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Lower Rhine, seated on the Moselle, 17 m. N. E.
of Treves.

Nsumark, a town of Bavaria, where the French,
in 1796, met with the first of that series of defeats
which led to their retreat across the Rhine. It is
seated on the Sulz, 19 m. S. E. of Nuremburg.

Neumark, a town of Bavaria, on the river Roth,

16 m. S. E. of Landshut.

Neumark, a town of Austrian Illyria, in Car-
niola, 28 m. N. W. of Laubach.

Newmarket, a town of Prussian Silesia near
which, at the village of Leuthen, the Prussians
gained a decisive victory over the Austrians in
1757. 20 m. W. by N. of Breslau.

Neurode, a town of Prussian Silesia in the
jounty of Glatz, on the river Wolitz, 10 m. N. N.
W. of Glatz.

Aeuse, a river of N. Carolinia, which enters
Pamlico Sound below Neubern, where it is a mile
and a half broad.

Neusaltz, a strong town and fortress of Hunga-
ry, formerly called Peterwardein Schanz. It is
the see of a Greek bishop, and stands on the Dan-
ube, opposite Peterwardein in Sclavonia.

Neusidler, a lake of Hungary, 26 m. long and
10 broad, and 16 S. S. W. of Presburg. It is al-
most surrounded by fens. In its vicinity is the
castle of Esterhiizy, said to rival the palace of
Versailles in pomp.

Neusol, a town of Hungary, and a bishop’s see,
with an old castle, in which is a church, covered
with copper. In the adjacent mountains are ex-
tensive copper mines. It is seated on the Gran,
22 m. N. by E. of Schemnitz.

Neustadt, a town of Austria, with a castle, and
an arsenal. It has the staple right over all goods
coming from Italy, and stands on the frontiers of
Hungary, 28 m. S. by W. of Vienna. Long. 16.
18. E., lat. 47. 50. N.

Neustadt, a town of Bavaria, in the circle of
Lower Maine, formerly the capital of the Lower
part of the principality of Bayreuth, with a castle.
The library belonging to the church contains
many curiosities. It. stands on the river Aisch,
32 m. E. S. E. of Wurtzbur*. Long. 10. 43. E.,
lat. 49. 38. N.

Neustadt, a town oTthe Bavarian circle of Lower
Maine, formerly in the principality of Wurtzburg,
seated on the Saale, 16 m. N. by E. of Schwein-

Neustadt, a town of Wurtemberg, seated on the
Kocher, 12 m. N. N. E. of Heilbron.

Neustadt, a town of Saxony, in Meissen, capi-
tal of a circle of the same name. It has a castle,
two churches, and a mine office , and on a moun-
tain near it is another castle called Arnshaug. It
.s seated on the Orla, 46 m. S. S. W. of Leipzig.
11. 49. E., lat. 50.45. NT

Neustadt, a town of Prussia, in the province of
Brandenburg. Here are extensive breweries, and
manufactures of cloth and cutlery. It stands on
the Finow canal, 31 m. N. E. of Berlin.

Neustadt. a town of Brandenburg, in the mark
ot Pregnitz. celebrated for its manufacture of
(dale-glass;. seated on the Dosse,
8 m. E. N. E.
of Havelburg.

Neustadt, a town of Denmark, in the duchy of
Holstein, with a castle, and aspaeious harbour on
the Baltic. It suffered greatly from fire in 1817.
20 m. N. by E. of Lubec. Lon*. 10. 57. E., lat.

54. 10. N.

Neustadt, a town of Germany, m the grand
duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, with a castle.

17 m. S. of Schwerin

Neustadt, a town of Germany, in the duchy of
Brunswick, with a castle; seated on the Leine,
15 m. N. N. W. of Hanover.

Neustadt, a town of Germany in Bavaria, at the
conflux of the Abenst with the Danube, 16 m. E.
by N. of Ingolstadt.

Neustadt, a town of Bavaria, with a castle, seat-
ed on the river Nab, 27 m. N. N. E. of Amberg.

Neustadt, a town of the Austrian States in Mo-
ravia, 10 m. N.W. of Olmutz.

Neustadt., a town of Prussian Silesia, in the
principality of Oppeln, with manufactures of lin-
en and woolen, and a trade in wines ; seated on
the Prudnitz, 14 m. S. E. of Neisse.

Neustadt, a town of Bohemia, in the circle of
Pilsen, 35 m. W. by S. of Pilsen.

Neustadt. a town of Bohemia 13 m. N. E. of

Neustadt, a town of Westphalia, in the county
of Mark, 50 rn. E. S. E. of Dusseldorf.

Neustadtel, a towin of Bohemia. 66 m. N. E. of

Neustadtel, a towin of Hungary, on the Waa*,
52 m. N. N. E. of Presburg.    n

Neuville, a town of France, department of Loire t
11 m. N. N. E. of Orleans.

Neuville, a town of Switzerland 9 m. N. E. oi

Neuville, a township of Cumberland Co. Pa.

Nemcied, a town of Westphalia, capital of the
lower county ofWied, with a fine castle; seated
on the Rhine, 7 m. N. W. of Coblentz.

Neva, a river of Russia, which issues from Lake
Ladoga, flows to Petersburg, where it divides into
several branches, and enters the gulf of Finland
8 m. W. N. W. of Halle in Suabia.

Nevern, a village of Wales, in Pembrokeshire,
near a river of the same name, 2 m. N. E. of New-
port-. In the churchyard stands a square stone,
13 feet high and two broad ; the top is circular,
charged with a cross, and all the sides are carved
with knot-work of various patterns.

Nevers, a town of France, capital of the depart-
ment of Nievre, and a bishop’s see. It is built in
the form of an amphitheatre, and contains several
fine buildings. The chief manufactures are china,
glass, and works of enamel, It is seated on the
Loire, at the influx of the Nievre, over which is a
handsome bridge of
20 arches. 30 m. N. N. W.
of Moulins.

Nevillsville, p.v. Clermont Co. Ohio.
t Nevis, one of the Leeward Carribee Islands, in
the W. Indies, divided from the E. end of St.
Christopher by a narrow channel. It has but one
mountain, which is in the middle, very high, and
covered with large trees up to the top. Here is
a hot bath, much of the same nature as those of
Bath, in England. It is a small island, but very
fruitful, and subject to the English. Charleston
is the capital, on the S. W. side, defended by a
fort. Long. 62. 50. W., lat 16. 10. N.

Nevisink, ph. Sullivan Co. N. Y. Pop. 1,258.

Nevisink Hills, a few low eminences on the coast
of New
7 Jersey, a little to the South of Sandy
Hook, which are distinguishable on account ofthe
flatness of the country around them.

Nevyn, or Newin, a town of Wales, in Caernar-
vonshire. Here Edward I., in 1284, held his
triumph on the conquest of Wales. It is seated
on St. George’s Channel, 21 m. S. by W. of Caer-
narvon and 249 W. N. W. of London.

New Forest, a forest in Hampshire, Eng.'between
Southampton water and the river Avon. It is 20
m. in length, and 15 in breadth. It was afforested

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