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NOO    550    NOR

temple dedicated to Bhavany. Long. 85. 30. E.,
lat 27. 40. N.

Noailles, a town of France, department of
6 m. S. S. E. of Poitiers.

Noanagur, a town of Hindoostan, in Guzerat,
capital of a district of its name on the coast of the
ulf of Cutch, inhabited by a piratical tribe, called
angarians. The chief of the district, by a treaty
with the British, engaged to prevent his subjects
from ’ plundering British vessels. 190 m. W. S.
W. of Amedabad. Long. 69. 30., lat.
22. 22. N.

Noble, a township of Morgan Co. Ohio.

Nobleborough, ph. Lincoln Co. Me. Pop. 1,876.

Noblesrille, p.v. Hamilton Co. Indiana.

Noccra a town of Italy, in the duchy of Spoleto,
seated at the foot of the Apennines, 18 m. N. E.
of Spoleto.

Noecra delli Pagani, a town of Naples, in Prin-
cipato Citra,
8 m. N. W. of Salerno and 20 S. E.
of Naples.

Noekamixon, a township of Bucks Co. Pa.

Kogara, a town ofFrance, department of Gers,
21 m. S. W. of Condom.

Nogarcot, a town of Hindoostan, Nepaul, with
a celebrated pagoda, 60 m. N. E. of Catmandu.

Nogent le Rotrcu, a town of France, department
of Eure-et-Loire, seated on the Huisne, 35 m. N.
E. of Mans.

Nogent sur Seine, a town in the department of
Aube, seated on the Seine, 25 m. N. W. of

Noir, Cape, a promontory at the S. extremity of
Terra del Fuego. Long. 73. 33. W., lat. 54. 32.
S.    .

Noirmoutier, an island of France, in the bay of
Biscay, S. of the mouth of the river Loire. It is
12 m. long and 3 broad, and has good pastures.
The principal town, of the same name, is defend-
ed by a fort. Long. 2. 10. W., lat. 47. 0. N.

Nola, a town of Naples, in Terra di Lavoro,
once a rich Roman colony, and still a handsome
place. The silk spun in its neighbourhood is
much esteemed. It is 14 m. E. N. E. of Naples.

Nolensville, p.v. Williams Co. Ten.

Noli, a town of Sardinia, with a fort and a good
harbour, 30 m. S. W. of Genoa. Lonor. g. 41. E.,
lat. 44. 18. N.

Nombre de Dios, a town of Terra Firma, in the
province of Darien, 30 m. E. of Porto Bello, to
which its once flourishing trade is now trans-

Nombre de Dios, aho^vn of Mexico, the mo3t
populous in the province of Zacatecas. 170 m.
N. of Guadalaxara. Long. 104. 15. AV., lat. 24.


Nomeny, a town of France, in the department
of Meurthe, on the Seille, 15 m. N~, of Nancy

.Ton, Cape, a promontory of the kingdom of
Fez, opposite the Canary Islands. The Portu-
guese, in their first attempts to explore the W.
coast of Africa, long considered this promontory
as an impassable boundary. This its name im-
ports ; but they doubled it, at last, in 1412. Lon<r.
.11. 50. W., lat. 28. 38. N.

Nona, a sea-port of Dalmatia, and a bishop’s see
It was once a splendid city, but is now a mean
place, and its harbour not capable of receiving
large vessels. It is almost surrounded by the sea.
7 m. N. by W. of Zara.

Nontron, a town ofFrance department of Dor-
dogne, 21 m. N. of Perigueux.

Noopour, a town of Hindoostan, in Guzerat, 55
m. E. of Surat. Long. 73.50. E., lat. 21.11. N.

Nootka Sound. See Oregon.

Norberg, a town of Sweden, in Westmanland
near which are the best iron mines in the province.
It is 34 m. N. of Stroemsholm. Long. 16. 12. E.,
lat. 60. 2. N.

Noreia, a town of Italy, in the duchy of Spole
to, seated among mountains, on the river Fredara,
20 m. S. E. of Spoleto.

Nord, a department of France, so named from
its situation. It includes the greater part of the
former divisions of Hainault, French Flanders,
and Cambresis.

Nordburg, a town of Denmark, at the N. extrem-
ity of the isle of Alsen, with a castle 9 m. N. N.
W. of Sunderburg.

Norden, a sea-port of Hanover, in Friesland,
with a good harbour. It is 4 m. from the Ger-
man Ocean and 14 N. of Emden.

Nordhausen, a town of Prussian Saxony, in the
government of Erfurt, with 7 Lutheran churches
and a well-built orphan-house. It has a consider-
able trade in corn, brandy, and rape and lintseed
oil, and manufactures of marble and alabaster. It
was ceded to Prussia in 1802 : and is seated on
the Zorge,35 m. N. N. E. of Erfurt. Long. 10. 56.
E., lat. 51. 30 N.

Nordheim, a town of Hanover, situate on the
Rhume, at its conflux with the Leina, 10 m. N
of Gottingen.

Nordhioping, a sea-port of Sweden, in Gothland
It is 10 m. in circumference, but the houses are
scattered, and the inhabitants do not exceed
The river Motala flows through the town, forms a
series of cataracts, and is divided into four prin-
cipal streams, which encircle several rocky islands
covered with buildings; but at the extremity of
the town it is navigable for large vessels. Here
are manufactures of woolen cloth, paper, and fire-
arms, some sugar-houses, and a brass founderv.
Corn is exported hence in great quantities ; and
a salmon fishery gives employment and riches to
many of the inhabitants. It is 110 m. S. AV. of
Stockholm. Long. 15. 50. E., lat. 58. 35. N.

Nordland, one of the ancient divisions of Swe-
den, bounded on the N. by Lapland, E. by the
Gulf of Bothnia, S. by Sweden Proper, and W.
by the same and Norway. It contains six provin-

Nordland, a province of Norway, havino- the
North Sea, on the W. and Swedish Lapland on

the E.

Nordlingm, a town of Bavaria, fortified in the
ancient manner. Here the league of the five
western circles of the empire was concluded in
1702. In 1796 it was taken by the French. It is
a commercial place, seated on the Eger, 38 m. N
N. W. of Augsburg. Long. 10. 34. E., lat. 48
50. N.

Nordmaling, a town of Sweden, in Angerma-
nia, near a bay of the gulf of Bothnia, 24 m. S.
W. of Uma, and 70 N. E. of Hermosand.

Nordstrand, an island of Denmark, on the W.
coast of S. Jutland, f2 m. long and 5 broad. It
has a town called Ham, 28 m. W. of Sleswick.
Long. 0. 4. E., lat. 54. 40. N.

Nore, a noted part of the river Thames, situated
off Sheerness, at the point of a sand bank which
runs eastward from the Isle of Grain. It is the
well known limit of the Cockneys’ summer voy-
age. Long. 0. 44. E., lat. 51. 27. N.

Norfolk, a county of England, 77 m. long
and 45 broad ; bounded on the N. and E. by the
German Ocean, S. E. and S. by Suffolk, and W.
by Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. Jt contains
1,094,400 acres, is divided into 33 hundreds and


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