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:as. Lat. 34. 55. N. It is 14 feet deep at low

Ocrida. See Loehrida.

Oczakow, or Otchakof, a decayed sea-port and
fortress of Russia, in the government of Cathari-
uenslaf. It has been frequently an object of con-
test between the Turks and Russians, many thou-
sands of whom, on both sides, have fallen in its
different sieges. The Russians took it by storm
in 1788, and it was confirmed to them by the
subsequent peace. This important place is the
key to both the Bog and the Dnieper, rivers of
great consequence to this part of the empire. It
is seated near the Black Sea, on the N. side of
the estuary of the Dnieper, opposite Kinburn, 50
m. W. of Cherson and i90 N. E. of Constanti-
nople. Long. 30. 30. E., lat. 46. 35. N.

Odenbach, a town of Germany, in the duchy of
Deux Ponts ; seated on the Gian, 34 m.VV. of

Odensee, a town of Denmark, capital of tho ,
isle of Funen, and a bishop’s see. It supplies
the greatest part of the army with all their leath-
er accoutrements, and is particularly famous for
gloves. Here are also manufactures of cloth,
sugar, and soap ; it is situate on a river,
6 m. from
the bay of Stegestrand and 90 W. by S. of Co-
penhagen. Long. 10. 25. E., lat. 55. 30. N.

Oder, a river of the Austrian empire, which
rises in the mountains of Moravia, and flows
through Brandenburg and Pomerania. Below
Stettin it forms a large lake or bay, called Gross
Haff, and then enters the Baltic Sea by three
channels, called Peene, Swin, andDiwenow; be-
tween which lie the islands of Usedom andWollin.

Oderberg, a town of Moravia, on the confines
of Silesia, with a castle, seated on the Oder, at
the influx of the Elsa, 18 m. N. N. W. qf Tes-

Oderberg, a toi#n of the Prussian province of
Brandenburg, situate on the Oder, 25 m. N. W.
of Custrin.

Odernheim, a town of Germany, in Hesse
Darmstadt, on the Seitz, 14 m. S. of Mentz.

Odernheim, a town of Germany, in the duchy
of Deux Ponts ; seated on the Gian, near its
conflux with the Nahe, 28 m. S. W. of Mentz.

Odessa, a fortified sea-port of Russia, in the
government of Catharinenslaf. The town is
well built, and is rapidly increasing in size and
importance. The population is estimated at
nearly 40,000 who carry on a good trade and
have manufactures of woolens, silks, gunpowder,
soap, &c. It is seated on a gulf of the Black
Sea, 44 m. W. by S. of Oczakow and 99 E. of

Odeypore. See Oudipore.

Odeypore, a town of Hindoostan, capital of
Jushpour, in the province of Orissa. It is 60 m.

N. E. of Ruttenpour and 220 N. W. of Cuttack.
Long. 83. 22. E.,lat 22. 37. N.

Odiham, a town in Hampshire, Eng. Here
are the remains of an ancient castle, and of a
royal palace, barns, &c. It is seated on the Bas-
ingstoke Canal, 24 m. N. E. of Winchester and
42 W. by S. of London.

Oehsfeld, a town of Prussian Saxony, seated
on the Aller, 22 m. N. E. of Brunswick.

Oeksran, a town of Saxony, in Meissen, situ-
atemear the Flohe, 9 m. E. N. E. of Chemnitz.

Oelan, an island of Sweden, in the Baltic, se-
parated frpm the coast of Gothland by a strait 12
in. broad in the narrowest part. .It is 80 m. long,
out not more than 9 bioad. The N. part has






















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fine forests, and quarries of excellent freestone
the S. is more level, and very fertile. Both
parts abound in alum mines. Bornholm, the
chief town, is seated on the strait, 22 m. E. N. E,
of Calmar. Long. 16 50. E , lat. 56. 48. N.

Oels, a town of Prussian Silesia, capital of a
principality of the same name, which now forms
part of the government of Breslau, belonging to
the duke of-Brunswick. The town stands on a
river of the same name, is surrounded with walls,
and has a palace, formerly occupied by the prince.
17 m. E. N.E. of Breslau. Long. 17. 31. E., lat.
51.12. N.

Oelsnitz. a town of Saxonv, on the Elster. 6 m.
S. by E. of Plauen.

Oepen, or Eupen, a town of the Netherlands, in
Limburg, with considerable manufactures
cloth ; situate on the Weze, 4 m. E. N. E. ol

Oesel, an island in the Baltic, on the coast of
Livonia, at the entrance of the Gulf of Riga. It
is 74 m. long and 50 broad, defended by two forts,
and belongs to Russia Arensberg is the capital.

Getting, a town of Bavaria, seated on the Inn, 8
m. N. W. of Burkhausen.

Oetting, a town of Bavaria, with a well-endow
ed college. It is seated on the Wirnitz, 28 ni. S
of Anspach and 69 N. N. W. of Munich. Lon*
10. 40. E., lat. 48. 56. N.

Offia’s Dike, an entrenchment of England cast
up by Offa, a Saxon king, to defend England
from the incursions of the Welsh. It extends
through Herefordshire, Shropshire, Montgomery-
shire, Denbighshire, and Flintshire, from the
Wye to the Dee.

Offanto, a river of Naples, which rises in the
Apennines, passes by Conza and Monte Verde,
separates Capitanata from Basilicata and Terra di
Bari, and enters the gulf of Venice near Barletta.
It is the ancient Aufidus.

Offen. See Buda.

Offenbach, a town of Germany, in Hesse Darm
stadt, and the principal manufacturing town in
the duchy, seated on the S. side of the Maine, 5
m. E. of Frankfort.

Offenlmrg, a town of Baden, seated on the Kint-
zig, 10 m. S. E. of Strasburg.

Offida, a town of Italy, in Ancona, 26 m. S. of

Offutts, p.v. Hampshire Co.Va.

Ogden, ph. Monroe Co. N. Y. 10 m. N. W.
Rochester. Pop. 2,401; p.v. Scott Co. Missouri.

Ogdensburg, ph. St. Lawrence Co. N. Y. on
the river St. Lawrence, at the mouth of the Os-
wegatchie. It is the lowest point of ship naviga-
tion on the St. Lawrence from Lake Ontario ; be-
low, the river is obstructed by rapids. It is 120
m. above Montreal.

Ogechee, a river of Georgia, flowing into the
Atlantic, 20 m. S. Savannah.

Ogersheim, a town of the Bavarian circle of the
Rhine, 12 m. N. of Spire.

Oglethorpe, a county of Georgia. Pop. 13,558
Lexington is the capital.

Oglio, a river which rises in the principality of
Trent, enters Italy, and flows between the prov-
inces of Begamasco and Bresciano, through the
lake of Isero, to the borders of the Milanese, and
turning S. E. enters the Mantuan, wheie it joins
the Po, above Borgoforte.

Ogmo, a town of the kingdom of Siam, seated
at the N. E. point of the gulf of Siam, 56 ra. S.
E. of Siam. Long. 101. 28. E., lat. 13. 33. N.

Oheteroa, an island in the S. Pacific, 13 m ip


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