bridge, 30 m. S. of Nevers and 225 S. S E
of Paris. Long. 2. 20. E., lat. 46. 34. N.

Moulins en Gilbert, a town in the department of
Nievere, at the foot of the mountains ofMorvan.
5 m. S. W. of Chateau Chinos.

Moulins la Marche, a town in the department
of Orne, 24 m. N. E. of Aleneon.

Moultan, a province of Hindoostan boundeed by
Lahore, Afghanistan, Agimere, Sinde, and Beloo-
chistan. Its products are cotton, sugar, opium,
galls, sulphur, &c. Iu many parts there are fine
camels, and a breed of excellent horses. It is gov-
erned by a nabob, tributary to the Afghans.

Moultan, the capital of the above province, sur-
rounded with a fine wall 40 feet high and four
miles in circumference, is strongly fortified, and
has a Hindoo temple of great celebrity. It is fa-
mous for its silks and carpets, and is situate in a
pleasant and well cultivated district, 4 m. S. E.
of the Chenob,or Acesinies River, and 210 S. VV.
of Lahore. Long. 70.40. E., lat. 29. 52. N.

Moulton, p.v. Lawrence Co. Alabama.

Moultonborough, ph. Strafford Co. N. H. on
Lake Winipisiogee. 36 m. N. Concord. Pop.

Mountain Islana. a village of Scott Co. Ken.

Mountain Shoals, p.v. Lawrence Dis. S. C.

Mount Airy, p.v. Surrey Co. N. C. 172 m. N. W.

Mount Bay, a bay in the English channel, on
the S. coast of Cornwall, between Land’s End
and Lizard Point. Within rises a lofty peninsu-
lated rock, called Mount St. Michael, near the
town of Marazion, to which there is a diy passage
at low water.

Mount Bethel, a village of Somerset Co. N. J.
also two townships, Upper and Lower, in North-
nampton Co. Pa

Mount Carmel, ph. Edwards Co. Illinois.

Mount Clemens, a village of Macomb Co. Mich

Mount Desert, a fertile island on the coast of
the state of Maine, in Hancock county, 15 m.
long and 12 broad. It is intersected in the mid-
dle, by the waters flowing into the S. side from
the sea; and the N. part is separated from the
mainland, by a strait 9 m. wide. Pop. 1,603.

Mount Clio, p.v. Sumter Dis. S. C. 52 m. E

Mount Elon, p.v. Darlington Dis. S. C. 77 m
N. E. Columbia.

Mount Gilead, p.v. Loudon Co. Va.

Mount Henry, p.v. Montgomery Co. Ten. 67 m.
N. W. Murfreesborough.

Mount Holly, ph. Rutland Co. Vt. 20 m. W.
Windsor. Pop. 1,318 ; ph. Burlington Co. N. J.
18 m. E. Philadelphia.

Mount Hope, an eminence in Bristol R. I., cel-
ebrated in the early history of Npw England, as
the residence of the Indian Sachem Metacom
or king Philip. It stands on the shore of a wide
branch of Narraganset Bay.

Mount Hope, p.v.Orange Co. N. Y.; p.v. Shenan-
doah Co. Va.

Mount Horeb,ph. Nelson Co. Va.; p.v. Jasper Co.

Mount Jackson, p.v. Beaver Co. Pa.

Mount Joy, towns in Lancaster and Adams Cos.

Mount Laurel, p.v. Halifax Co. Va.

Mount Morris, p.v. Livingston Co. N. Y. Pop.

Mount Mourne, p.v. Iredell Co. N. C.

Mount Pilot, p.v. Sumner Co. Ten.

Mount Pisgah, p.v. Iredell Co. N. C. and Wil-
cox Co. Alabama.

Mount Pleasant, ph. Westchester Co. N. Y.
on the Hudson,33 m. above New York. Pop. 4,932;
also towns and villages in Lancaster, Westmore-

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